number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,09 Sep 61,"Ticket for Blackmail",""
2,1,2,16 Sep 61,"Bullet with My Name on It",""
3,1,3,23 Sep 61,"Hong Kong Story",""
4,1,4,30 Sep 61,"High Wire",""
5,1,5,07 Oct 61,"Broken Doll",""
6,1,6,14 Oct 71,"Eyes of the Bat",""
7,1,7,21 Oct 61,"Still Waters",""
8,1,8,28 Oct 61,"Assassin",""
9,1,9,04 Nov 61,"Death from a Distance",""
10,1,10,11 Nov 61,"Million Dollar Ransom",""
11,1,11,08 Nov 62,"The Green Shoes",""
12,1,12,15 Nov 62,"Catspaw",""
13,1,13,22 Nov 62,"Princess",""
14,2,1,19 Jan 63,"The Big Time",""
15,2,2,26 Jan 63,"Death of a Sportsman",""
16,2,3,29 Nov 62,"Interrupted Requiem",""
17,2,4,06 Dec 62,"East of Mandalay",""
18,2,5,16 Feb 63,"Escape Route",""
19,2,6,23 Feb 63,"The Last Jump",""
20,2,7,02 Mar 63,"Polsky",""
21,2,8,09 Mar 63,"The Heir Apparent",""
22,2,9,16 Mar 63,"The Magic Bullet",""
23,2,10,09 Mar 63,"The Menacing Mazurka",""
24,2,11,30 Mar 63,"The Retirement of the Gentle Dove",""
25,2,12,16 Mar 63,"Mr. Five Percent",""
26,2,13,23 Mar 63,"Gertrude",""
27,2,14,30 Mar 63,"Sabotage",""
28,2,15,27 Apr 63,"The Thirteenth Girl",""
29,2,16,04 May 63,"Sentences of Death",""
30,2,17,11 May 63,"The Grand Duchess",""
31,2,18,18 May 63,"The Desperate Diplomat",""
32,2,19,25 May 63,"Hot Money",""
33,2,20,01 Jun 63,"Quarantine at Kavar",""
34,2,21,08 Jun 63,"The Golden Silence",""
35,2,22,15 Jun 63,"Lost in Transit",""
36,2,23,22 Jun 63,"The Man with the Delicate Hands",""
37,2,24,13 Apr 63,"The Missing People",""
38,2,25,04 May 63,"PG7",""
39,2,26,09 Dec 62,"A First Class Way to Die",""
40,3,1,22 Feb 64,"An Eye for an Eye",""
41,3,2,29 Feb 64,"A Cast of Thousands",""
42,3,3,07 Mar 64,"Death of a Cop",""
43,3,4,14 Mar 64,"Party for Murder",""
44,3,5,21 Mar 64,"Dead Men Don't Drive",""
45,3,6,28 Mar 64,"Pay Up or Else",""
46,3,7,04 Apr 64,"Dr. Ayre",""
47,3,8,11 Apr 64,"Scorpion Rock",""
48,3,9,18 Apr 64,"The Goldfish Bowl",""
49,3,10,25 Apr 64,"Seven Sisters of Wong",""
50,3,11,02 May 64,"Rich Ruby Wine",""
51,3,12,09 May 64,"Hideout",""
52,3,13,16 May 64,"It Won't Be a Stylish Marriage",""