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by Pam Mitchelmore

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aired from: Sep 1987 to: Jul 1993 144 eps, 6 unaired NBC 30 min stereo closed captioned


  • Jasmine Guy as Whitley Marion Gilbert-Wayne [ episodes 1 - 21; 23 - 144 ]
  • Kadeem Hardison as Dwayne Cleophus Wayne [ episodes 1 - 21; 23 - 144 ]
  • Dawnn Lewis as Jaleesa Vinson Taylor [ seasons 1 - 5 ]
  • Lisa Bonet as Denise Huxtable Kendall [ season 1 ]
  • Marisa Tomei as Maggie Lauten [ season 1 ]
  • Loretta Devine as Stevie Rallen [ episodes 1 - 9, 21 ]
  • Mary Alice as Lettie Bostic [ episodes 13 - 20; 23 - 44 ]
  • Vernee Watson-Johnson as Carla Meyers [ episode 22 only ]
  • Ted Ross as Dr. Harris [ episode 22 only ]
  • Darryl M. Bell as Ron Johnson [ seasons 2 - 6 ]
  • Charnele Brown as Kimberly Reese [ seasons 2 - 6 ]
  • Cree Summer as Winifred "Freddie" Brooks [ seasons 2 - 6 ]
  • Glynn Turman as Col. Bradford Taylor [ seasons 2 - 6 ]
  • Sinbad as Walter Oakes [ seasons 2 - 4 ]
  • Lou Myers as Vernon Gaines [ seasons 3 - 6 ]
  • Jada Pinkett as Lena James [ season 6 ]
  • Ajai Sanders as Gina Deveaux [ season 6 ]
  • Karen Malina White as Charmaine Tyesha Brown [ season 6 ]

    recurring characters:

  • Amir Williams as J.T. Rallen [ season 1 ]
  • Kim Wayans as Allison [ season 1 ]
  • Bee-Be Smith as Gloria [ season 1 ]
  • Marie-Alise Recasner as Millie [ season 1 ]
  • Diahann Carroll as Marion Gilbert [ seasons 2 - 6 ]
  • Rueben Grundy as Ernest Bennett [ season 3 ]
  • Dominic Hoffman as Julian Days [ seasons 3 - 4 ]
  • Patti LaBelle as Adele Wayne [ seasons 3 - 6 ]
  • Cory Tyler as Terrence Johann Taylor [ seasons 4 - 5 ]
  • Alisa Gyse-Dickens as Kinu Owens [ seasons 4 - 6 ]
  • Andrew Lowery as Matthew [ season 4 ]
  • Gary Dourdan as Shazza Zulu (Sylvester Simon) [ seasons 4 - 6 ]
  • Joe Morton as Byron Douglas III [ season 5 ]
  • Bumper Robinson as Dorian Heywood [ season 6 ]
  • Patrick Y. Malone as Terrell Walker [ season 6 ]
  • Jenifer Lewis as Dean Dorothy Dandridge Davenport [ season 6 ]
  • Michael Ralph as Spencer Boyer [ season 6 ]

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      1st Season 1987

    1. "Reconcilable Differences"
      gs: Don Reed [ Chip St. Charles ]

      rc: J.T.

      Denise Huxtable begins her sophomore year at Hillman and moves into Gilbert Hall. She meets her roommate, Jaleesa Vinson, a 26-year-old divorcée who is the subject of much rumor and innuendo. Denise feels uneasy around Jaleesa and asks Stevie Rallen, the resident director, to find her a new room. Denise decides to try harder to get along with Jaleesa, but Jaleesa is offended that Denise has gone behind her back. They get into an argument, and Denise moves in with wealthy Whitley Gilbert (for whose family the dormitory is named). Whitley drives Denise insane with her idiosyncrasies and generally self-absorbed behavior. Denise apologizes to Jaleesa and asks for another chance, and Jaleesa agrees to stop being so defensive. Meanwhile, overeager freshman Dwayne Wayne hits on every woman in sight.

      b: 24 Sep 87 pc: 11105 w: Thad Mumford and Lissa Levin d: Ellen Falcon

      NOTE: Marisa Tomei does not appear in this episode. Her character was introduced in the pilot (which became episode two), but this new first episode was produced to provide the audience with a more thorough introduction to the other characters, especially Jaleesa and Whitley.
    2. "Pilot"
      gs: Bill Cosby [ Dr. Cliff Huxtable ], Keshia Knight Pulliam [ Rudy Huxtable ], Todd Hallowell [ Cooper ]

      rc: Dr. Harris

      Jaleesa and Denise get a new roommate, talkative transfer student Maggie Lauten. Denise learns that the check for her dorm fees has bounced. To make matters worse, she had also covered Jaleesa's fees to repay her for an earlier favor. Denise and Jaleesa face eviction unless they can come up with 200 dollars by the next day. Denise cannot bring herself to ask her parents for help, as she is tired of being bailed out. When the dean of students realizes that Denise sincerely wants to take responsibilty for her actions, he helps her get a cafeteria job with an advance on her salary. Jaleesa takes delight in the fact that she is now Denise's boss.

      b: 1 Oct 87 pc: _______ w: John Markus, Carmen Finestra, Matt Williams d: Jay Sandrich
    3. "Porky de Bergerac"
      gs: Reggie Johnson [ Michael Oku ]

      rc: J.T., Allison, Gloria

      Denise and Maggie convince Jaleesa to run for dorm monitor to prevent Whitley from getting the position. As one of her campaign promises, Jaleesa vows to address the dorm's litter problem by forcing anyone who fails to pick up after herself to wear a pig nose for a day. Denise leaves pizza in the lounge overnight, and Jaleesa orders her to wear the nose. Denise is furious, as she has a date with a cute guy from her biology class that night. They have never talked in person (she asked him out over the phone), so she decides to postpone the date because she does not want to meet him under these circumstances. Dwayne fails to get a hold of the guy as promised, but Michael still wants to go out with Denise. He even dons a pig nose so that she will not feel self-conscious.

