number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,04 Jan 01,"Collateral Damage",""
2,1,2,11 Jan 01,"No Worries",""
3,1,3,18 Jan 01,"On the Edge",""
4,1,4,25 Jan 01,"Just Friends",""
5,1,5,02 Feb 01,"Deal with the Devil",""
6,1,6,08 Feb 01,"Lover's Leap",""
7,1,7,15 Feb 01,"The Liar's Club",""
8,1,8,22 Feb 01,"Truth or Consequences",""
9,1,9,08 Mar 01,"The Frog Prince",""
10,1,10,15 Mar 01,"Revelations",""
11,1,11,22 Mar 01,"What the False Heart Knows",""
12,1,12,30 Mar 01,"This Song's for You",""
13,1,13,05 Apr 01,"New Beginnings",""
14,2,1,05 Oct 01,"Matchmaker, Matchmaker",""
15,2,2,12 Oct 01,"The Web",""
16,2,3,19 Oct 01,"Brothers and Sisters",""
17,2,4,08 Nov 01,"Secrets and Lies",""
18,2,5,09 Nov 01,"Salt in the Wound",""
19,2,6,15 Nov 01,"Shall We Dance?",""
20,2,7,16 Nov 01,"Fight or Flight",""
21,2,8,22 Nov 01,"Out of Control",""
22,2,9,23 Nov 01,"Smoke and Mirrors",""
23,2,10,29 Nov 01,"Razor's Edge",""
24,2,11,30 Nov 01,"Dead Men Walking",""
25,2,12,06 Dec 01,"Push Comes to Shove",""
26,2,13,07 Dec 01,"Freefall",""
27,3,1,19 Sep 02,"Dream On",""
28,3,2,26 Sep 02,"The Birthday Boy",""
29,3,3,03 Oct 02,"Kurvers' List",""
30,3,4,10 Oct 02,"Winners and Losers",""
31,3,5,17 Oct 02,"The Paper Chase",""
32,3,6,24 Oct 02,"Show and Tell",""
33,3,7,31 Oct 02,"Squaring the Circle",""
34,3,8,07 Nov 02,"Goodbye Cruel World",""
35,3,9,14 Nov 02,"Friday Night's All Right",""
36,3,10,21 Nov 02,"Showdown",""
37,3,11,22 Nov 02,"This One's for You",""
38,3,12,28 Nov 02,"Are You with Me or Not?",""
39,3,13,29 Nov 02,"The Cold Light of Dawn",""
40,4,1,16 Oct 03,"The Homecoming",""
41,4,2,17 Oct 03,"Moving On",""
42,4,3,23 Oct 03,"Do You Mean What You Say?",""
43,4,4,24 Oct 03,"You Gotta Have Friends",""
44,4,5,30 Oct 03,"Talk of the Town",""
45,4,6,31 Oct 03,"Two Guys and a Baby",""
46,4,7,06 Nov 03,"A Simple Plan",""
47,4,8,07 Nov 03,"Braving the Lions",""
48,4,9,13 Nov 03,"The Dress",""
49,4,10,14 Nov 03,"Fool for Love",""
50,4,11,20 Nov 03,"Afterburn",""
51,4,12,21 Nov 03,"True Colours",""
52,4,13,27 Nov 03,"The Artist",""
53,4,14,28 Nov 03,"Out and About",""
54,4,15,04 Dec 03,"The Date",""
55,4,16,05 Dec 03,"The Girl on the Moon",""
56,4,17,11 Dec 03,"Walking Wounded",""
57,4,18,12 Dec 03,"Two Minutes to Midnight",""
58,5,1,28 Apr 05,"Ain't Nobody's Fault But Mine",""
59,5,2,05 May 05,"Things Change",""
60,5,3,12 May 05,"Coffee, Tea, or Me?",""
61,5,4,19 May 05,"Get a Job",""
62,5,5,26 May 05,"Never Play Poker with a Man Named Doc",""
63,5,6,02 Jun 05,"Aptitudes",""
64,5,7,09 Jun 05,"Can't Buy Me Love",""
65,5,8,16 Jun 05,"That Old Black Magic",""
66,5,9,23 Jun 05,"Come On Home to My Place",""
67,5,10,30 Jun 05,"Lines in the Sand",""
68,5,11,07 Jul 05,"Moving Day",""
69,5,12,14 Jul 05,"The Morning After the Night Before (1)",""
70,5,13,21 Jul 05,"The Morning After the Night Before (2)",""