number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,10 Oct 16,"Shock and Awe",""
2,1,2,03 Jan 17,"War Zone",""
3,1,3,17 Jan 17,"All Around Us",""
4,1,4,24 Jan 17,"Anything Can Happen",""
5,1,5,31 Jan 17,"A Load of Problems",""
6,1,6,07 Feb 17,"Honour Guard",""
7,1,7,14 Feb 17,"Nerves of Steel",""
8,1,8,21 Feb 17,"My Way or the Highway",""
9,1,9,28 Feb 17,"Worlds Apart",""
10,2,1,02 Jan 18,"It Only Takes a Second",""
11,2,2,09 Jan 18,"This is Chaos",""
12,2,3,16 Jan 18,"Guardian Angel",""
13,2,4,23 Jan 18,"Skyway Thru Hell",""
14,2,5,30 Jan 18,"Where There's Smoke",""
15,2,6,06 Feb 18,"Not Your Regular Fender-Bender",""
16,2,7,13 Feb 18,"Feels Like a Win",""
17,2,8,20 Feb 18,"A Very Long Night",""
18,2,9,27 Feb 18,"Always a Danger",""
19,2,10,06 Mar 18,"Thrown in the Deep End",""
20,3,1,08 Jan 19,"It's Now or Never and Pray for the Best",""
21,3,2,15 Jan 19,"One Twisted Mess",""
22,3,3,22 Jan 19,"The 401 Is Calling",""
23,3,4,29 Jan 19,"There's Got To Be A Way",""
24,3,5,05 Feb 19,"Only Getting Worse",""
25,3,6,12 Feb 19,"Your Heart Sinks",""
26,3,7,19 Feb 19,"Plan of Attack",""
27,3,8,26 Feb 19,"Ladies and Gents, We Are Going to War",""
28,3,9,05 Mar 19,"Whole Lot of Faith",""
29,3,10,12 Mar 19,"There is Nothing Else",""
30,3,11,19 Mar 19,"Only One Shot",""
31,3,12,26 Mar 19,"We're Not Safe Here",""
32,3,13,02 Apr 19,"Between Life and Death",""
33,3,14,09 Apr 19,"Beat Up and Bloody",""
34,4,1,07 Jan 20,"We're Jumping In",""
35,4,2,14 Jan 20,"Take a Deep Breath",""
36,4,3,21 Jan 20,"There's Always Fear",""
37,4,4,28 Jan 20,"Not The Best Spot To Be",""
38,4,5,04 Feb 20,"Free The Highway",""
39,4,6,11 Feb 20,"Pull 'n Pray",""
40,4,7,18 Feb 20,"A Big Problem",""
41,4,8,25 Feb 20,"Holy Mackerel, What A Mess",""
42,4,9,03 Mar 20,"That Highway Is The Lifeline",""
43,4,10,10 Mar 20,"A Real Disaster",""
44,4,11,17 Mar 20,"I've Seen My Share",""
45,4,12,24 Mar 20,"You Are Never Safe",""
46,4,13,31 Mar 20,"Always Makes My Knees Knock",""
47,4,14,07 Apr 20,"It's a Rush Every Time",""