      b: 15 Oct 87 pc: 11306 w: Susan Fales d: Ellen Falcon
    4. "Those Who Can't...Tutor"
      gs: Don Reed [ Chip St. Charles ]

      rc: Ron, Walter, Allison, Gloria

      Dwayne offers to tutor Denise in calculus after she receives a D on a test. Denise believes that it is a scam, but Dwayne turns out to be an excellent tutor. They study for so long that Dwayne gets locked inside the dorm after curfew. He sneaks into Whitley's room while she is sleeping and climbs out the window. Stevie catches Dwayne coming down the fire escape, and Whitley suffers tremendous damage to her reputation. Dwayne refuses to tell the truth because he fears that Denise could be suspended. Stevie believes that Dwayne and Whitley are lying, and plans to report them to the dean. Denise interrupts and explains what really happened.

      b: 22 Oct 87 pc: 12008 w: Susan Fales d: Kim Friedman
    5. "War of the Words"
      gs: Keenen Ivory Wayans [ Professor Lawrence ], Damon Wayans [ Marvin Haven ], Dean Howell [ Mike ]

      rc: Allison, Gloria, Millie

      Maggie prepares to debate Whitley on the topic of whether women can balance a career and family life. She is distracted by a surprise visit from her boyfriend, Mike, who stuns her by revealing that he has left school to take a job with the National Pork Council. He asks Maggie to transfer to a school in Washington, D.C. to be near him, and proposes marriage. Maggie is so overwhelmed by her relationship crisis that Denise must take her place in the middle of the debate. She wins easily by detailing the way in which her parents have employed compromise to make their situation work. Maggie and Mike take her words to heart and decide to slow down their relationship. Meanwhile, Dwayne tries to get a permanent spot on campus radio after successfully filling in for an ailing disc jockey.

      b: 29 Oct 87 pc: 12211 w: Joe Gannon d: Ellen Falcon

      NOTE: Kim Wayans (Allison) acts alongside her brothers Keenen and Damon in this episode. The trio later appeared (along with younger brother Shawn) on In Living Color, a Fox sketch comedy series created by Keenen.
    6. "Rudy and the Snow Queen
      gs: Bill Cosby [ Dr. Cliff Huxtable ], Keshia Knight Pulliam [ Rudy Huxtable ], John Woodard [ Waiter ]

      rc: Allison, Gloria

      Denise's little sister Rudy comes to visit for the weekend. She surprises Denise by immediately hitting it off with Whitley. When Denise and Rudy find it impossible to sleep in the same bed, Whitley allows Rudy to stay in her room. Whitley teaches Rudy all of her beauty secrets, and the two become good friends. Rudy hurts Denise's feelings by spending all of her time with Whitley. Meanwhile, Jaleesa fears the worst after hearing that her sister went to dinner with Jaleesa's ex-husband. Jaleesa clears up the situation, then asks Whitley to stop monopolizing Rudy's time. Whitley tells Rudy a bedtime story about two sisters and a snow queen. Rudy understands the moral of the story and agrees to pay more attention to Denise.

      b: 5 Nov 87 pc: 12412 w: Cheryl Gard d: Ellen Falcon
    7. "Sometimes You Get the Bear, Sometimes the Bear Gets You"
      gs: Earle Hyman [ Russell Huxtable ], Arthur Adams [ Dr. Cordell Overby ], Mark Clayman [ Steve ], Duane Davis [ Derek ]

      rc: Ron, Walter

      Denise is apprehensive about a visit from her grandfather, as she fears that she cannot live up to his expectations. Jaleesa and Maggie ask Denise to take part in a traditional homecoming prank by stealing the head of the rival mascot's bear costume. (They would be the first women in Hillman history to accomplish this.) Denise initially turns them down because she does not want to disappoint her grandfather. She does not realize that Mr. Huxtable tried to steal the bear head in 1935, but was bested by a friend. He is still bitter about this, and bets his friend that he can pull off the feat. Denise decides to help her roommates after Whitley angers her by belittling the prank as "foolishness." Mr. Huxtable and the girls separately seek the assistance of Hillman mascot Dwayne, who distracts the guys assigned to guard the mascot. Denise and her grandfather simultaneously try to steal the mascot head; they realize they have misjudged each other. The girls leave the head in Whitley's bed as revenge for her earlier comments.

      b: 19 Nov 87 pc: 11709 w: Thad Mumford d: Ellen Falcon
    8. "If Chosen, I May Not Run"
      gs: Bill Cosby [ Dr. Cliff Huxtable ], Guy Killum [ Virgil ], Bonnie Broderick [ Girl ], Paris Vaughan [ Colette ] rc: Walter

      Denise shows potential as a sprinter during P.E. class, and the track coach asks her to come out for the team. She enjoys the attention she receives from her friends and other students, but cannot handle the grueling practices. She considers quitting until a star runner informs her that she is not the only one who hates practice; in fact, the entire team feels this way. Maggie desperately tries to track down an economics book that she needs for a term paper.

      b: 3 Dec 87 pc: 10101 w: Thad Mumford d: Ellen Falcon
    9. "Romancing Mr. Stone"
      gs: David Alan Grier [ Byron Walcott ]

      rc: J.T., Allison, Gloria

      Many of the girls become smitten with Byron Walcott, their handsome new geology professor. Professor Walcott's knowledge and enthusiasm for geology inspires Denise to develop a fascination for the subject. Although Denise mocks the other girls for their crushes on the professor, she also mistakes his attention for romantic interest. Stevie confronts Professor Walcott and accuses him of leading his students on. Dwayne witnesses their argument and suspects that they like each other. Denise feels like a fool for misreading Professor Walcott's intentions, but quickly gets over it. She plays matchmaker for Stevie and the professor. Maggie concludes that Americans require too much personal space; she gets on everyone's nerves by cutting down on her "body buffer zone."

