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  Episode #     Prod #      Air Date   Titles
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• Season 1

1      1-01      101       06/Mar/99   Best Little Girl in the World, A Nymphoid Barbarian in Dinosaur Hell, Creepozoids 
2      1-02      102       13/Mar/99   Blue Grass, Jack-O, Head of the Family 
3      1-03      103       20/Mar/99   Casino, Preacherman, Teenage Catgirls in Heat 
4      1-04      104       27/Mar/99   The Boy in the Plastic Bubble, Caged Hearts, Capture of Bigfoot 
5      1-05      106       03/Apr/99   James at 15, Differnt Strokes, Twisted Justice 
6      1-06      107       10/Apr/99   The Girl Who Came Gift Wrapped, Surf Nazis Must Die, Desert Blues 
7      1-07      108       20/Jul/99   Hitler's SS: Portrait in Evil, Dead Dudes in the House, Scoring 
8      1-08      114       26/Jul/99   Like Normal People, Boiler Room, Decampitated 
9      1-09      109       03/Aug/99   Love Thy Neighbor, Skinheads, Dark Side of Midnight 
10     1-10      118       17/Aug/99   Kentucky Woman, Love Thrill Murders, Wizards of the Demon Sword 
11     1-11      120       24/Aug/99   Masterpiece of Murder, They Call Me Macho Woman, Blood Orgy of the She Devils 
12     1-12      121       31/Aug/99   Madonna: Lost Innocence, Elke's Erotic Nights, Intruder 
13     1-13      116       07/Sep/99   Sin of Innocence; G.I. Executioner; Scream, Baby, Scream 
14     1-14      122       28/Sep/99   Raiders from Outer Space, Beyond the Door II, Teenage Space Vampires 
15     1-15      111       25/Oct/99   Satan's School for Girls, Cave Girl Island, Blood Hook 
16     1-16      110       UNKNOWN     Too Good To Be True; Beware, Children at Play; Fowl Kill 
17     1-17      112       UNKNOWN     Honor Thy Father, Tomcat Angels, Fortress of Amerikkka 
18     1-18      113       UNKNOWN     Her Life As A Man, Doll Squad, Hideous! 
19     1-19      115       UNKNOWN     Mark of Zorro, Tunnels, Phantom Town 
20     1-20      119       UNKNOWN     Adventures of Robin Hood, Slave Girls From Beyond, Zarkorr the Invader 

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