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• Season 1

1      1-01      225851    24/Sep/99   The First Girlfriends Club
2      1-02      225852    01/Oct/99   Good Will Hunting
3      1-03      475328    08/Oct/99   The Unbelievable Truth
4      1-04      225855    15/Oct/99   The Road to Caracas
5      1-05      225856    22/Oct/99   You've Got Female
6      1-06      225858    29/Oct/99   Batman Forever
7      1-07      225859    05/Nov/99   In the Name of the Father
8      1-08      225860    19/Nov/99   Fight Club
9      1-09      225862    03/Dec/99   Great Expectations
10     1-10      225861    10/Dec/99   Punch Line
11     1-11      225857    17/Dec/99   Little Women
12     1-12      225854    24/Dec/99   What About Bob?
13     1-13      225853    07/Jan/00   My Life As A Dog

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