      b: 10 Dec 87 pc: 11207 w: Scott Spencer Gorden and David Felton d: Ellen Falcon

      NOTE: This is Loretta Devine's final episode, although she also appears in 1.21, an earlier show that did not air until summer.
    10. "The Gift of the Magi"
      gs: Conroy Gedeon [ Mercer Gilbert ], Troy Beyer [ Monica Walters ]

      rc: Ron, Allison, Gloria, Millie

      Millie tells the other dorm residents that Whitley's parents are divorcing. Whitley tries to maintain a positive attitude, and looks forward to spending the holidays with her father in Switzerland. Mr. Gilbert stuns Whitley by introducing his new, much younger girlfriend; and springs the news that she will be coming along on their trip. Denise helps the devastated Whitley cope with the situation and try to come to an understanding with Monica. Jaleesa and Maggie continually rag on the gifts from their "secret Santas," unaware that they have come from each other. Dwayne arranges to become Denise's secret Santa, even though he is not from her dorm. Dwayne's friend Ron helps with his plan to woo Denise by acting as her man servant for the week.

      b: 17 Dec 87 pc: 12513 w: Susan Fales d: Ellen Falcon
    11. "Does He or Doesn't He?"
      gs: Claudette Wells [ Peggy Harley ]

      rc: Ron, Walter, Millie

      Dwayne annoys a graduate student with his stupid pick-up lines. She predicts that Dwayne would freak out if a woman actually responded to his advances, and decides to invite him to her apartment. Jaleesa takes bets from the entire dorm on Dwayne's possible reaction. Denise feels that Dwayne does not deserve this treatment, and warns him that he is being set up. Ron persuades Dwayne to go to Peggy's apartment and win her over with his charm. Denise and Walter try to convince Dwayne to be himself around women. Peggy realizes that Dwayne is a good guy and cannot follow through with the bet.

      b: 7 Jan 88 pc: 12614 w: Thad Mumford d: Ellen Falcon
    12. "Advise and Descent"
      gs: Kristoff St. John [ E.Z. Brooks ], Jeff Robie [ Mark ], Kevin Vavasseur [ Gregory ]

      rc: Ron, Allison, Gloria, Millie

      Denise volunteers for peer counseling duty during finals week. She proves to be a very good counselor, but uses the job as an excuse to put off a major history paper. Dwayne dislikes the head counselor, a laid-back surfer from California, because he suspects that he will put the moves on Denise. Whitley panics about an upcoming botany final; she had assumed that Millie's notes would be enough to carry her through the test. Dwayne and Ron express their discontent when the girls neglect their appearance while cramming for exams. The girls respond by holding an impromptu pageant in the dorm lounge to select "Miss Ugly America."

      b: 14 Jan 88 pc: 12715 w: Cheryl Gard d: Ellen Falcon

      NOTE: St. John guest-starred as Denise's boyfriend in a 1984 episode of The Cosby Show.
    13. "The Prime of Miss Lettie Bostic"
      gs: Ron O'Neal [ Quentin ], Kevin Vavasseur [ Gregory ]

      rc: Ron, Allison, Gloria, Millie

      Jaleesa fills in as resident director after Stevie leaves the university to get married (to Professor Walcott?). The students attend a lecture by Lettie Bostic, a renowned world traveler. Lettie dropped out of Hillman and moved to Paris, where she kept company with Picasso and other artistic icons and even worked as a spy during World War II. She confesses that she still regrets quitting school, so the dean offers to give her credit for "life experience" if she takes over as Gilbert's resident director. During a dorm meeting, Lettie immediately rubs the girls the wrong way with her blunt comments. Jaleesa, who is bitter about losing her leadership position, organizes a revolt in the hopes of driving Lettie away. Lettie covers for the girls when they break a television set, and both sides agree to be less abrasive.

      b: 21 Jan 88 pc: 13117 w: Thad Mumford and Susan Fales d: Ellen Falcon

      NOTE: Mary Alice joins the cast as Lettie Bostic. Ron O'Neal, who plays the dean, later took over the role of Whitley's father Mercer.
    14. "Wild Child"
      gs: Raymond St. Jacques [ Charles Moseley ], Katie Rich [ Cougar ], Kevin Vavasseur [ Gregory ]

      rc: Ron, Allison, Gloria, Millie

      Denise befriends Cougar, an extremely intelligent and creative student from her philosophy class. Cougar asks Denise to sneak her into the dorm for the night, claiming that her roommate has been letting an annoying boyfriend sleep over. Although she is supposed to stay on the couch, Cougar tries to use Whitley's room while Whitley is in the infirmary receiving treatment for a sprained ankle. Cougar gets caught, and Denise lashes out at her. Cougar reveals that she is not really a student at Hillman. She is an orphan who has been homeless since age 15, and started showing up for classes to increase her education. Dwayne and Denise ask Lettie to lobby the dean to enroll Cougar on scholarship, but Cougar initially balks at taking the SAT.

      b: 4 Feb 88 pc: 13016 w: David Felton d: Ellen Falcon
    15. "Dr. Cupid"
      gs: Zakes Mokae [ Marcus Mpepo ], Claudette Wells [ Peggy Harley ]

      rc: Ron, Millie

      Dwayne tries to use his radio show to get a Valentine's Day date. He invents a dream man named Darrell Walker in the hopes of eliciting attention from the ladies. Although everyone else realizes that Darrell is obviously Dwayne, Whitley decides to investigate. Ron and Millie hook up while serving as go-betweens. A long-lost flame surprises Lettie with a visit. The couple worked together to publish incendiary material about the South African government, but she rejected his marriage proposal because she could not sacrifice her dreams. Marcus leaves after an argument, but Denise gets him to come back by making a radio dedication in Lettie's name. Marcus explains to Lettie that he is not trying to win her back; he is happily married, and simply wanted to give her a photo of his daughter--whom he named after Lettie.

