airing    date      day   segments
   1.  Sep 30 1978  Sat  Hula-hoop champion Diana Lee, Robert Brown of the Anti Cruelty Society
   2.  Oct 07 1978  Sat  Charlie the Chimpanzee, 15 year old puppeteer David Rudman
   3.  Oct 14 1978  Sat  8 year old Wendy Whiteside, Junior Magic Club, caring for fish
   4.  Oct 21 1978  Sat  6 year old Elvis impersonator Nathan Anzaldua, making things out of discards
   5.  Oct 28 1978  Sat  Pets dressed in Halloween costumes
   6.  Nov 04 1978  Sat  Dr. Lester Fisher brings in birds, Cathy Ford sings
   7.  Nov 11 1978  Sat  Gerbils and hamsters, UNICEF art, Young Eagles drill team, children's hairstyles
   8.  Nov 18 1978  Sat  Suzy Silber's beer can collection, baby farm animals
   9.  Nov 25 1978  Sat  Ice Follies stars Peggy Fleming and Richard Dwyer, a worm rancher
  10.  Dec 02 1978  Sat  A Disney animator explains his work, Reading Is Fundamental  King and Queen
  11.  Dec 16 1978  Sat  The Blue River Band from Hoffman Estates, a furnished doll house
  12.  Dec 23 1978  Sat  A Christmas skit performed by marionettes by Guy Jacobucci and Steve Celebanca
  13.  Jan 06 1979  Sat  
  14.  Jan 13 1979  Sat  Rabbits, pom pom routine, Chicago Tribune carrier of the month
  15.  Jan 20 1979  Sat  Word game maker Ricky Kane, 13 year old photographer Peter Eipers
  16.  Jan 27 1979  Sat  Drawings that won a phone book art contest, Chinese New Year
  17.  Feb 03 1979  Sat  Parakeets and canaries, animated film "The Little Trouble Maker" by 13 year old Paul Musieshis
  18.  Feb 10 1979  Sat  Manteno Jr. High School Pom Pom Squad, cake decorating
  19.  Feb 17 1979  Sat  Winners of the Illinois Bell Telephone Book Art Contest
  20.  Feb 24 1979  Sat  Dr. Lester Fisher, Greek mythology dances, 13 year old contest winner from Ohio
  21.  Mar 03 1979  Sat  An eight year old contortionist Cheryl Merlin, the animated film "On Top of Spaghetti", pet shop owner Joe Zeller
  22.  Mar 10 1979  Sat  Rock group Twilight from Park Ridge, 12 year old magician Dan Danz, Girl Scout laws
  23.  Mar 17 1979  Sat  Irish reels and jigs, Irish foods, an Irish wolfhound
  24.  Mar 24 1979  Sat  8 year old Nellie Hanneford of the Hanneford Circus, baton twirlers
  25.  Mar 31 1979  Sat  A nine year old ventriloquist Jimmy Kubal, Jonette Huntley's pet hamsters
  26.  Apr 07 1979  Sat  Rachael Browning and Sarah Klein's soap collection, Kenneth Fugate's Dalmatian puppy
  27.  Apr 14 1979  Sat  Chef Hans Durst carves a rabbit out of a block of ice
  28.  May 12 1979  Sat  Debby Boone, three nine year olds perform baton twirling
  29.  May 19 1979  Sat  Kids from different backgrounds tell about their lives in other nations
  30.  May 26 1979  Sat  Rick Schwinn demonstrates proper bike fit
  31.  Jun 02 1979  Sat  Papier-mâché animals, Dr. Lester Fisher, five gymnasts perform
  32.  Jun 09 1979  Sat  Mid-America Twisters perform a gymnastic routine, juggling
  33.  Jun 16 1979  Sat  Robert Brown, "Boogie Disco Beat," making sand castles
  34.  Jun 23 1979  Sat  Steve Newcombe and Lyn Radke show how to make puppets, fishing
  35.  Sep 22 1979  Sat  Shaun Cassidy, A baton-twirling duo Jessica and James Rowe, Dr. Lester Fisher
