number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,21 Jun 13,"Young and Old Blood",""
2,1,2,28 Jun 13,"Midnight Riders",""
3,1,3,16 Dec 13,"Midwest Fireworks",""
4,2,1,06 Jan 14,"Showdown Lowdown",""
5,2,2,23 Jan 14,"Straight Out to Cali",""
6,2,3,30 Jun 14,"The Rise of the Crow",""
7,2,4,07 Jul 14,"Go Back to Tulsa",""
8,2,5,09 Jul 14,"OKC Muscle",""
9,2,6,14 Jul 14,"Top 5 List Shake-Up",""
10,2,7,21 Jul 14,"The Mouthy Dirty South",""
11,2,8,28 Jul 14,"What's Up Doc?",""
12,2,9,04 Aug 14,"Dallas Cash Days",""
13,2,10,11 Dec 14,"Loose Nuts",""
14,2,11,15 Dec 14,"Interstate Showdown",""
15,2,12,22 Dec 14,"Big Chief vs. Murder Nova",""
16,3,1,29 Dec 14,"It's Good to Be the Chief",""
17,3,2,05 Jan 15,"Down From Chi-Town",""
18,3,3,12 Jan 15,"Shut Your Death Trap",""
19,3,4,19 Jan 15,"Ova for Murder Nova?",""
20,3,5,26 Jan 15,"Small Tire Shootout",""
21,3,6,02 Feb 15,"Gatekeeper Gate",""
22,3,7,09 Feb 15,"Vocal Local Yokels",""
23,3,8,16 Feb 15,"Hearse and the Wichita Curse",""
24,3,9,23 Feb 15,"Let Them Eat Crow!",""
25,3,10,02 Mar 15,"The Southeast's Fastest, Part 1",""
26,3,11,09 Mar 15,"The Southeast's Fastest, Part 2",""
27,3,12,16 Mar 15,"Bumper to Bumper: The Secrets of the Street Outlaws",""
28,3,13,25 May 15,"Not So Big Easy",""
29,3,14,01 Jun 15,"She's a Good Girl",""
30,3,15,08 Jun 15,"Small Tires, Big Dreams",""
31,3,16,15 Jun 15,"Texas Grudge",""
32,3,17,22 Jun 15,"To Be #1 or Not to Be #1",""
33,3,18,29 Jun 15,"Fear and Gloating in Las Vegas",""
34,3,19,13 Jul 15,"Angel City Danger",""
35,3,20,13 Jul 15,"Round Robin Ridiculousness",""
36,3,21,27 Jul 15,"405 vs. Middle of 'Murica",""
37,3,22,03 Aug 15,"The Nationwide Call Out",""
38,3,23,19 Oct 15,"Movin' On Up",""
39,3,24,26 Oct 15,"When Life Gives You Lemons",""
40,3,25,02 Nov 15,"Kansas City Barbeque",""
41,3,26,09 Nov 15,"No Rhino, No Cry",""
42,3,27,16 Nov 15,"Import This!",""
43,3,28,23 Nov 15,"David & Goliath vs. the 405",""
44,3,29,30 Nov 15,"Top of the List to Ya",""
45,3,30,07 Dec 15,"Fear the Reaper",""
46,4,1,22 Feb 16,"$50K, All the Way! (120 min)",""
47,4,2,29 Feb 16,"New Orleans: These Ain't No Saints",""
48,4,3,07 Mar 16,"New Orleans: List Busters",""
49,4,4,14 Mar 16,"New Orleans: Heads I Win, Tails You Lose",""
50,4,5,21 Mar 16,"New Orleans: Houston, We have a Problem",""
51,4,6,28 Mar 16,"New Orleans: The Shocker Shakeup",""
52,4,7,04 Apr 16,"New Orleans: AlaBAM!",""
53,4,8,11 Apr 16,"New Orleans: Raiders of the Lost Ark-ansas",""
54,4,9,18 Apr 16,"New Orleans: When the Saints Come Driving In",""
55,4,10,02 May 16,"The Empire Builds Back",""
56,4,11,09 May 16,"It's Shane in the Membrane",""
57,4,12,16 May 16,"Jumping the Shark-Pool",""
58,4,13,23 May 16,"Sharks After Dark",""
59,4,14,30 May 16,"Daddy Day Car",""
60,4,15,30 May 16,"The Shark Pool",""
61,4,16,06 Jun 16,"The Aftermath",""
62,4,17,13 Jun 16,"Rebirth of the Crow",""
63,4,18,20 Jun 16,"The Crow Also Rises...",""
64,4,19,27 Jun 16,"Ready, Set, Crow...",""
65,4,20,05 Nov 16,"Where the Streets Have No Name, Part 1",""
66,4,21,07 Nov 16,"Where the Streets Have No Name, Part 2",""
67,4,22,14 Nov 16,"It's a Promod Party",""
68,4,23,21 Nov 16,"OH-HI-NO",""
69,4,24,28 Nov 16,"I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For",""
70,4,25,05 Dec 16,"I Will Follow",""
71,4,26,12 Dec 16,"75,000 Reasons to Race (120 min)",""
72,4,27,19 Dec 16,"Stuck in a Moment",""
73,4,28,26 Dec 16,"One",""
74,5,1,02 Jan 17,"Street Mission",""
75,5,2,05 Jan 17,"Big City Racers",""
76,5,3,20 Mar 17,"Street Outlaws vs. Fast N' Loud: Build to Mega Race Part III",""
77,5,4,03 Apr 17,"Street Outlaws vs. Fast N' Loud: Mega Race",""
78,5,5,17 Apr 17,"From Mega to Street (120 min)",""
79,5,6,24 Apr 17,"I Can't Get No Satisfaction",""
80,5,7,01 May 17,"Get Off My Cloud",""
81,5,8,08 May 17,"Brand New Car",""
82,5,9,15 May 17,"Sympathy for the Devil (120 min)",""
83,5,10,22 May 17,"Can't You Hear Me Knocking",""
84,5,11,29 May 17,"Let Me Go (120 min)",""
85,5,12,05 Jun 17,"Time Is On My Side",""
86,5,13,12 Jun 17,"The Rise of Chuck",""
87,5,14,26 Jun 17,"TBA",""
S04,4,0,05 Jan 17,"Big City Racers (180 min)",""
S04,4,0,20 Mar 17,"Street Outlaws vs. Fast N' Loud: Build to Mega Race Part III",""
S04,4,0,03 Apr 17,"Street Outlaws vs. Fast N' Loud: Mega Race",""
S05,5,0,08 Jun 17,"Midnight Rambler (150 min)",""