      b: 11 Feb 88 pc: 13218 w: Deanne Stillman d: Regge Life
    16. "The Show Must Go On"
      gs: Kenny Ransom [ Rick Evans ], Kevin Vavasseur [ Gregory ]

      rc: Ron, Millie

      Denise and Whitley earn lead roles in Maggie's play, a bizarre (and painfully long) adaptation of the story of Adam and Eve. Denise and Whitley vie for the affections of their leading man, who seems to thrive from the attention. When the girls learn that Rick already has a girlfriend, they allow their anger to affect their performances. Although the play ends abruptly after Whitley tries to strangle Rick, Maggie still receives rave reviews. Meanwhile, Dwayne and Ron struggle to design the sets without exceeding their 35 dollar budget.

      b: 18 Feb 88 pc: 13319 w: Gary Dontzig and Steven Peterman d: Kim Friedman
    17. "Mr. Hillman"
      gs: Don Reed [ Chip St. Charles ], James Anderson [ Frat Guy #1 ], Alice Arthur [ Girl #1 ], Loretta Chandler [ Girl #2 ], A.J. Johnson [ Girl #3 ], Rob Williams [ Frat Guy #2 ]

      rc: Ron, Walter, Allison, Gloria, Millie

      Whitley enters the Miss Hillman pageant in order to win the approval of her mother, a former pageant winner whom Whitley can never seem to please. Denise decides to fight the elitism of the pageant by convincing Dwayne to enter. The Gilbert Hall residents infuriate Whitley by backing Dwayne as their representantive in Miss Hillman. A fraternity sponsors Whitley; its members, along with other students, constantly mock Dwayne and play cruel pranks on him. Ron and Walter (a P.E. teacher/coach who is also Dwayne's resident director) encourage him to save face by dropping out of the pageant. Dwayne refuses, and declares that the harassment he has received has prompted him to reconsider the way he treats women. Although Whitley receives more votes than Dwayne, she loses badly to another girl. Lettie and Denise recognize her disappointment and urge her to live her own life, without worrying about her mother's opinion.

      b: 25 Feb 88 pc: 13520 w: Margo Kaufman d: Matthew Diamond
    18. "Speech Therapy"
      gs: Roscoe Lee Browne [ Professor Barnabus Foster ]

      rc: Ron, Gloria, Millie

      Jaleesa panics at the prospect of making a speech in front of her poetry class. The professor takes pity on her and allows her to substitute a paper for the speech, but suggests that she learn to take risks. Jaleesa stammers her way through the speech; Professor Foster congratulates her on her courage and gives her a B because her content offset the horrible presentation. Denise forgets to pay back some money she had borrowed from Maggie a month earlier. Instead of reminding Denise about the debt, Maggie privately obsesses over the matter. Whitley's humidifier breaks, and she cannot call a repairman without exposing the fact that she has an illegal appliance. Dwayne and Ron help her ship it out for repairs, only to get busted by Lettie. Lettie reveals that she knew about the device; it no longer worked because she had unplugged it.

      b: 10 Mar 88 pc: 10504 w: Cheryl Gard d: Ellen Falcon
    19. "Clair's Last Stand"
      gs: Phylicia Rashad [ Clair Huxtable ]

      rc: Ron, Millie

      Maggie and Denise plan a summer vacation in Greece. Denise realizes that her parents may not allow her to go, let alone agree to finance the trip, because of her terrible grades. She plans to soften up her mother during a weekend visit. Clair arrives at Hillman on her own after Denise fails to pick her up on time, and Lettie unwittingly fills her in on the trip. Clair refuses to let Denise go to Greece. She and Dr. Huxtable have decided to make Denise get a summer job, in the hopes that she might take her education seriously if she helps finance it. Denise believes that her parents consider her worthless, but Clair eases her mind. Jaleesa decides to join Maggie in Greece. Whitley fears that she will have to spend her birthday alone after Millie bails on her because of plans with Ron. She does not realize that Millie and Ron have thrown together a surprise party.

      b: 24 Mar 88 pc: 13722 w: Thad Mumford d: Tony Singletary
    20. "If Only for One Night"
      gs: Jill Ito [ Hostess ]

      rc: Ron, Millie

      During the last week of school, Denise accepts a date with Dwayne. She insists that they are only going out as friends, although her roommates note that Dwayne believes otherwise. Dwayne gets reservations at an expensive Japanese restaurant, but has to scramble for a way to pay for dinner after spending all his money on a suit. Whitley becomes despondent when she fails to get an internship in New York, as she must now spend her summer in Richmond with her judgmental mother. Whitley gives Dwayne forty dollars for dinner because she wants someone to find happiness. She shows up at the restaurant in the middle of the date and begins complaining about her problems. She shocks Denise and Dwayne with the revelation that she considers them her only true friends. Although Whitley offers to leave, Dwayne lets her cry on his shoulder and gives advice on how to deal with her mother. Denise is so touched by Dwayne's actions that she begins to see him in a new light. He reads her a poem he had written about his feelings for her. Denise dances with Dwayne outside the dorm and gives him a long kiss.

      b: 28 Apr 88 pc: 13421 w: Susan Fales d: Tony Singletary

      NOTE: From what I recall of the original broadcasts, this episode was the first season finale. The remaining two episodes aired out of order during the summer, if they aired at all.

      The series finished the season as the #2 show in the Nielsen ratings, behind parent show and lead-in The Cosby Show.

