Foolish Heart is a series of interconnected stories of love and betrayal. Minor background characters from one episode turn out to be major characters in others, and no one actor appears in all 6 episodes (although Sarah Strange is seen in 5 of them, and is heard as an uncredited off-camera voice in the remaining show). The characters listed above as regulars all appeared in at least 3 of the show's 6 episodes.

The series aims for the feel of an anthology show, as individual episodes range from anguished dramas to flat out comic surrealism. As well, the reappearance of writer/director/star Ken Finkleman's George Findlay character marks Foolish Heart as a sequel of sorts to his earlier shows The Newsroom and More Tears, though there's no real on-screen attempt to explicitly link these shows together.

  Episode #     Prod #      Air Date   Titles
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Season 1

  1.   1- 1                 3 Mar 99   The Program
  2.   1- 2                10 Mar 99   Lena
  3.   1- 3                17 Mar 99   The Correct Decision
  4.   1- 4                24 Mar 99   Breathless
  5.   1- 5                 8 Sep 99   The Trial
  6.   1- 6                 8 Sep 99   The Critic

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Thanks to Rudyard Kennedy for this initial information for this guide.

The long delay after episode 4 was the result of a CBC labour dispute. The series was run in its entirety on the evenings of September 6, 7 and 8, 1999, with the two final episodes being seen for the first time on September 8.


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