  36.  Sep 29 1979  Sat  9 year old photographer Michael Frost, 17 year old Mark Allen who started Help the Community
  37.  Oct 06 1979  Sat  A disco dance on roller skates, autograph collecting
  38.  Oct 13 1979  Sat  The Rutles Band from Lake Station, toads and frogs, The Trojanettes cheerleaders
  39.  Oct 20 1979  Sat  A tango-disco dance, 13 year old magician John Measner, adoptable puppies, art objects made from nature
  40.  Oct 27 1979  Sat  
  41.  Nov 03 1979  Sat  Batman creator Bob Kane, the Starfire Band
  42.  Nov 10 1979  Sat  Actress Mary Lombardi, Chicago Public Library poster & poetry contest winners
  43.  Nov 17 1979  Sat  13 year old cook, 12 girl pom pom routine
  44.  Nov 24 1979  Sat  Chisenbop, disco-tap dancer, precision drill routine
  45.  Dec 01 1979  Sat  The Jacksons, rare birds, pom pom routine
  46.  Dec 22 1979  Sat  Christmas program
  47.  Jan 06 1980  Sun  (First Sunday morning broadcast)
  48.  Jan 19 1980  Sat  Jackie and the Moonlighters, a 50's dance number, a guitar teacher, coin collection
  49.  Jan 26 1980  Sat  Rex Smith, the Wild Earth Band, Dr. Lester Fisher
  50.  Jan 27 1980  Sun  A tango-disco dance, 4-H club made outfits, magician Steve Cesare, adoptable puppies
  51.  Feb 02 1980  Sat  A skit performed by a Boy Scout troop, a karate demonstration, a tap dance
  52.  Feb 09 1980  Sat  Cheerleaders from Our Lady of Loretto Grade School, Schaumburg High School coach Jim Macnider who qualified for Olympic trials, a display of Valentines art.
  53.  Feb 16 1980  Sat  Making fake foods look real, disco dancing, pet store owner Bernie Hoffman
  54.  Feb 23 1980  Sat  The Middle Earth rock band from New Lenox, the Satin Stars dance group, magician Billy Biship, pet store owner Connie Weber
  55.  Mar 02 1980  Sun  Disco dancing, folk singer-guitar teacher Harry Gray, pet store owner Tom Krause
  56.  Mar 15 1980  Sat  The Tully Irish Step Dancers
  57.  Mar 29 1980  Sat  The Magnum Band, Taft Tigers cheerleaders
  58.  Apr 05 1980  Sat  The Hot Fire Dancers, Lithuanian egg decorating, Easter Seal child Rachael Frank
  59.  Apr 12 1980  Sat  A jump-rope team from Gershwin Elementary School, a 14 year-old magician Joe Marr, tarantulas, clay art
  60.  Apr 27 1980  Sun  Peggy Fleming, Richard Dwyer and Bobby Pendleton from the Ice Follies, kids from Glen Hill School in Glen Ellyn dance to "Rock Around the Clock"
  61.  May 10 1980  Sat  Rock group Tantrum, wildlife of India, chimney sweeps
  62.  May 17 1980  Sat  The Suder School Majorettes, Laser Band from Merrilleville, Kristin Katek and her 75 foot long gum wrapper chain
  63.  May 24 1980  Sat  14 year old country-western singer Heather MacArthur, square dancers from Illinois Park Elementary School in Park Forest
  64.  May 31 1980  Sat  The Looney Balooney Band from Robert Frost School in Mt. Prospect
  65.  Jun 07 1980  Sat  A comedy-magic routine, the Pledge of Allegiance is sung
  66.  Jun 21 1980  Sat  Clip show
  67.  Jul 12 1980  Sat  Cheerleaders, a photographer from the Anti-Cruelty Society Of Chicago