    21. "Come Back, Little Eggby"

      rc: J.T., Allison, Gloria

      As a class assignment, Maggie and Dwayne must care for eggs as if they were children. Maggie becomes extremely wrapped up in the project, and nearly skips her volleyball game because she is worried about the egg. She finally allows Jaleesa to watch the egg, as she is already babysitting Stevie's son J.T. Jaleesa leaves Whitley in charge while she helps Denise find a calculator, and the egg disappears. Maggie completely freaks out and puts up fliers around the campus. Stevie reminds Maggie that the egg is not a child; she states that real parents can also make their share of mistakes. Although Stevie is a good mother, she once lost track of J.T. in a department store. They discover that J.T. liked the egg so much that he had taken it to his room.

      b: 5 May 88 pc: 12110 w: Scott Spencer Gorden d: Ellen Falcon

      NOTE: This episode clearly aired out of order, given the fact that Stevie was still dorm mother. It also has a 1987 copyright date.
    22. "My Dinner With Theo"
      gs: Malcolm-Jamal Warner [ Theo Huxtable ], Keshia Knight Pulliam [ Rudy Huxtable ], Paris Vaughan [ Colette ], Diane Almeida [ Madeleine ], Phill Lewis [ Sam Lee ], Linda Hoy [ Waitress ]

      rc: Gloria

      Denise becomes depressed about her grades. To take her mind of her troubles, she calls her brother Theo and asks him to visit for the weekend. Theo, a high school senior, is considering applying to Hillman. He quickly makes friends on campus and has little time for Denise because of his busy social calendar. During an interview, the dean stresses that Hillman is a very difficult academic school. He warns Theo that his fun-filled weekend might be giving him the wrong impression. Denise later reiterates this over dinner; she was an excellent student in high school, and now is having trouble just passing her classes. She wants to take a semester off, but Theo encourages her to tough it out. Meanwhile, Maggie tries to write a letter to her boyfriend.

      b: 7 Jul 88 pc: 10303 w: Scott Spencer Gorden d: Ellen Falcon

      NOTE: Jasmine Guy and Kadeem Hardison are not included in the cast for this episode, while Ted Ross is credited as a regular in the role of Dean Harris. In addition, Vernee Watson-Johnson appears as yet another Gilbert resident director, Carla Meyers. This episode seems to have been filmed before the pilot, which already featured Loretta Devine as Stevie. The series obviously underwent some serious retooling before making it onto the air.

      This is the final episode for Lisa Bonet and Marisa Tomei. During the summer, Bonet learned that she and singer Lenny Kravitz were expecting a child, resulting in a severe shake-up on the show. Bonet returned to The Cosby Show, where she could assume a background role throughout her pregnancy. In what was considered a stunning upset, Tomei won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress in 1992 for her work in My Cousin Vinny.

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    A Different World (2nd Season Episode Guide)

    2nd Season 1988

    1. "Dr. War is Hell"

      As the school year begins, Dwayne faces the prospect of taking a calculus class from Col. Taylor, a tough professor nicknamed "Dr. War." He fears that Col. Taylor could expose his academic success as a fluke and destroy his dreams of becoming an engineer, so he asks Walter to help him get into another section. Walter believes that Dwayne could thrive under Col. Taylor's tutelage, and asks the professor to talk to him. Col. Taylor manages to change Dwayne's mind and convince him to enroll in his class. Whitley meets new roommate Kim Reese, a headstrong freshman who plans to become a doctor. Whitley hopes to intimidate Kim and drive her to another room, but finds it impossible to break her. Jaleesa's cheerful freshman roommate, Freddie Brooks, develops a massive crush on Dwayne.

      b: 6 Oct 88 pc: 201 w: Thad Mumford d: Debbie Allen

      NOTE: Charnele Brown, Cree Summer and Glynn Turman join the cast, and Darryl M. Bell and Sinbad become official cast members. From 1978 to 1984, Turman was married to Aretha Franklin, who began singing the show's theme song this season.
    2. "Two Gentlemen of Hillman"
      gs: Luise Heath [ Dr. Mason ], Kelly Jo Minter [ Charisse ], Phill Lewis [ Sam Lee ], Lisa Todd [ Noel ], Tracy Lee Harrison [ Suzanne Taylor ]

      rc: Mr. Gaines

      Dwayne pairs with irresponsible Ron to write a philosophy paper. Ron refuses to do his share of the work, instead purchasing a ten-year-old paper. Dwayne is furious, particularly because he turned down an offer from a good student in order to work with Ron. Jaleesa warns Dwayne that his comments about Ron may have been too harsh. In spite of his reservations, Dwayne decides to show his loyalty to Ron by using the old paper. Ron discovers that Whitley bought the same paper, and he and Dwayne are forced to work all weekend to finish the project. Ron later learns that Whitley never bought a paper; she helped Dwayne with a scam to trick Ron into actually working. Kim gets a job at campus hangout The Pit. Freddie is rejected by dozens of potential employers, but vows to keep trying.

      b: 13 Oct 88 pc: 202 w: Susan Fales d: Debbie Allen

      NOTE: Mary Alice, Glynn Turman and Sinbad do not appear in this episode.
    3. "Some Enchanted Late Afternoon"
      gs: Frank Renzuili [ Enrico ], Eugene Williams [ Frat Guy ]

      Walter asks Jaleesa on a date. She refuses because she is involved in a long-distance relationship. She finally agrees to join him for dinner, with the stipulation that they are just friends. Jaleesa has a great time with Walter and even shares a slow dance with him. However, she still refuses to break up with her boyfriend. Dwayne and Ron start a wake-up service.

      b: 27 Oct 88 pc: 203 w: Rob Edwards d: Debbie Allen

      NOTE: Glynn Turman does not appear in this episode.
    4. "Dream Lover"
      gs: LaRita Shelby [ Leslie Wilkins ], Don Barnes [ Guy ]

      During a party celebrating the end of midterms, Dwayne finds himself attracted to Whitley. She agrees to dance with him, but runs out after he grabs her ass. Whitley is disturbed by an erotic dream about Dwayne, for which Kim teases her mercilessly. Whitley daydreams about Dwayne in the computer lab. After he helps her retrieve a file, she kisses him without thinking. Dwayne believes that Whitley is the secret admirer who sent him brownies and a poetry book; he becomes convinced that she wants him. Kim saves him from humiliation by revealing that Freddie sent the gifts. Whitley confesses to Lettie that she is a virgin. Lettie assures her that she has no reason to be embarrassed, and says that she shouldn't read too much into dreams. When Freddie offers to bow out, Whitley melodramatically declares that she will step aside and let Freddie have Dwayne.

