number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,16 Aug 62,"It's All in the Mind",""
2,1,2,23 Aug 62,"A Taste of Dust",""
3,1,3,30 Aug 62,"The Quack",""
4,1,4,06 Sep 62,"Conduct Unbecoming",""
5,1,5,13 Sep 62,"What Money Can't Buy",""
6,1,6,20 Sep 62,"Cough Mixture",""
7,1,7,27 Sep 62,"Carver Tam",""
8,1,8,04 Oct 62,"What Women Will Do",""
9,1,9,11 Oct 62,"Snap Diagnosis",""
10,1,10,18 Oct 62,"The Dragon Plate",""
11,1,11,25 Oct 62,"A Spotless Reputation",""
12,1,12,01 Nov 62,"Behind Closed Doors",""
13,2,1,05 Sep 63,"A Time for Laughing",""
14,2,2,12 Sep 63,"Clean Sweep",""
15,2,3,19 Sep 63,"The Heat of the Moment",""
16,2,4,26 Sep 63,"Cup, Hands or Cards",""
17,2,5,04 Oct 63,"A Time for Discretion",""
18,2,6,11 Oct 63,"Alice, Where Art Thou?",""
19,2,7,18 Oct 63,"Ride in a Wheelchair",""
20,2,8,25 Oct 63,"A Questionable Practice",""
21,2,9,01 Nov 63,"Odds on Johnny",""
22,2,10,08 Nov 63,"The Face Saver",""
23,2,11,15 Nov 63,"Room for Doubt",""
24,2,12,06 Dec 63,"Possessed of Devils",""
25,2,13,13 Dec 63,"Cry Wolf",""
26,2,14,20 Dec 63,"The Deep End",""
27,2,15,27 Dec 63,"The Polygraph",""
28,2,16,05 Jan 64,"A Present from Father",""
29,2,17,12 Jan 64,"A Test of Intelligence",""
30,2,18,19 Jan 64,"Charlie is My Darlin'",""
31,2,19,26 Jan 64,"My Late Dear Husband",""
32,2,20,02 Feb 64,"The Whit Hunter",""
33,2,21,09 Feb 64,"The Whole Truth",""
34,2,22,16 Feb 64,"A Shot in the Arm",""
35,2,23,23 Feb 64,"A Matter of Proof",""
36,2,24,01 Mar 64,"A Call from Cogger",""
37,2,25,08 Mar 64,"A Man May Drink",""
38,2,26,15 Mar 64,"The Big Fight",""
39,2,27,22 Mar 64,"Stranger in Town",""
40,2,28,29 Mar 64,"The Yellow Streak",""
41,2,29,05 Apr 64,"Without the City",""
42,2,30,12 Apr 64,"The Aristocrats",""
43,2,31,26 Apr 64,"The Spirit of Dr. McGregor",""
44,2,32,03 May 64,"Mortal Sin",""
45,2,33,10 May 64,"The Hallelujah Stakes",""
46,2,34,17 May 64,"Short of a Miracle",""
47,2,35,24 May 64,"The True Lochiel",""
48,2,36,31 May 64,"The Old Indomitable",""
49,2,37,07 Jun 64,"The Red Herring",""
50,2,38,14 Jun 64,"The Confrontation",""
51,2,39,21 Jun 64,"Dear Doctor",""
52,2,40,28 Jun 64,"The Doctor Cried",""
53,3,1,03 Jan 65,"The Control Group",""
54,3,2,10 Jan 65,"The Raiders",""
55,3,3,17 Jan 65,"The Eternal Spring",""
56,3,4,24 Jan 65,"A Right to Live",""
57,3,5,31 Jan 65,"The Bull Call",""
58,3,6,07 Feb 65,"Devils Dozen",""
59,3,7,14 Feb 65,"Charity, Dr. Finlay",""
60,3,8,21 Feb 65,"Laughing Gas",""
61,3,9,28 Feb 65,"The Gate of the Year",""
62,3,10,07 Mar 65,"Off the Hook",""
63,3,11,14 Mar 65,"The Next Provost But One",""
