number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,30 Jan 16,"March Avenue Madness",""
2,1,2,06 Feb 16,"Blood, Sweetbriar, and Tears",""
3,1,3,13 Feb 16,"Mystic Opportunity",""
4,1,4,20 Feb 16,"Breaking Banchory",""
5,1,5,27 Feb 16,"Ranger Danger",""
6,1,6,05 Mar 16,"Monster Remodel",""
7,1,7,12 Mar 16,"The Smell of Money",""
8,1,8,19 Mar 16,"Double Down",""
9,2,1,10 Jun 17,"Justin Time",""
10,2,2,17 Jun 17,"Lien on Me",""
11,2,3,24 Jun 17,"The King Zombie",""
12,2,4,01 Jul 17,"The Frankenzombie/A Prank Too Far",""
13,2,5,08 Jul 17,"From Rodents to Riches",""
14,2,6,15 Jul 17,"A Gnawing Problem",""
15,2,7,22 Jul 17,"Cornering the Market",""
16,2,8,29 Jul 17,"Hot Commodity/Turn Up the Heat",""
17,2,9,05 Aug 17,"Lizards, and Spiders, and Snakes, Oh My!",""
18,2,10,05 Aug 17,"Ashlee in Charge",""
19,2,11,07 Oct 17,"A Hundred Year Old Can of Worms",""
20,2,12,14 Oct 17,"Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite",""
21,2,13,21 Oct 17,"Turn Up to Tear Down",""
22,2,14,28 Oct 17,"Not an Easy Easement",""
S02,2,0,05 Aug 17,"Turn Up the Heat (A&E TV)",""
S02,2,0,08 Jul 17,"From Rodents to Riches (A&E TV)",""
S02,2,0,15 Jul 17,"This Place is Nuts (A&E TV)",""
S02,2,0,22 Jul 17,"Termite Trouble (A&E TV)",""
S02,2,0,29 Jul 17,"Catastrophe on the Corner (A&E TV)",""