number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,22 Jan 14,"Who's Your Favorite?",""
2,1,2,29 Jan 14,"5 O'Clock Is Dinnertime",""
3,1,3,05 Feb 14,"Baby Knows Best",""
4,1,4,19 Feb 14,"Sibling Rivalry",""
5,1,5,26 Feb 14,"Prized Possessions",""
6,1,6,05 Mar 14,"Eating Green",""
7,1,7,12 Mar 14,"The Funky Bunch",""
8,1,8,12 Mar 14,"Pauliday",""
9,1,9,19 Mar 14,"The Real Entourage",""
10,1,10,29 Jun 14,"4th of July Special",""
11,2,1,13 Aug 14,"Here's the Drill",""
12,2,2,20 Aug 14,"The Great Wahlberg of China",""
13,2,3,27 Aug 14,"Pranks for the Memories",""
14,2,4,03 Sep 14,"An American Wahlberg in London",""
15,2,5,10 Sep 14,"Meat the Press",""
16,2,6,17 Sep 14,"A Cut Above",""
17,2,7,24 Sep 14,"Guarding Alma",""
18,2,8,01 Oct 14,"Something's Fishy",""
19,2,9,08 Oct 14,"Trading Places",""
20,3,1,07 Jan 15,"Wedding Bliss & Big Papi Hits",""
21,3,2,14 Jan 15,"The Weight Is Over",""
22,3,3,21 Jan 15,"Should I Stay Orr Should I Go?",""
23,3,4,28 Jan 15,"Viva Paul Vegas",""
24,3,5,04 Feb 15,"A Re-Mark-able Feast",""
25,3,6,11 Feb 15,"Wahl of Fame",""
26,3,7,18 Feb 15,"On Your Mark...Ted Set...Home!",""
27,3,8,25 Feb 15,"Bowling for Burgers",""
28,3,9,04 Mar 15,"Grand Opening, Eh?",""
29,4,1,15 Jul 15,"License to Grill",""
30,4,2,22 Jul 15,"Do the Hustle",""
31,4,3,29 Jul 15,"Krafting a Patriot Burger",""
32,4,4,05 Aug 15,"Good Vi-Bro-Tions",""
33,4,5,12 Aug 15,"Drama Meets Drama",""
34,4,6,19 Aug 15,"Not Your Routine Poutine",""
35,4,7,26 Aug 15,"New Kids on the Boardwalk",""
36,4,8,02 Sep 15,"Matchmaker Mark",""
37,5,1,09 Mar 16,"Directing Drama (60 min)",""
38,5,2,16 Mar 16,"Family & Faith",""
39,5,3,16 Mar 16,"Brooklyn Bound Burgers",""
40,5,4,23 Mar 16,"Bahston Gahden Pahtay",""
41,5,5,23 Mar 16,"Wahl Always Have Paris",""
42,5,6,30 Mar 16,"Nurse Alma",""
43,5,7,30 Mar 16,"Hamburgers and Horsepower",""
44,5,8,06 Apr 16,"The Fenway Way Back",""
45,6,1,06 Jul 16,"Paul-itics",""
46,6,2,13 Jul 16,"No Ifs, Ands or Putts",""
47,6,3,20 Jul 16,"Five Card Studs",""
48,6,4,27 Jul 16,"Dorchester Daze",""
49,6,5,03 Aug 16,"Mark's Ha-bachi",""
50,6,6,10 Aug 16,"When Mark Met Rhea",""
51,6,7,17 Aug 16,"Donnie Draper",""
52,6,8,24 Aug 16,"Wahlbowl",""
53,7,1,16 Nov 16,"Vr the World",""
54,7,2,16 Nov 16,"Go Midwest Young Men",""
55,7,3,23 Nov 16,"Wahl in the Family",""
56,7,4,30 Nov 16,"Take Me Out to the Paul Game",""
57,7,5,07 Dec 16,"Great Scotland!",""
58,7,6,14 Dec 16,"Wahlformers",""
59,7,7,21 Dec 16,"Bend It Like Wahlberg",""
60,7,8,28 Dec 16,"If the Horseshoe Fits",""
61,7,9,04 Jan 17,"Rick-Rolled",""
62,7,10,11 Jan 17,"Thanxmas",""
63,8,1,09 Aug 17,"Houston, We Have a Paul-Blem",""
64,8,2,09 Aug 17,"Fry Me to the Moon",""
65,8,3,16 Aug 17,"Getting Rich in Vegas",""
66,8,4,16 Aug 17,"Weiner Takes All",""
67,8,5,23 Aug 17,"Where's the Beef?",""
68,8,6,23 Aug 17,"Wahl Around the World",""
69,8,7,06 Sep 17,"Magic Mark",""
70,8,8,30 Aug 17,"Music City Mayhem",""
71,8,9,30 Aug 17,"Has-bros",""
72,8,10,06 Sep 17,"Nice Day For A Wahl Wedding",""
73,8,11,13 Sep 17,"Jen And Juice",""
74,8,12,13 Sep 17,"Alma's Gone Fishin'",""
75,8,13,20 Sep 17,"Wahl In A Day's Work",""
76,8,14,20 Sep 17,"Deliver Us From Alma",""