number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,14 Sep 84,"The British 'ave Come (The Fallen Madonna)",""
2,1,2,21 Sep 84,"Pigeon Post",""
3,1,3,28 Sep 84,"Saville Row to the Rescue",""
4,1,4,05 Oct 84,"The Execution",""
5,1,5,12 Oct 84,"The Funeral",""
6,1,6,19 Oct 84,"Red Nick's Colonel",""
7,1,7,26 Oct 84,"The Dance of the Hitler Youth",""
8,2,1,21 Oct 85,"Six Big Boobies",""
9,2,2,28 Oct 85,"The Wooing of Widow Artois",""
10,2,3,04 Nov 85,"The Policeman Cometh",""
11,2,4,11 Nov 85,"Swiftly and with Style",""
12,2,5,18 Nov 85,"The Duel",""
13,2,6,25 Nov 85,"Herr Flick's Revenge",""
14,2,7,26 Dec 85,"The Gateau from the Chateau",""
15,3,1,05 Dec 86,"The Nicked Knockwurst",""
16,3,2,12 Dec 86,"Gruber Does Some Mincing",""
17,3,3,19 Dec 86,"The Sausage in the Wardrobe",""
18,3,4,26 Dec 86,"Flight of Fancy",""
19,3,5,02 Jan 87,"Pretty Maids All in a Row",""
20,3,6,09 Jan 87,"The Great Un-Escape",""
21,4,1,07 Nov 87,"Prisoners of War",""
22,4,2,14 Nov 87,"Camp Dance",""
23,4,3,21 Nov 87,"Good Staff Are Hard to Find",""
24,4,4,28 Nov 87,"The Flying Nun",""
25,4,5,05 Dec 87,"The Sausage in the Trousers",""
26,4,6,12 Dec 87,"The Jet-Propelled Mother-in-Law",""
27,5,1,03 Sep 88,"The Rescue of Frau Kinkenrotten",""
28,5,2,10 Sep 88,"The Camera in the Potato",""
29,5,3,17 Sep 88,"Criminal Developments",""
30,5,4,24 Sep 88,"Return of the Paintings",""
31,5,5,01 Oct 88,"Enter Denise",""
32,5,6,08 Oct 88,"A Marriage of Inconvenience",""
33,5,7,15 Oct 88,"Post-Matrimonial Depression",""
34,5,8,22 Oct 88,"The Long Distance Duck",""
35,5,9,29 Oct 88,"The Generals' Conference",""
36,5,10,05 Nov 88,"Michelle's Secret Love",""
37,5,11,12 Nov 88,"The British Invasion",""
38,5,12,19 Nov 88,"Parade of Prams",""
39,5,13,26 Nov 88,"The Bank Job",""
40,5,14,03 Dec 88,"Communists in the Cupboard",""
41,5,15,10 Dec 88,"Forged Francs & Fishsellers",""
42,5,16,17 Dec 88,"L'Hospital",""
43,5,17,24 Dec 88,"Feathers",""
44,5,18,31 Dec 88,"Leclerc Against the Wall",""
45,5,19,07 Jan 89,"Christmas Puddings",""
46,5,20,14 Jan 89,"Mines Away!",""
47,5,21,21 Jan 89,"All Aboard",""
48,5,22,28 Jan 89,"The Geneva Express",""
49,5,23,04 Feb 89,"Enigma",""
50,5,24,11 Feb 89,"Renewing the Vows",""
51,5,25,18 Feb 89,"The Big Flush",""
52,5,26,25 Feb 89,"Enigma's End",""
53,6,1,02 Sep 89,"The Ghost of René",""
54,6,2,09 Sep 89,"It's Raining Italians",""
55,6,3,16 Sep 89,"The Goose and the Submarine",""
56,6,4,23 Sep 89,"Playing Dead Again",""
57,6,5,30 Sep 89,"Disguised Intelligence",""
58,6,6,07 Oct 89,"Fence Painting",""
59,6,7,14 Oct 89,"The Marriage of Ernest & Fanny Leclerc",""
60,6,8,21 Oct 89,"Von Klinkerhoffen's Breakdown",""
61,7,1,05 Jan 91,"Von Flockenstuffen in Command",""
62,7,2,12 Jan 91,"Free at Last!",""
63,7,3,19 Jan 91,"Eloping to England",""
64,7,4,26 Jan 91,"Hello Hans!",""
65,7,5,02 Feb 91,"Lines of Communication",""
66,7,6,09 Feb 91,"The Spirit of Nouvion",""
67,7,7,16 Feb 91,"A Barrel Full of Airmen",""
68,7,8,23 Feb 91,"Stuck!",""
69,7,9,02 Mar 91,"The Ice Cream Truck",""
70,7,10,16 Mar 91,"The Gypsy Carnival",""
71,8,1,05 Jan 92,"Radio Free Flamenco",""
72,8,2,12 Jan 92,"The Great Pay Robbery",""
73,8,3,19 Jan 92,"Blowing Up Hitler",""
74,8,4,26 Jan 92,"Lead Shortage",""
75,8,5,02 Feb 92,"Hitler Escapes",""
76,8,6,09 Feb 92,"A Fistful of Francs",""
77,8,7,01 Mar 92,"Emigration",""
78,9,1,09 Nov 92,"Fighting with Windmills",""
79,9,2,16 Nov 92,"Missing and Presumed Dead",""
80,9,3,23 Nov 92,"René Artois Is Still Dead",""
81,9,4,30 Nov 92,"The Fishmonger Float",""
82,9,5,07 Dec 92,"Sand Trap",""
83,9,6,14 Dec 92,"End of the War",""
S09,9,0,17 Aug 94,"The Best of 'Allo 'Allo!",""
S09,9,0,28 Apr 07,"Return of Allo Allo",""
S01,1,0,30 Dec 82,"The British Are Coming",""
S08,8,0,24 Dec 91,"A Bun in the Oven",""