After the death of her Congressman husband, Ray, Suzanne Sugarbaker moved to Washington to fill his seat in The House of Representatives as favor for the governor. On the way, Suzanne drags her mentally retarded brother, Jim; adopted daughter, Desiree; and her maid Sapphire Jones along for the ride. Working under her were three very different women; the first, Natalie Hollingsworth, Administrative Assistant, was an uptight working woman determined to make it to the top despite the fact that she was having an affair with a imprisoned married Congressman. Second, was Sissy Emerson, Press Secretary, a former staff writer for the Washington Post whose life had gone downhill after she began drinking. And lastly her secretary, Jennifer Malone, a frail housewife, whose philandering husband, an assistant coach for the Washington Redskins, ran off with a interpretive halftime dancer. Later, working in the office was a new intern/secretary, Veda Walkman, (who replaced the Malone character), a girl just out of high school who constantly annoyed the rest of the women with her Generation X perspective. Also working in the office was Dave, an office assistant who was always seen in the background from episode 3 on, but rarely had speaking lines or was credited. Also mainly in the background was Adam, another office assistant.

From Designing Women, there are a few MAJOR inconsistencies:

A few episodes into Designing Women, Suzanne talks about how she can't keep help, and she got her new maid, Consuela, whom she kept for her entire run of the Designing Women.

  Episode #     Prod #      Air Date   Titles
_____ ______ ___________  ___________ ___________________________________________

Season 1

  1.   1- 1        101      4 Jan 95   Miss Sugarbaker Goes to Washington (I)
  2.   1- 2        102      4 Jan 95   Miss Sugarbaker Goes to Washington (II)
  3.   1- 3        104      9 Jan 95   Guess Who's Sleeping in Lincoln's Bed
  4.   1- 4        105     11 Jan 95   That's What Friends Are For
  5.   1- 5        106     18 Jan 95   Men Are Good
  6.   1- 6        107     25 Jan 95   You Talk Too Much
  7.   1- 7        108      1 Feb 95   Bad Girl
  8.   1- 8        109     20 Mar 95   The Afternoon Wife
  9.   1- 9        110     18 Aug 95   Veda
 10.   1-10        114      8 Sep 95   The Conjugal Cottage
 11.   1-11        112      8 Sep 95   North to Alaska
 12.   1-12        113      8 Sep 95   Dear Diary
 13.   1-13        111      8 Sep 95   Women in Film

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