number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,17 Jul 14,"Joe and Wee Wee",""
2,1,2,24 Jul 14,"Steven and Taryn",""
3,1,3,31 Jul 14,"Keegan and Diane",""
4,1,4,07 Aug 14,"Chuck and Camille",""
5,1,5,14 Aug 14,"Mike and Candace",""
6,1,6,21 Aug 14,"Greg and Ashley",""
7,1,7,28 Aug 14,"AJ and Liddy",""
8,1,8,04 Sep 14,"Mike and Moenay",""
9,1,9,11 Sep 14,"Sean and Juliet",""
10,1,10,18 Sep 14,"The Wedding",""
11,1,11,25 Sep 14,"Lost Episode",""
12,2,1,22 Jul 15,"Strip Down and Buckle Up",""
13,2,2,22 Jul 15,"Catch and Release",""
14,2,3,29 Jul 15,"Front-Runners and Back Burners",""
15,2,4,05 Aug 15,"Check and Mate",""
16,2,5,12 Aug 15,"Two Young and Too Restless",""
17,2,6,19 Aug 15,"Big Fights and Bald Heads",""
18,2,7,26 Aug 15,"Smooches and Sabotages",""
19,2,8,02 Sep 15,"Passive and Aggressive",""
20,2,9,09 Sep 15,"Eavesdroppers and Ultimatums",""
21,2,10,16 Sep 15,"Arrivals and Departures",""
22,3,1,29 Jun 16,"Stripped and Searching",""
23,3,2,06 Jul 16,"Two-Faces and Suitcases",""
24,3,3,13 Jul 16,"Drag and Drop",""
25,3,4,20 Jul 16,"Vamps and Gramps",""
26,3,5,27 Jul 16,"Shark Bait and Heart Breaks",""
27,3,6,03 Aug 16,"Lap Dances and Second Chances",""
28,3,7,10 Aug 16,"Pub Crawls and Great Balls",""
29,3,8,17 Aug 16,"Reset and Game On",""
30,3,9,24 Aug 16,"Hit It and Quit It",""
31,3,10,31 Aug 16,"Kiss and Don't Tell",""
32,3,11,07 Sep 16,"Chakras and Awe",""
33,3,12,14 Sep 16,"Returns and Exchanges",""
S01,1,0,18 Sep 14,"Wedding Special",""