  68.  Sep 20 1980  Sat  Rock group Second Generation, dance group the Lockers, winners of a Park District sand-modeling contest
  69.  Sep 27 1980  Sat  Julie Chambers and her pet guinea pigs, a disco-dance team from Park Forest, children's fashions for fall
  70.  Oct 04 1980  Sat  Ron and Tim Kratz and their pet pigs, 1980 Illinois State bubble gum champ Ron Keck
  71.  Oct 11 1980  Sat  Jogging, a rock-and-rock group, ten cheerleaders
  72.  Oct 19 1980  Sun  Circus acts, a flashlight dance by the Midnight Stars, 13 year old magician Nino Cruz
  73.  Oct 25 1980  Sat  Halloween costumes, food, games, decorations, papier-mâché masks, costumes for animals
  74.  Nov 01 1980  Sat  Two young circus performers, The Tailor Made Band, turkeys, a dance group from Des Plaines
  75.  Nov 08 1980  Sat  Brooke Shields, Dr. Lester Fisher, a rock collector
  76.  Nov 23 1980  Sun  Making a nutritious breakfast, bubble gum champ Ron Keck, song and dance team Lesheen
  77.  Dec 07 1980  Sun  The Villans Dancers, two baseball card collectors, school fashions
  78.  Dec 13 1980  Sat  Chicago Bears Ted Albrecht and Alan Page, a gymnastics routine by the Mid-America Twisters from Northbrook
  79.  Dec 27 1980  Sat  Holiday cards from linoleum blocks, New Year's party, a dance routine
  80.  Jan 10 1981  Sat  Cheryl Tiegs, Olga the Walrus, two bluegrass musicians
  81.  Jan 17 1981  Sat  Making paper flowers, the Mighty Red Devils Cheering Squad, a button collection
  82.  Jan 24 1981  Sat  The James Family Band, the Glen Hill School Dancers , fudge decorating demo, Siberian Ibex
  83.  Jan 31 1981  Sat  Film short "Alpha Incident", Star Wars collection, animals trained for movies
  84.  Feb 07 1981  Sat  Incarnation Cheerleaders, Valentine's Day Party, chocolate candy, pet fish and birds
  85.  Feb 21 1981  Sat  Buttermaking, The Chicago Pop Lockers dance group, singer Cathy Mansfield
  86.  Mar 07 1981  Sat  Disco dancer Scott McGregor, candle maker Jennifer Sorgatz, the Fantasy Band
  87.  Apr 04 1981  Sat  Blake Burdeen's electric trains, pet alligator
  88.  Apr 18 1981  Sat  Easter and Passover traditions
  89.  May 09 1981  Sat  Magician Alan Martin, Brookfield's Children Zoo
  90.  May 16 1981  Sat  Glen Capek and his solar oven, the Almost Country Band, the Four Flaming Angels dancers
  91.  May 24 1981  Sun  Two student films, a pop-pom routine
  92.  Jun 06 1981  Sat  Plaster costume masks, an  African dance
  93.  Jun 13 1981  Sat  The Side Track Band, 12 year old magician David Gerding, Body Language Dance Group
  94.  Jun 20 1981  Sat  Pen pal collection, hermit crabs, a yo-yo demo, the Dynamic Dancers
  95.  Sep 05 1981  Sat  
  96.  Sep 19 1981  Sat  Great America, Lisa Whelchel, top songs of summer
  97.  Sep 26 1981  Sat  Kin Shriner, peccaries, High Voltage and The Sexy Dancers perform
  98.  Oct 03 1981  Sat  Kim Fields, guitarist, disco queens, reptiles
  99.  Oct 10 1981  Sat  Matthew Laborteaux, a butterfly collection, entering your pet in a show, 122nd Street Talon Eagles perform
 100.  Oct 17 1981  Sat  Nancy McKeon, camels, brownies, Chicago Heart Assoc. Anti-Smoking Poster contest winners, dance routine by Electro Jrs.
