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• Season 1

1      1-01                25/Aug/00   What's Behind the Door in the Pyramid? 
2      1-02                01/Sep/00   Is It Really Noah's Ark? 
3      1-03                08/Sep/00   What Really Happened at Roswell? 
4      1-04                15/Sep/00   Is It the Burial Cloth of Jesus? [The Shroud of Turin] 
5      1-05                29/Sep/00   Secret Messages from Space? [Crop Circles] 
6      1-06                06/Oct/00   Is There Really Power in Prayer? 
7      1-07                13/Oct/00   America's Hidden Spaceport? [Area 51] 
8      1-08                27/Oct/00   Are End Time Warnings True? 
9      1-09                03/Nov/00   What Is So Mysterious About Easter Island? 
10     1-10                10/Nov/00   Golden Ark With Incredible Power? [Ark of the Covenant] 
11     1-11                17/Nov/00   The Mystery of Oak Island [Oak Island Treasure] 
12     1-12                24/Nov/00   Adam & Eve: Fact or Fiction? 
13     1-13                01/Dec/00   What Really Happened at Kecksburg? [Kecksburg UFO Crash] 
14     1-14                17/Dec/00   Did Jesus Really Exist and Perform Miracles? 
15     1-15                05/Jan/01   Is the Miracle of Christmas Really True? 
16     1-16                19/Jan/01   What Happened at Mesa Verde? 
17     1-17                26/Jan/01   Did Ancient Doctors Know More Than Us? 
18     1-18                02/Feb/01   What Really Happened at the Little Bighorn? 
19     1-19                09/Feb/01   Are Dolphins Smarter than Us? 
20     1-20                16/Feb/01   Was the Six Day War a Miracle? 
21     1-21                23/Feb/01   Jesus: The Lost Years 
22     1-22                16/Mar/01   Is There a Doomsday Asteroid? 
23     1-23                23/Mar/01   Could the Ancients See the Future? 
24     1-24                27/Apr/01   What Is Really on Mars? 
25     1-25                04/May/01   Bigfoot: Real Monster or Urban Myth 
26     1-26                18/May/01   What Is the Secret of the Bermuda Triangle? 
27     1-27                25/May/01   Time Travel: The Hidden Government Cover-up? 

• Season 2

28     2-01                07/Sep/01   Pearl Harbor, Day of Infamy or Deceit? / Butch Cassidy: Dead or Alive? 
29     2-02                14/Sep/01   Who Killed Lincoln? / Did the Walls of Jericho Fall Down? 
30     2-03                21/Sep/01   What Did Ancient Inventors Know? / What New Findings Are in the Bible Code? 
31     2-04                28/Sep/01   Can We Be Saved by the Light? / What Is the Secret of the Astonishing Coral Castle? 
32     2-05                05/Oct/01   Did Moses Part the Red Sea? / Who Are the Super Brain Kids? 
33     2-06                19/Oct/01   Sodom and Gomorrah: Did God Destroy the Cities of Sin? / What Caused the Dark Ages? 
34     2-07                02/Nov/01   Who Killed Princess Di? / Will We Be Left Behind? 
35     2-08                09/Nov/01   Which Mountain Is the Real Mt. Sinai? / How Old Is the Human Race? 
36     2-09                16/Nov/01   Who Killed Kennedy? / Was There a Miracle at Fatima? 
37     2-10                30/Nov/01   What Were the Phoenix Lights? / Was There a Noah's Flood? 
38     2-11                11/Jan/02   Where Are the POW's? / Did Jesus Really Walk the Earth? 
39     2-12                18/Jan/02   What Killed the Dinosaurs? / Where Are the Lost Bible Treasures? 
40     2-13                01/Feb/02   What's under the Ancient Sphinx? / Is the Story of the Tower of Babel True? 
41     2-14                08/Feb/02   What Brought Down TWA Flight 800? / What Do the Dead Sea Scrolls Tell Us? 
42     2-15                15/Feb/02   JFK, Jr: Accident or Assassination? / Do Animals Have a Sixth Sense? 
43     2-16                22/Feb/02   Will the Hospital Cure You or Kill You? / Has the Holy Grail Been Found? 
44     2-17                17/Mar/02   Did We Really Land a Man on the Moon? / Who Wrote the Bible? 
45     2-18                24/Mar/02   Who Killed Jimmy Hoffa? / Mary Magdelene: Saint or Sinner? 
46     2-19                31/May/02   Is Someone Altering the World's Weather? / What Sank the Unsinkable Titanic? 
47     2-20                07/Jun/02   Does Spontaneous Human Combustion Really Exist? / Is There a Curse on King Tut's Tomb? 
48     2-21                14/Jun/02   What Happened to Aviator Amelia Earhart? / Did the Bible Code Predict September 11? 
49     2-22                21/Jun/02   Will Global Warming Change Our Lives? / Have We Found the Garden of Eden? 
50     2-23                05/Jul/02   Where is the Lost Gold of the Incas? / Can Anyone Have an Angel Encounter? 
51     2-24                12/Jul/02   Has the Lost Colony of Roanoke Been Found? / Are the End Times Here? 
52     2-25                19/Jul/02   Are We Creating Killer Insects? / Are Crop Circles the Language of Aliens? 
53     2-26                07/Aug/02   Vince Foster - Suicide or Political Execution? / Were There Miracles Amidst the Mayhem of 911? 

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