number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,27 Apr 12,"Deconstructed/Close-Up",""
2,1,2,04 May 12,"Going Hollyweird/Shark Attack",""
3,1,3,11 May 12,"Never Skate With Unicorns/Biggest Sell-Out",""
4,1,4,18 May 12,"The Prince and the Skateboarder/Board Story",""
5,1,5,25 May 12,"Out of Tune/Picnic of Doom",""
6,1,6,08 Jun 12,"Neptune's Chowder/Squatch Grinder",""
7,1,7,15 Jun 12,"The Amaaaazing Adventures of Captain Grindstar/Lil Red Riding Rob",""
8,1,8,15 Jun 12,"Space Race/Road Tripped",""
9,1,9,22 Jun 12,"Grindermania/Crushin",""
10,1,10,22 Jun 12,"Jurassic Skate Park/The Chosen Bulldog",""
11,1,11,29 Jun 12,"World of Gnarly Craft Part 1 and Part 2",""
12,1,12,29 Jun 12,"My Lil Unicorn/Breakfast of Skaters",""
13,1,13,06 Jul 12,"The Skater Who Cried Wolf/Good Dog, Bad Dog Academy",""
14,1,14,07 Sep 12,"Meaty in Black/Grinders of Invention",""
15,1,15,14 Sep 12,"Lil Rob Roundup/Wild Step Brothers",""
16,1,16,21 Sep 12,"Swaggerless/Goggles Shrunk The Grinders",""
17,1,17,28 Sep 12,"Preston Change-O/Biggest Fan",""
18,1,18,05 Oct 12,"Substitute Secret Agent/Wild Scouts",""
19,1,19,26 Oct 12,"Wild Zombies/Scream A Little Scream",""
20,1,20,02 Nov 12,"Search for Master Sensei/Meaty's Royal Adventure",""
21,1,21,09 Nov 12,"Hoopz Dreamz/Who's the Dummy, Dummy?",""
22,1,22,16 Nov 12,"A World Gone Rad Awesome/Operation Supernova",""
23,1,23,20 Nov 12,"Skaters of Ollie /Grindstar Returns",""
24,1,24,03 Dec 12,"Grinder Claus / Merry Grindernukamas",""
25,1,25,15 Feb 13,"Take Me to Your Stubford / Emo's Mystery Girl",""
26,2,1,05 Feb 14,"Grindbox 1080: Start/Grindbox 1080: Game Over",""
27,2,2,12 Feb 14,"The Secret Life of Spitball / Backside Grinders: The Reunion Tour",""
28,2,3,19 Feb 14,"Survivored / Fast Times at Sprawl City Middle School",""
29,2,4,26 Feb 14,"The League of Xtraordinary Sk8ers / Wild Grinders, Assemble!",""
30,2,5,05 Mar 14,"Pen Pal From Another Planet / Roman Grinders",""
31,2,6,12 Mar 14,"The Luck of the Grindish / Bend it Like a Grinder",""
32,2,7,19 Mar 14,"Treasure of the Sierra Sprawl / Special Delivery",""
33,2,8,26 Mar 14,"The Tell Tale Board / It's Not My Asphalt",""
34,2,9,02 Apr 14,"Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Grinder / Skate or Sick",""
35,2,10,09 Apr 14,"The Big Sleep... Over / Lil Rob'n Hood",""
36,2,11,16 Apr 14,"School Daze / Grindergeddon",""
37,2,12,23 Apr 14,"Wild Grinder with Two Heads / The Legend of Jilly",""
38,2,13,03 Sep 14,"Midas Touch / Pre-Teen Mutated Karate Warrior",""
39,2,14,03 Sep 14,"Fists of Justice: The Beginning / Lil Rob & the Beanstalk",""
40,2,15,10 Sep 14,"The Amaazing Racers / Wild Wild Mess",""
41,2,16,17 Sep 14,"Grindinator / Grinder of Another Dimension",""
42,2,17,01 Oct 14,"Demolition Man, Man; Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow",""
43,2,18,08 Oct 14,"Cat Scratch Meaty / Wild BFF's",""
44,2,19,15 Oct 14,"A Mole Lot of Trouble / Redonkulousness",""
45,2,20,12 Nov 14,"Mr. Dogfyre / Blast from the Past",""
46,2,21,03 Dec 14,"Getting Cheezy / Grindy the Snowman",""
47,2,22,10 Dec 14,"Wild Grinder Style / Call of the Wild Grinder",""
48,2,23,07 Jan 15,"Fists of Justice: The Beginning",""
49,2,24,14 Jan 15,"Getting Cheezy",""
50,2,25,04 Feb 15,"Lights, Camera, Denise! / Gas Knight",""
51,2,26,11 Feb 15,"Great Wheels Of Fire",""