 101.  Oct 24 1981  Sat  A visit to an Elgin farm, Todd Bridges, balloon animals, the Sweet Angels dancers
 102.  Oct 31 1981  Sat  Halloween face painting, taffy apples, bats and owls
 103.  Nov 07 1981  Sat  Judy Blume, Buffy Gebel-Williams, a 13 year old banjo player
 104.  Nov 28 1981  Sat  Peaches and Herb, taco salad, polar bears, the Village Kids
 105.  Dec 05 1981  Sat  Peter Barton, "Discovery" band
 106.  Dec 13 1981  Sun  
 107.  Dec 19 1981  Sat  Stained glass ornaments, dough ornaments, soap hanger ornaments
 108.  Dec 26 1981  Sat  Chicago Sting Rudy Glenn and Charlie Fajkus, toys made by kids around the world, puppies, a juggling routine
 109.  Jan 10 1982  Sun  
 110.  Jan 16 1983  Sun  Suzanne Somers Part 2, a Frisbee demo, goats, Double Dutch Dancers
 111.  Jan 23 1982  Sat  Miss Illinois Sandra Truitt, Miss Pre-Teen Illinois Leah Stanko, garnachos, an acrobatic/contortion routine
 112.  Feb 14 1982  Sun  Incarnation Cheerleaders, a Valentine's Day party demo
 113.  Mar 06 1982  Sat  Curtis Candy Co., spring fashions, a jump rope team, child models, kangaroos
 114.  Mar 13 1982  Sat  An Irish dance, winners of a castle building contest, a champion high diver
 115.  Mar 20 1982  Sat  Military dioramas, ostriches, pickles, KAK dancers
 116.  Mar 27 1982  Sat  Paper Mache animals, Roselle Middle School Pom Pom Squad, coin collections, zebras
 117.  Apr 03 1982  Sat  Future Show: a 3D layout of Chicago in year 30,000, a TRC-III robot, a future fashion show from 2500, future dances
 118.  Apr 10 1982  Sat  Polish folk dancers, an 11-year-old magician, ceramic wall pockets, Easter art
 119.  May 15 1982  Sat  10 year-old skater Eddie Corda, Great America
 120.  May 22 1982  Sat  Greek food, differences between Paris and Chicago
 121.  Jun 06 1982  Sun  A baseball collection, soft pretzels, a dance routine, marmosets and an owl monkey
 122.  Jun 13 1982  Sun  Eric Davis's pets, kids on summer vacations, sea lions, Apparition performs
 123.  Aug 14 1982  Sat  
 124.  Oct 02 1982  Sat  Todd Bridges, the Luv Notes sing, peanut butter recipes, chief vet at Brookfield Zoo Dr. Janis Ott
 125.  Oct 09 1982  Sat  The Italianettes folk dancers, Rubik's Snake, magic, animals from Lincoln Park Zoo
 126.  Oct 23 1982  Sat  Lou Ferrigno, warm-up exercises for weightlifting, keeping fit for racing.
 127.  Oct 30 1982  Sat  Decorating for Halloween, chocolate chip pumpkin squares and pumpkin raisin cookies, tarantulas and bats
 128.  Nov 06 1982  Sat  A bareback riding act, a juggler, mime routine, circus art
 129.  Nov 13 1982  Sat  Ballet dancers, peanut butter crunch, iguanas
 130.  Nov 20 1982  Sat  
 131.  Nov 27 1982  Sat  The Zucchini Brothers Magic Act, the Joffrey Ballet Society perform, a police badge collection, zoo animals
 132.  Dec 04 1982  Sat  
 133.  Dec 11 1982  Sat  The Honey Bears, Hanukkah customs and traditions, adoptable puppies
 134.  Dec 19 1982  Sun  
 135.  Dec 25 1982  Sat  a piano Christmas medley, a dance routine, Christmas art work
 136.  Jan 08 1983  Sat  Hurley Elementary School talent show, zoo animals, a speed skating champion, snowflake art
 137.  Jan 16 1983  Sun  "Apache" dancers from Gary, artwork from household items, the Beisa Oryx, an animated film
 138.  Jan 23 1983  Sun  Pocket pizzas, birds at Brookfield Zoo, The Lakeside Angels dance, a salt and pepper shaker collection
 139.  Feb 05 1983  Sat  Making Valentine's Day chocolates, singer Melanie Martin, making Valentine's Day cards, gifts and decorations,  Love Birds
 140.  Feb 19 1983  Sat  Dean Butler, pheasants, a dance routine
 141.  Feb 26 1983  Sat  Minneapolis rock group The Time, guacamole guava dip, a karate demonstration, the Kodiak Bear
 142.  Mar 19 1983  Sat  A collection of 2,600 pictures and posters, an archery demo, alligators and crocodiles, the Roselle Middle School Pom Pom Squad
