number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,15 Aug 10,"Let's Get Rolling",""
2,1,2,22 Aug 10,"Chile Santa Fe",""
3,1,3,29 Aug 10,"Where's the Beef?",""
4,1,4,05 Sep 10,"The Big Uneasy",""
5,1,5,12 Sep 10,"Small Town Trouble",""
6,1,6,19 Sep 10,"New York Plate of Mind",""
7,2,1,14 Aug 11,"What Happens in Vegas",""
8,2,2,21 Aug 11,"A Pinch of Salt Lake City",""
9,2,3,28 Aug 11,"Rocky Mountain Highs and Lows",""
10,2,4,04 Sep 11,"Big Bites, Little Apple",""
11,2,5,11 Sep 11,"Hog Wild in Memphis",""
12,2,6,18 Sep 11,"Midnight Truck to Georgia",""
13,2,7,25 Sep 11,"Miami Heat",""
14,3,1,19 Aug 12,"3,559 Miles to a Dream",""
15,3,2,26 Aug 12,"Attitude at High Altitude",""
16,3,3,02 Sep 12,"Even Food Trucks Are Bigger in Texas",""
17,3,4,09 Sep 12,"Baby Got Razorback",""
18,3,5,16 Sep 12,"Music City Madness",""
19,3,6,23 Sep 12,"Mistake by the Lake?",""
20,3,7,30 Sep 12,"Where in the World is Lubec?",""
21,4,1,18 Aug 13,"I Left My Food Cart in San Francisco",""
22,4,2,25 Aug 13,"A Strange Brew in Portland",""
23,4,3,01 Sep 13,"Pocatello Is All About Potatoes, You Dig?",""
24,4,4,08 Sep 13,"About Face in South Dakota",""
25,4,5,15 Sep 13,"Double Trouble in the Twin Cities",""
26,4,6,22 Sep 13,"A Food Truck Kind of Town, Chicago Is",""
27,4,7,29 Sep 13,"Capital Gains",""
28,5,1,17 Aug 14,"Venice Beach Brawl",""
29,5,2,24 Aug 14,"Hot Doggin' It in Tucson",""
30,5,3,31 Aug 14,"Dinner Dates, Austin Style",""
31,5,4,07 Sep 14,"High Steaks in OKC",""
32,5,5,14 Sep 14,"St. Louis Upsell",""
33,5,6,21 Sep 14,"Shrimpin' Ain't Easy",""
34,5,7,28 Sep 14,"Finale at Mile 0 - Winning Keys in Key West",""
35,6,1,23 Aug 15,"Route 66: All-American Road Trip",""
36,6,2,30 Aug 15,"Off-Road Eats in Arizona",""
37,6,3,06 Sep 15,"Spicy Showdown in Santa Fe",""
38,6,4,13 Sep 15,"High Steaks in Texas",""
39,6,5,20 Sep 15,"Roadside Attractions",""
40,6,6,27 Sep 15,"Showdown In Chi-town",""
41,7,1,28 Aug 16,"Family Face-Off: A Family Affair",""
42,7,2,04 Sep 16,"Family Face-Off: Things Get Berry Interesting",""
43,7,3,11 Sep 16,"Family Face-Off: An Egg-cellent Adventure",""
44,7,4,18 Sep 16,"Family Face-Off: A Dessert in the Desert",""
45,7,5,25 Sep 16,"Family Face-Off: The Island",""
46,8,1,20 Aug 17,"Battle for the South: The Big 'Not So Easy'",""
47,8,2,27 Aug 17,"Battle for the South: New Marching Orders",""
48,8,3,03 Sep 17,"Battle for the South: Sweet Home Alabama",""
49,8,4,10 Sep 17,"Battle for the South: Hot Chicken in the City",""
50,8,5,17 Sep 17,"Battle for the South: Fresh Off the Farm",""
51,8,6,24 Sep 17,"Battle for the South: The Race Through Savannah",""
52,9,1,26 Jul 18,"Wagons Ho!",""
53,9,2,02 Aug 18,"Shrimp and Glitz",""
54,9,3,09 Aug 18,"An Oasis in the Desert",""
55,9,4,16 Aug 18,"Bordertown Boom",""
56,9,5,23 Aug 18,"First Dates",""
57,9,6,30 Aug 18,"The Whole Enchilada",""
58,10,1,09 Jun 19,"Rumble on the Boardwalk",""
59,10,2,16 Jun 19,"Back Nine Barbecue",""
60,10,3,23 Jun 19,"Fast and Furious",""
61,10,4,30 Jun 19,"Tampa 911",""
62,10,5,07 Jul 19,"Burger Brawl",""
63,10,6,14 Jul 19,"Shake Showdown",""
64,10,7,21 Jul 19,"Miami Meltdown",""
65,10,8,28 Jul 19,"Key Lime Clash",""