      b: 3 Nov 88 pc: 205 w: Alicia Marie Schudt d: Debbie Allen

      NOTE: Glynn Turman and Sinbad do not appear in this episode.
    5. "Three Girls Three"
      gs: Gladys Knight [ Herself ], Sharon Brown [ Angela Atkins ], LaRita Shelby [ Leslie Wilkins ]

      Whitley and Jaleesa team up for an audition to sing backup at an upcoming Gladys Knight concert on campus. They ask Angela, an aspiring opera singer, to join them. After Whitley and Jaleesa improve Angela's stage presence and teach her how to sing popular music, she turns into an insufferable diva. They throw her out of the group, but she forms her own trio and wins the audition. Whitley goes nuts and tries to attack Angela, embarrassing herself in front of Gladys Knight in the process. Jaleesa and Whitley realize they should have followed their instincts and tried out as a duo. They imagine what it might have been like to sing with Gladys. Meanwhile, Freddie tries to work up the nerve to ask Dwayne to the concert.

      b: 10 Nov 88 pc: 206 w: Jeffrey Duteil d: Debbie Allen

      NOTE: Gladys Knight performs "Love Overboard" with Jasmine Guy and Dawnn Lewis. Mary Alice, Glynn Turman and Sinbad do not appear in this episode.
    6. "If You Like Pilgrim Coladas"
      gs: Michael DeLorenzo [ Ramon Duarte ], Carlos Lacamara [ Waiter ], Lewis Dix Jr. [ Kim's Dance Partner ], V.C. Dupree [ Jerk at Bar ]

      rc: Mr. Gaines

      Whitley and Kim stay at the dorm for Thanksgiving. Depressed by the thought of Thanksgiving dinner at the Pit, they decide to go out. Kim uses a fake ID to get them into a club. Whitley does not realize that the waiter served them non-alcoholic drinks; she ends up performing a number and dancing on the bar. Kim spots Col. Taylor in the crowd and tries to warn Whitley. Col. Taylor helps Whitley fight off an overzealous admirer. Although he confiscates Kim's fake ID, he doesn't report them to Lettie because he feels there is no harm in blowing off a little steam. Walter hopes to get closer to Jaleesa as he drives her home for Thanksgiving. His plans are thwarted when Freddie and Dwayne join them in the car, but Jaleesa later gives him the good news that she broke up with her boyfriend.

      b: 17 Nov 88 pc: 207 w: Margie Peters d: Debbie Allen

      NOTE: Darryl M. Bell does not appear in this episode. Jasmine Guy performs "Twist and Shout," and Michael DeLorenzo sings "La Bamba."
    7. "A Stepping Stone"
      gs: Leila Danette [ Ms. Pruitt ], Kelly Jo Minter [ Charisse ], Jaime Cardriche [ Winston "The Meat Locker" Woodson ], Tracy Lee Harrison [ Suzanne Taylor ], Eartha Robinson [ Libby Hall Step Captain ], Lance Reed [ Football Player ]

      Whitley choreographs Gilbert Hall's step routine for a competition during homecoming festivities. She annoys everyone with her pushy attitude, and team captain Jaleesa throws her off the squad for insulting the rhythmless Freddie. Whitley reconsiders her behavior following a meeting with her childhood idol, a respected 92-year-old alumnus who never married and is completely friendless. Walter blackmails Dwayne into tutoring the football team's star offensive lineman, "The Meat Locker," for a math test that he must pass to remain eligible for the big game.

      b: 1 Dec 88 pc: 204 w: Cheryl Gard d: Debbie Allen

      NOTE: Glynn Turman does not appear in this episode.
    8. "Life With Father"
      gs: Tracy Lee Harrison [ Suzanne Taylor ], Phill Lewis [ Sam Lee ]

      Dwayne believes that he may have found love with his new girlfriend, Suzanne. He reconsiders the relationship when he learns that her father is Col. Taylor. After seeing Dwayne with Suzanne, Freddie vows to change her "cute" image and make herself more alluring to men. She turns to Whitley for a complete makeover, but decides she would rather be herself.

      b: 8 Dec 88 pc: 209 w: Cheryl Gard d: Debbie Allen

      NOTE: Mary Alice does not appear in this episode.
    9. "All's Fair"
      gs: Roscoe Lee Browne [ Professor Barnabus Foster ], Brian Wesley Thomas [ Robert ], Jaime Cardriche [ Winston "The Meat Locker" Woodson ], LaRita Shelby [ Leslie Wilkins ], Maurice Davis [ Randall Adams ]

      Kim begins spending a lot of time in her dorm room with her boyfriend, Robert. Whitley tries to be understanding, and sets up a system to allow the couple some privacy. However, she quickly grows tired of being locked out of her own room and quarrels with Kim. She notes that Robert's bed is vacant and decides to move into his room (with Dwayne). Kim goes to the guys' dorm to retrieve Whitley, and they agree that they deserve each other. Freddie edits a poetry magazine, but her harsh critiques make her unpopular with classmates.

      b: 15 Dec 88 pc: 208 w: Rob Edwards d: Debbie Allen

      NOTE: Darryl M. Bell, Mary Alice and Glynn Turman do not appear in this episode. During their poker game, Dwayne, Robert and Randall offer imitations of series creator Bill Cosby.
    10. "Radio Free Hillman"
      gs: Rosalind Cash [ Dean Hughes ], Maurice Davis [ Randall Adams ], Theo Forsett [ Ernie ], LaRita Shelby [ Leslie Wilkins ], J. Lamont Pope [ Guy #1 ], Michael Whaley [ Guy #2 ], Angela Teek [ Girl ]

      rc: Mr. Gaines

      Ron slips Dwayne a bootlegged copy of a new rap album, which he immediately puts on the air. The dean pulls the plug on Dwayne's show because of the explicit content of one of the songs. Dwayne and other students conduct a sit-in at the administration building to protest the censorship of student media. After listening to the rest of the tape, Dwayne concludes that he should not have played material without listening to it beforehand. The dean does not punish the protesters. She suspends Dwayne from the airwaves for a month, but allows him to hold a special tribute show for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday.

