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  Episode #     Prod #      Air Date   Titles
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• Season 1

1      1-01                10/Apr/95   Departure: An Invitation to San Francisco 
2      1-02                17/Apr/95   Mr. AirForce Exploding. Incredible Military Combat 
3      1-03                UNKNOWN     Destination Hong Kong 
4      1-04                01/May/95   Escape from Kowloon Castle 
5      1-05                UNKNOWN     Fei Long, the Hot Blooded: Filming a Super Action Movie 
6      1-06                UNKNOWN     Unveiling the Secret Power: Spiritual Energy, The Incredible Power Wave 
7      1-07                UNKNOWN     The Revenge of the Ashura Gang: Attack of the Mui Thai Assasins 
8      1-08                UNKNOWN     The Thailand jail: The Pride of Ryu 
9      1-09                UNKNOWN     The Great Star of Mui Thai: The Grim Prison Symphony 
10     1-10                UNKNOWN     The Sign of Darkness: The True Shadow Rules 
11     1-11                UNKNOWN     The Beasts are Coming: The Monks Advice to the Young Men. 
12     1-12                UNKNOWN     The Phantom of the Mind: The Demon who Lives Inside One's Mind 
13     1-13                UNKNOWN     The Natural Energy Wave: The Secret of the Natural Energy Wave. 
14     1-14                UNKNOWN     The Bloodthirsty Prince: Obsession with Beauty. Danger for Chun-Li! 

• Season 2

15     2-01                UNKNOWN     The war of the Two Heroes. A Battle for Life, Pride, and the Princess. 
16     2-02                UNKNOWN     The True Ruler Appears: The Horrible Conqueror begins to Plot. 
17     2-03                UNKNOWN     The Order of the Tyrant: The Conspiracy, that Snuck Up. 
18     2-04                UNKNOWN     The Beautiful Assassin with Green Eyes and an Evil Cross. 
19     2-05                UNKNOWN     The Iron Man with the Secret Mission: The Ultimate Rescuers are Dispatched. 
20     2-06                UNKNOWN     The Hidden Power of the Blast! The Unimaginable Power of the Body! 
21     2-07                UNKNOWN     Forced Submission: The Computer Chip that Controls the Mind 
22     2-08                UNKNOWN     The Dragon Punch Leaps: The Ultimate Anger! The Awakening Energy Wave! 
23     2-09                UNKNOWN     Icy Eyes: The Fighters Possessed by Evil. 
24     2-10                UNKNOWN     The Nightmarish Reunion: The Painful Call of the Controlled Mind. 
25     2-11                UNKNOWN     Death Match Part I: The Ultimate Triple Battle! (1) 
26     2-12                UNKNOWN     Death Match Part II: Final Words from a Best Friend About to Die! (2) 
27     2-13                UNKNOWN     Death Match Part III: Super Energy Wave Crush! (3) 
28     2-14                UNKNOWN     Death Match Part IV: The Master Bison: The Ultimate Power of Destruction!(4) 
29     2-15                UNKNOWN     Death Match:The Final Battle! (5) 

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