number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,28 Jul 15,"Melon Buffet",""
2,1,2,04 Aug 15,"The Pie Whisperer",""
3,1,3,11 Aug 15,"The Poet and the Egg",""
4,1,4,18 Aug 15,"Down an Octave",""
5,1,5,25 Aug 15,"Little Denim Shorts",""
6,1,6,01 Sep 15,"The Last Supper",""
7,2,1,21 Jun 16,"Fear of Failure",""
8,2,2,28 Jun 16,"Pork is a Sausage",""
9,2,3,05 Jul 16,"A Pistachio Eclair",""
10,2,4,12 Jul 16,"Welcome to Rico Face",""
11,2,5,19 Jul 16,"There's Strength in Arches",""
12,3,1,04 Oct 16,"Pea in a Haystack",""
13,3,2,11 Oct 16,"The Dong and the Gong",""
14,3,3,18 Oct 16,"Little Polythene Grief Cave",""
15,3,4,25 Oct 16,"A Very Nuanced Character",""
16,3,5,01 Nov 16,"The Fip",""
17,4,1,25 Apr 17,"A Fat Bald White Man",""
18,4,2,02 May 17,"Look at Me",""
19,4,3,09 May 17,"Hollowing Out a Baguette",""
20,4,4,16 May 17,"Friendship is Truth",""
21,4,5,23 May 17,"Meat",""
22,4,6,30 May 17,"Spatchcock It",""
23,4,7,06 Jun 17,"No Stars for Naughty Boys",""
24,4,8,13 Jun 17,"Tony Three Pies",""
25,5,1,13 Sep 17,"Dignity Intact",""
26,5,2,20 Sep 17,"The Leprechaun or the Lesbian",""
27,5,3,27 Sep 17,"Phoenix",""
28,5,4,04 Oct 17,"Residue Around the Hoof",""
29,5,5,11 Oct 17,"A Wind-Dried Puffin",""
30,5,6,18 Oct 17,"Spoony Neeson",""
31,5,7,25 Oct 17,"Boing Boing",""
32,5,8,01 Nov 17,"Their Water's So Delicious",""
33,6,1,02 May 18,"The Old Soft, Curved Padlock",""
34,6,2,09 May 18,"Tarpeters",""
35,6,3,16 May 18,"One Warm Prawn",""
36,6,4,23 May 18,"BMXing!",""
37,6,5,30 May 18,"H",""
38,6,6,06 Jun 18,"We Met At Mealtimes",""
39,6,7,13 Jun 18,"Roadkill Doused In Syrup",""
40,6,8,20 Jun 18,"What Kind Of Pictures?",""
41,6,9,27 Jun 18,"The Bubble Brothers",""
42,6,10,04 Jul 18,"He Was A Different Man",""
S05,5,0,13 Dec 17,"Champion of Champions - Part 1",""
S05,5,0,20 Dec 17,"Champion of Champions - Part 2",""