      b: 5 Jan 89 pc: 211 w: Jeffrey Duteil d: Debbie Allen

      NOTE: A recording of Dawnn Lewis singing "You Will Never Walk Alone" plays during the Martin Luther King tribute show. Dean Hughes insists that the "Dapper D" song could not be played on any radio station because its content violates FCC regulations. However, around the same time that this episode aired, rapper Tone Loc had a smash hit with the much raunchier "Wild Thing."
    11. "It Happened One Night"
      gs: Brian Wesley Thomas [ Robert ]

      Kim refuses to take calls from Robert, and simply tells her friends that they had a fight. She confesses to Whitley that she may be pregnant. Whitley offers her complete support, and even sacrifices her car by loaning it to Freddie to prevent her from pestering Kim. Robert explains his predicament to Walter; he made the situation worse by suggesting that Kim get an abortion. Walter tells Robert to give Kim some space, but he sneaks into the girls' dorm with Dwayne. Robert apologizes for his initial reaction and asks Kim to marry him. They decide to wait until after her doctor's appointment before considering such a big step. Kim is relieved to learn that she is not pregnant, and endures a stern lecture from Lettie.

      b: 12 Jan 89 pc: 210 w: Susan Fales and Margie Peters d: Debbie Allen

      NOTE: Darryl M. Bell does not appear in this episode.
    12. "I've Got the Muse in Me"
      gs: Maurice Davis [ Randall Adams ]

      rc: Mr. Gaines

      Freddie grapples with writer's block as she works on a creative writing assignment. Kim encourages her to take a break and come to a party, which Dwayne and Ron have organized in honor of a popular rib joint's final night in business. Whitley has resolved to eat only healthy foods, but finds herself tempted by the ribs. Freddie gets drunk and claims to have rediscovered her "muse." After Walter breaks up the party, she steals some booze and ends up passed out in the library. She awakes with a hangover the next morning and discovers that the paper she wrote while drunk is terrible. Walter lies about his culinary abilities to impress Jaleesa. Lettie and Mr. Gaines try to teach him to cook to ensure that his dinner with Jaleesa isn't a total disaster.

      b: 26 Jan 89 pc: 212 w: Bud Wiser d: Debbie Allen

      NOTE: Glynn Turman does not appear in this episode. The writing credit is obviously a joke. I do not know who actually wrote the episode.
    13. "Risky Business"
      gs: Phylicia Rashad [ Clair Huxtable ], Tempestt Bledsoe [ Vanessa Huxtable ], Malcolm-Jamal Warner [ Theo Huxtable ], Robert Hooks [ Phillip Dalton ], Elizabeth Narvaez [ Kara ], Maurice Davis [ Randall Adams ], Hugh W. Allen [ Quincy ], Pierre Manasse [ Waiter ]

      Clair Huxtable attends the Hillman job fair to conduct a seminar on business etiquette. She brings teenage daughter Vanessa and a friend in the hopes of convincing Vanessa to attend Hillman. (She and Dr. Huxtable would like to have a child actually graduate from their alma mater.) Dwayne has a disastrous interview with the Kinishewa electronics company. Clair agrees to lobby the company rep--a longtime friend who is attracted to her--on Dwayne's behalf. Vanessa and Kara ditch Whitley and Jaleesa so that they can cruise the campus alone. The girls lie about their age and identity and convince Dwayne and Ron to take them out. The foursome runs into Clair and Phillip at a restaurant. A fuming Clair drags the girls away, and Dwayne gets his internship.

      b: 2 Feb 89 pc: 213 w: Cheryl Gard d: Debbie Allen

      NOTE: Charnele Brown, Cree Summer, Mary Alice, Glynn Turman and Sinbad do not appear in this episode. When Dwayne asks Ron to name the campus computer expert (meaning Dwayne), Ron replies, "Thad Mumford?" Mumford is a co-executive producer.

      Phylicia Rashad and director Debbie Allen are sisters.

    14. "Breaking Up Is Hard to Do"
      gs: Tracy Lee Harrison [ Suzanne Taylor ], Matthew Dickens [ Singer #1 ], Rory Nix [ Singer #2 ], Darryl Tribble [ Singer #3 ]

      rc: Mr. Gaines

      Dwayne gives Suzanne an expensive ring for Valentine's Day. She returns it to him and asks for some space, which drives him crazy. She later breaks up with him, as she is not ready for a serious relationship. Dwayne gives Whitley some chocolates to thank her for her advice and support. She has been stood up by her date, so she goes to a movie with him. As a prank, Jaleesa calls Walter and impersonates a Jamaican woman named Sheila. Walter accepts a date with Sheila, and Jaleesa plans to bust him for cheating on her. However, he turns the tables by donning a dreadlock wig and bringing in a group of guys to sing, "Jaleesa is Sheila, Sheila is Jaleesa!" Kim learns that Robert, who is away in England for six months, is cheating on her.

      b: 9 Feb 89 pc: 216 w: Mike Scott and Daryl G. Nickens d: Debbie Allen

      NOTE: Darryl M. Bell and Mary Alice do not appear in this episode.
    15. "For She's Only a Bird in a Gilded Cage"
      gs: Dominic Hoffman [ Kent Souje ], James Randolph [ Avery Hobson ]

      rc: Mr. Gaines, Marion

      Whitley experiences anxiety about a visit from her mother, Marion, who is obsessed with finding her daughter a husband. She criticizes Whitley for paying more attention to academics and potential jobs than the hunt for a mate. Whitley is pleased to receive a phone call from a handsome childhood acquaintance, who is now enrolled in medical school. She soon learns that her mother got the guy's phone number and encouraged him to date Whitley. Whitley embarrasses Marion by storming out during an important function, and later calls her mother to task for her behavior. However, Marion doesn't understand what she has done wrong. Freddie goes all out to implement a new campus recycling program.

      b: 23 Feb 89 pc: 217 w: Susan Fales d: Debbie Allen

      NOTE: Sinbad does not appear in this episode. Dominic Hoffman later had a recurring role as Whitley's boyfriend Julian.

