A ex-con whose DNA possesses an extra Y chromosome, supposedly giving him a disposition toward criminality, tries to go straight but finds his talents as a former cat burglar to be very much in demand by both the criminal underworld and the British secret service. Based on the series of novels by Kenneth Royce.

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  Episode #     Prod #      Air Date   Titles
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Season 1

1.     1-1                 03 Jul 76   The Proposition
2.     1-2                 10 Jul 76   The Execution
3.     1-3                 17 Jul 76   The Resolution

Season 2

4.     2-1                 27 Jun 77   Friends and Enemies
5.     2-2                 04 Jul 77   The Missing Civil Servant
6.     2-3                 11 Jul 77   The Big Bang
7.     2-4                 18 Jul 77   At the Bottom of the River
8.     2-5                 25 Jul 77   When We Were Very Greedy
9.     2-6                 01 Aug 77   Now We Are Dead
10.    2-7                 08 Aug 77   Whisper Who Dares
11.    2-8                 15 Jul 77   Law and Order
12.    2-9                 22 Aug 77   The Detrimental Robot
13.    2-10                29 Aug 77   A View to a Death

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The first of the novels by Kenneth Royce is available:

The XYY Man
(book 1)


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