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If you are new to this page, please skip down to the next paragraph. And if you've visited this page before you'll notice that the templates we had on this page have been replaced by the partnership with TV Tome. In this way you can add the data to TV Tome's database, without waiting for us to get around to double-checking your template submission and eventually getting it up on the site.

If you are interested in adding a guide to our site we are asking that it be done via TV Tome's database interface. Using the database method, the initial creation of the guide and any subsequent updates to the information can be made by you when you are able to do it. That way you don't have to wait for us to edit your submission and post it when we have the time.

Should you need any data from our site to get your guide started at TV Tome, i.e., the episode titles and air dates, please let the webmaster at TV Tome know, so that data can be imported in the TV Tome database. Then when the basic data is setup for your guide at TV Tome, we will add a link from our site over to TV Tome. That way the users of TV Tome and the users of epguides.com can both reap the benefits of the data. Granted, users at epguides.com are going to need to get used to seeing the data presented in a slightly different way.

If you have any comments or suggestions regarding this arrangement, please contact us via this link.

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