 143.  Mar 26 1983  Sat  Janet Jackson, chinchillas, a dance routine, making gorp, goulash and cinnamon bears
 144.  Apr 02 1983  Sat  The Henry Horner Foxes-Kala Cox-bey dance, a foreign doll collection, cooking over a campfire or bbq
 145.  Apr 09 1983  Sat  Junior All Star Square Dancers, toothpick sculptures, making fortune cookies, Sacred Ibis Bird
 146.  Apr 16 1983  Sat  Hurley School Dance Ensemble perform, a flute and piano performance of Bach, a presidential collection, 13 Line Ground Squirrel
 147.  Apr 23 1983  Sat  A Bamboo Pole Dance routine, a classical guitar performance, making chocolate kisses, the Siberian Tiger, UNICEF artwork
 148.  May 07 1983  Sat  A dance routine, paper expansion decorations, tin art decorations, bison, Mother's Day artwork
 149.  May 21 1983  Sat  Erik Estrada and Bruce Penhall, elephants, bird drawings, the Looney Ballooney Band
 150.  Jun 11 1983  Sat  Brookfield Zoo's Olga the Walrus, caring for horses, Kathy Bauch of the Anti Cruelty Society
 151.  Jul 23 1983  Sat  Household mosaics, apache dancers, Joe David, animated film "Travis"
 152.  Aug 06 1983  Sat  
 153.  Aug 21 1983  Sun  
 154.  Sep 17 1983  Sat  Tina Yothers, singer/dancer David Guardo, award winning cows and calves, Great America
 155.  Sep 24 1983  Sat  Verboten, a pop-rock band from Evanston, peanut butter honey balls and oatmeal balls, flamingoes
 156.  Oct 01 1983  Sat  Miss Teen-age America Amy Sue Brenkacz of Joliet, Humphrey Middle School Choir, racing Pinewood Derby cars
 157.  Oct 15 1983  Sat  Classical pianist Jane Park, raising pigs, 6 from the Norma Cook Dance Company perform,  CPD Jr. Rainbow Fleet demo sailing
 158.  Oct 22 1983  Sat  7 and 8 year old circus performers Ricky and Nescha Praun and their dog acts, singer Jonita Lattimore, dancer Albert Fields, Michelle Hoffman's sea shell collection
 159.  Oct 29 1983  Sat  Sonny Acres Pumpkin Farm in West Chicago, the Looney Ballooney Band from Mt. Prospect, a pet tarantula
 160.  Nov 05 1983  Sat  Mandolin player Steve Schlemberg, fried tortillas, The Moon & Star Dancers, the rhinoceros
 161.  Nov 12 1983  Sat  Robby Benson and Billy Mills, two brothers perform magic, two winners of the of the Gwendoline Brooks' Young Poet Contest
 162.  Nov 19 1983  Sat  Brookfield Zoo reptile curator Ray Bawley, a 12 year old bluegrass violinist, 4 students from the Chicago Ballet School perform, open face cucumber, ham and bologna sandwiches
 163.  Nov 26 1983  Sat  Pet rats, Making a Super Snack, Real People co-host Peter Billingsley, a three sister string trio
 164.  Dec 03 1983  Sat  Astronaut Lt. Col. Guion Bluford, the Young Electros dance group, four kids appearing in Chicago theater productions talk
 165.  Dec 17 1983  Sat  Walter Payton, guinea pigs, Swedish pancakes, trumpeter David Johnson
 166.  Dec 24 1983  Sat  Yolanda Jones and Tanesha House perform a ballet, accordion player John Wilson, Holmes Jr. High School Swing Choir, walnut fudge
 167.  Jan 07 1984  Sat  Roger Moore, Miss Pre-Teen Illinois Renee Billis, District 59 Symphonic Ensemble, the Kookaberra
 168.  Feb 04 1984  Sat  New Edition, oil painting, the Brookwood Jr. High School Pom Pom Squad, the Longwood Elementary School Olympics,  the Humboldt penguin
 169.  Feb 11 1984  Sat  Parrots & macaws, dancers Alison Wenz and Russ Karkoss, Valentine party ideas
 170.  Feb 18 1984  Sat  Christopher Brogan shows his collections, fried bananas, the Littles dance group, Dr Lester Fisher talks about his trip to Australia and New Guinea
 171.  Feb 25 1984  Sat  Glenn Scarpelli, magician Joe Spiller, glass art, adopting puppies, a kids' UNICEF art exhibit
 172.  Mar 10 1984  Sat  Robby Benson, the Electric Lights dance group, Snow Leopards, Simmons Jr. High School mural, favorite zoo animals
 173.  Mar 17 1984  Sat  Traditional Irish foods, three Irish musicians, a three hand reel, a Irish Wolfhound, Irish artwork from local schools