64,3,12,21 Mar 65,"Soon or Late",""
65,3,13,28 Mar 65,"The Good Fisherman",""
66,3,14,04 Apr 65,"A Little Learning",""
67,3,15,11 Apr 65,"Belle",""
68,3,16,18 Apr 65,"In Committee",""
69,3,17,25 Apr 65,"Another Opinion",""
70,3,18,02 May 65,"The Spinster",""
71,3,19,09 May 65,"Medical Finance",""
72,3,20,16 May 65,"Beware of the Dog",""
73,3,21,23 May 65,"Doctor's Lines",""
74,3,22,30 May 65,"The Deceivers",""
75,3,23,06 Jun 65,"The End of the Season",""
76,3,24,13 Jun 65,"A Woman's Work",""
77,3,25,20 Jun 65,"The Immortal Memory",""
78,3,26,27 Jun 65,"An Evening Out",""
79,4,1,21 Nov 65,"The Phantom Piper of Tannochbrae",""
80,4,2,28 Nov 65,"The Champion",""
81,4,3,05 Dec 65,"The Draper of Dumfries",""
82,4,4,12 Dec 65,"The Longest Visit",""
83,4,5,19 Dec 65,"Body and Soul",""
84,4,6,26 Dec 65,"The Vision",""
85,4,7,02 Jan 66,"Miss Letitia",""
86,4,8,09 Jan 66,"They Do It in Africa",""
87,4,9,16 Jan 66,"The Anxious Man",""
88,4,10,23 Jan 66,"Hear No Evil",""
89,4,11,30 Jan 66,"The General",""
90,4,12,06 Feb 66,"Free Medicine",""
91,4,13,13 Feb 66,"The Seniority Rule",""
92,4,14,20 Feb 66,"A Matter of Confidence",""
93,4,15,27 Feb 66,"For Services Rendered",""
94,4,16,06 Mar 66,"To Err is Human",""
95,4,17,13 Mar 66,"Better Safe Than Sorry",""
96,4,18,20 Mar 66,"O Sole Mio",""
97,4,19,27 Mar 66,"No Subsidy for Sin",""
98,4,20,03 Apr 66,"Kate and Robert",""
99,4,21,10 Apr 66,"Written with the Left Hand",""
100,4,22,17 Apr 66,"A Settled Man",""
101,4,23,24 Apr 66,"Crusade",""
102,4,24,01 May 66,"Legacy",""
103,4,25,08 May 66,"The Decision",""
104,4,26,15 May 66,"The Uninvited Guest",""
105,5,1,25 Dec 66,"The Gifts of the Magi",""
106,5,2,01 Jan 67,"Resolution",""
107,5,3,08 Jan 67,"The Comical Lad",""
108,5,4,15 Jan 67,"Under the Hammer",""
109,5,5,22 Jan 67,"The Masterpiece",""
110,5,6,29 Jan 67,"Who Made You?",""
111,5,7,12 Feb 67,"Bird Seed and Begonias",""
112,5,8,19 Feb 67,"The Greatest Burden",""
113,5,9,26 Feb 67,"The Forgotten Enemy",""
114,5,10,05 Mar 67,"Possessed",""
115,5,11,12 Mar 67,"Life of a Salesman",""
116,5,12,19 Mar 67,"Over My Dead Body",""
117,5,13,02 Apr 67,"A Penny Saved",""
118,5,14,09 Apr 67,"Call in Cameron",""
119,5,15,16 Apr 67,"The Sons of the Hounds",""
120,5,16,23 Apr 67,"A Question of Conflict",""
121,5,17,30 Apr 67,"Advertising Matter",""
122,5,18,07 May 67,"A Happy Release",""
123,5,19,14 May 67,"Safety in Numbers",""
124,6,1,02 Oct 67,"Criss-Cross",""
125,6,2,09 Oct 67,"The Emotional Factor",""
126,6,3,16 Oct 67,"Come Back, Little Willie",""
127,6,4,23 Oct 67,"Time Past - Time Future",""
128,6,5,30 Oct 67,"Buy Now - Pay Later",""
