number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,03 Apr 78,"Rumpole and the Younger Generation",""
2,1,2,10 Apr 78,"Rumpole and the Alternative Society",""
3,1,3,17 Apr 78,"Rumpole and the Honourable Member",""
4,1,4,24 Apr 78,"Rumpole and the Married Lady",""
5,1,5,01 May 78,"Rumpole and the Learned Friends",""
6,1,6,15 May 78,"Rumpole and the Heavy Brigade",""
7,2,1,29 May 79,"Rumpole and the Man of God",""
8,2,2,05 Jun 79,"Rumpole and the Case of Identity",""
9,2,3,12 Jun 79,"Rumpole and the Show Folk",""
10,2,4,19 Jun 79,"Rumpole and the Fascist Beast",""
11,2,5,26 Jun 79,"Rumpole and the Course of True Love",""
12,2,6,03 Jul 79,"Rumpole and the Age for Retirement",""
13,2,7,30 Dec 80,"Rumpole's Return",""
14,3,1,11 Oct 83,"Rumpole and the Genuine Article",""
15,3,2,18 Oct 83,"Rumpole and the Golden Thread",""
16,3,3,25 Oct 83,"Rumpole and the Old Boy Net",""
17,3,4,01 Nov 83,"Rumpole and the Female of the Species",""
18,3,5,08 Nov 83,"Rumpole and the Sporting Life",""
19,3,6,15 Nov 83,"Rumpole and the Last Resort",""
20,4,1,19 Jan 87,"Rumpole and the Old, Old Story",""
21,4,2,26 Jan 87,"Rumpole and the Blind Tasting",""
22,4,3,02 Feb 87,"Rumpole and the Official Secret",""
23,4,4,09 Feb 87,"Rumpole and the Judge's Elbow",""
24,4,5,16 Feb 87,"Rumpole and the Bright Seraphim",""
25,4,6,23 Feb 87,"Rumpole's Last Case",""
26,5,1,23 Nov 88,"Rumpole and the Bubble Reputation",""
27,5,2,30 Nov 88,"Rumpole and the Barrow Boy",""
28,5,3,07 Dec 88,"Rumpole and the Age of Miracles",""
29,5,4,14 Dec 88,"Rumpole and the Tap End",""
30,5,5,21 Dec 88,"Rumpole and Portia",""
31,5,6,28 Dec 88,"Rumpole and the Quality of Life",""
32,6,1,28 Oct 91,"Rumpole a la Carte",""
33,6,2,04 Nov 91,"Rumpole and the Summer of Discontent",""
34,6,3,11 Nov 91,"Rumpole and the Right to Silence",""
35,6,4,18 Nov 91,"Rumpole at Sea",""
36,6,5,25 Nov 91,"Rumpole and the Quacks",""
37,6,6,02 Dec 91,"Rumpole for the Prosecution",""
38,7,1,29 Oct 92,"Rumpole and the Children of the Devil",""
39,7,2,05 Nov 92,"Rumpole and the Miscarriage of Justice",""
40,7,3,12 Nov 92,"Rumpole and the Eternal Triangle",""
41,7,4,19 Nov 92,"Rumpole and the Reform of Joby Jonson",""
42,7,5,26 Nov 92,"Rumpole and the Family Pride",""
43,7,6,03 Dec 92,"Rumpole on Trial",""