 174.  Mar 24 1984  Sat  A woodworking class at Chase park, making a plaque using proper tools, homemade pizza, a duet for flute and piano, the giraffe
 175.  Mar 31 1984  Sat  AVA Dance Party, making "Frame-a-Names", the Baboon, gifted kids from District 98 in North Berwyn shows the games they invented
 176.  Apr 07 1984  Sat  A ballet dance, students from O.W. Heth Upper Grade Center in Matteson perform, a train collection, the Bactrian Camel
 177.  Apr 21 1984  Sat  Meteorologist Jerry Taft, making kites out of trash, ponies and horses, the Norwood Park Recorder Ensemble
 178.  May 19 1984  Sat  John Schneider, the Green Thumb Club from Northwood Jr. High in Highland Park, Great America, the Toco Toucans of South America
 179.  Jun 02 1984  Sat  Kim Fields,  Brookfield Zoo mammal curator Sandy Friedman,  dancers Andrea and Sidney McNeel, how to make a home-made model rocket
 180.  Sep 29 1984  Sat  Cubs Scott Sanderson and Keith Moreland, a Michael Jackson look-alike, harmonica player Little John Chrisley. The Red Billed Hornbill, top music hits of the summer
 181.  Oct 06 1984  Sat  Christopher Atkins, two fishing brothers, the boa constrictor, dance group The Itallanette perform, four top winners of Chicago Downhill Racers Derby, new Fall season previewed
 182.  Oct 14 1984  Sun  Curly Neal, the Full Force Band perform, a Oak Park-River Forest High School dance group, prized goats
 183.  Oct 20 1984  Sat  Menudo, circus acrobat Caroline Alvarez, Chiquitlin perform a Dominican Republic song, 4 from Ballet Folktorico Mexico Nuevo dance
 184.  Oct 27 1984  Sat  Making decorated popcorn balls and ghost suckers for Halloween, prize-winning pumpkins, Halloween creatures, Elgin's Norma Cook dancers
 185.  Nov 03 1984  Sat  Lauren Tewes, Carl and Willie Davis perform, dancers Heather Hawk and Marcos Sanchez, the Black Faced Kangaroo
 186.  Nov 17 1984  Sat  Jami Gertz, a break-dancing team The Tremendous Trio, a pet chinchilla and mini-top rabbit, polo
 187.  Dec 15 1984  Sat  Missie Kemper dances two numbers from the Nutcracker, reindeer, a Christmas rainbow cake, kids' Christmas crafts, holiday art displayed
 188.  Jan 05 1985  Sat  Tito Jackson, lemon bars, the D-S-D Breakers dance, the spotted necked otter
 189.  Jan 19 1985  Sat  Tempest Bledsoe,  floor hockey, the bell python and the European hedge hog
 190.  Jan 26 1985  Sat  An insect collection, fire prevention, the dance group The Sensational Six, a baby chimpanzee
 191.  Feb 02 1985  Sat  14 year old advice columnist, puppies and kittens, the Chicago Youth Dance Co., pianist Andrea Schneider, winners of the 35th Annual Mum Bowl
 192.  Feb 10 1985  Sun  Chuck Norris, karate experts Michelle and Louis Phillips, taco casserole, wolves, a sixth grade cross country runner with cerebral palsy
 193.  Feb 17 1985  Sun  Clarinet player Laura Wojcik, a gymnastics routine, hot and spicy meatballs, giant cockroaches
 194.  Feb 24 1985  Sun  Bruce Weitz, guinea pigs and gerbils, ventriloquist John Anderson, St. Albert the Great Jr. Varsity Cheerleaders
 195.  Mar 09 1985  Sat  Pianist Michelle D'Monte, a "Prince" imitator, making stained glass, Dr. Lester Fisher
 196.  Mar 16 1985  Sat  Violinist Jennifer Turner, peach coffee cake, the bottle-nosed dolphin, students from the John and Mary Mayer School of Irish Dancing perform
 197.  Mar 23 1985  Sat  
 198.  Mar 31 1985  Sun  
 199.  May 19 1985  Sun  
 200.  May 26 1985  Sun  
 201.  Jun 02 1985  Sun  
 202.  Jun 09 1985  Sun  
 203.  Jun 16 1985  Sun  
 204.  Jun 30 1985  Sun  
 205.  Jul 07 1985  Sun  
 206.  Jul 14 1985  Sun  
 207.  Jul 21 1985  Sun  
 208.  Jul 28 1985  Sun  
 209.  Aug 04 1985  Sun  
 210.  Aug 11 1985  Sun  
 211.  Aug 25 1985  Sun  
 212.  Sep 15 1985  Sun  Former co-hosts return, Brookwood Jr. High School pom pom squad

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