129,6,6,06 Nov 67,"Accidents Never Happen",""
130,6,7,13 Nov 67,"Random Sample",""
131,6,8,20 Nov 67,"Tell Me True",""
132,6,9,27 Nov 67,"Persons Unknown",""
133,6,10,04 Dec 67,"It's the System",""
134,6,11,11 Dec 67,"Death is a Colony",""
135,6,12,18 Dec 67,"The McTavish Bequest",""
136,6,13,24 Dec 67,"Unfit to Marry",""
137,6,14,31 Dec 67,"The Public Patient",""
138,6,15,07 Jan 68,"A Moral Problem",""
139,6,16,14 Jan 68,"The Cheats",""
140,6,17,21 Jan 68,"Conscience Clause",""
141,6,18,28 Jan 68,"The Dynamiser",""
142,6,19,04 Feb 68,"The North Side of Ben Vorlich",""
143,6,20,11 Feb 68,"Out of the Blue",""
144,6,21,18 Feb 68,"The Equilibrium",""
145,6,22,25 Feb 68,"Is There Anybody There? Said the Traveller",""
146,6,23,03 Mar 68,"For Richer, for Poorer",""
147,6,24,10 Mar 68,"Sweet Sorrow",""
148,6,25,17 Mar 68,"Scots Wha Hae",""
149,6,26,24 Mar 68,"To Janet - A Son",""
150,7,1,09 Mar 69,"The Visitation",""
151,7,2,16 Mar 69,"The Honours List",""
152,7,3,23 Mar 69,"The Times We Live In",""
153,7,4,30 Mar 69,"Pastures New",""
154,7,5,06 Apr 69,"The Greatest of These is Charity",""
155,7,6,13 Apr 69,"A Man of Parts",""
156,7,7,20 Apr 69,"A Dove in the Nest",""
157,7,8,27 Apr 69,"Big Ben",""
158,7,9,04 May 69,"The Barrier",""
159,7,10,11 May 69,"The Rat Race",""
160,7,11,18 May 69,"Put Your Cross Here",""
161,7,12,25 May 69,"The Stick of the Rocket",""
162,7,13,01 Jun 69,"Fresh Worlds",""
163,7,14,08 Jun 69,"Conquest",""
164,7,15,15 Jun 69,"The Facts of Life",""
165,7,16,22 Jun 69,"Single or Return",""
166,7,17,29 Jun 69,"Oak, Mahogany or Walnut",""
167,7,18,06 Jul 69,"The Call",""
168,7,19,13 Jul 69,"Lack of Communication",""
169,7,20,20 Jul 69,"Monstrous Regiment",""
170,7,21,27 Jul 69,"Blood and State",""
171,7,22,03 Aug 69,"Action, Dr. Cameron",""
172,7,23,10 Aug 69,"The Will to Live",""
173,7,24,17 Aug 69,"The Evangelist",""
174,7,25,24 Aug 69,"The Cheap Departed",""
175,7,26,31 Aug 69,"Opportunity and Inclination",""
176,8,1,13 Sep 70,"A Late Spring",""
177,8,2,20 Sep 70,"Dead Fall",""
178,8,3,27 Sep 70,"Comin' Thro' the Rye",""
179,8,4,04 Oct 70,"The Builders",""
180,8,5,11 Oct 70,"Not Qualified",""
181,8,6,18 Oct 70,"Snares and Pitfalls",""
182,8,7,25 Oct 70,"Dorrity",""
183,8,8,01 Nov 70,"Winter's Traces",""
184,8,9,08 Nov 70,"The Honeypot",""
185,8,10,22 Nov 70,"Made for Each Other",""
186,8,11,29 Nov 70,"A Good Prospect",""
187,8,12,06 Dec 70,"Responsibilities",""
188,8,13,13 Dec 70,"Dust",""
189,8,14,20 Dec 70,"Itself and Friend",""
190,8,15,27 Dec 70,"A Question of Values",""
191,8,16,03 Jan 71,"The Burgess Ticket",""