      For her work in this episode, Diahann Carroll was nominated for an Emmy as Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy.

    16. "It's Greek to Me"
      gs: Phill Lewis [ Sam Lee ], Maurice Davis [ Randall Adams ], Don Reed [ Chip St. Charles ], Brandon Adams [ Tino ], Mayah McCoy [ Kelly ]

      Ron and Dwayne pledge a fraternity. Ron thoroughly enjoys the experience, while Dwayne grows tired of having the "brothers" push him around. They convince Whitley to charm a member who has a crush on her and find out their chances of gaining entry to the house. Whitley informs Dwayne that they are a shoo-in, but he has decided to drop out. Whitley reminds him that Ron may leave him behind if he joins the fraternity alone. Dwayne shows Ron his support by helping him put on a show for underprivileged youth (which he must complete to ensure his membership). They decide that they can maintain their friendship despite their different interests.

      b: 2 Mar 89 pc: 215 w: Jeffrey Duteil d: Debbie Allen

      NOTE: Mary Alice, Glynn Turman and Sinbad do not appear in this episode.
    17. "The Thing About Women"
      gs: Thomas Mikal Ford [ Lamar Collins ], Frank S. Jenkins [ Dr. Abbott ]

      rc: Mr. Gaines

      Jaleesa accepts a dinner invitation from her ex-husband, Lamar. Walter pretends that he is okay with this, but is secretly jealous. All of the girls fawn over the handsome and suave Lamar when he arrives to pick up Jaleesa (including Whitley, who had been ranting about what a dog he was). Walter shows up to meet his competition, and is hurt when Jaleesa calls him a "friend." Lamar claims to be a changed man and seeks a reconciliation. Jaleesa is extremely wary; she storms out after he reveals that he is living with a woman, whom he hopes to dump for Jaleesa. Although Walter responds sarcastically to Jaleesa's apology, they later work out their differences.

      b: 9 Mar 89 pc: 214 w: Rob Edwards d: Debbie Allen

      NOTE: Darryl M. Bell and Mary Alice do not appear in this episode.
    18. "High Anxiety"
      gs: BeBe Drake-Massey [ Velma Gaines ]

      rc: Mr. Gaines

      Kim becomes overwhelmed by her hectic schedule, as she tries to balance pre-med courses with work and extracurricular activities. She also obsesses over her grades, suffering from nightmares about getting too many B's to make it into medical school. She buys a datebook and tries to plan every moment of her day, ignoring her friends' warnings that her lack of sleep could endanger her health. Kim finally agrees to cut back on her activities after fainting in the Pit. Mr. Gaines quarrels with his wife over the presence of their grown son, whom he wants to throw out of the house. Mr. Gaines crashes at Col. Taylor's place after Velma kicks him out, and quickly wears out his welcome.

      b: 16 Mar 89 pc: 218 w: Thad Mumford d: Debbie Allen

      NOTE: Darryl M. Bell and Sinbad do not appear in this episode.
    19. "Take This Job and Love It"
      gs: Maurice Davis [ Randall Adams ], Damon Whitaker [ Ron's Barber ]

      rc: Mr. Gaines

      Whitley hits Mr. Gaines' car, causing nearly $1000 in damage. She is afraid to ask her father for the money because she fears that he will take her car away. Kim helps her get a job at the Pit to fund the repairs. Whitley initally annoys Mr. Gaines with her incompetence, but soon impresses him with a series of innovative suggestions that help boost profits. Kim feels insecure, as she is no longer Mr. Gaines' favorite employee. Ron endures campus-wide embarrassment after a classmate gives him a terrible haircut.

      b: 23 Mar 89 pc: 219 w: Yvette Denise Lee d: Debbie Allen

      NOTE: Mary Alice and Sinbad do not appear in this episode.
    20. "No Means No"
      gs: Taimak [ Garth Parks ], Gretchen Palmer [ Tammy ], Lisa Canning [ Girl ]

      rc: Mr. Gaines

      Freddie falls for Garth Parks, a handsome and intelligent baseball star. Teammate Dwayne backs out of a date to the dance with Freddie so that she can go with Garth. However, Dwayne is disturbed when Garth shares details of a past incident with a woman. Dwayne describes the story to Walter, who confirms that it should be considered date rape. When Dwayne tries to dissuade Freddie from dating Garth, she accuses him of jealousy. Garth takes Freddie to an observation point and tries to force himself on her, but Dwayne comes to the rescue. Freddie and the other victim make statements to the police and help put Garth behind bars.

      b: 30 Mar 89 pc: 220 w: Margie Peters d: Debbie Allen

      NOTE: Darryl M. Bell and Glynn Turman do not appear in this episode.
    21. "Citizen Wayne"
      gs: Rev. Jesse Jackson [ Himself ], Khandi Alexander [ Theressa Stone ], Eartha Robinson [ Theressa's Friend ], David P. Lewis [ Security #1 ], Rif Hutton [ Security #2 ], N.B.M. Party a.k.a. Jackson Action Rappers [ Themselves ]

      rc: Mr. Gaines

      Dwayne runs for student council president. Although he has good ideas about scholarships and ways to fund student activities, no one will listen to him. They prefer the approach of his opponent, who only talks about parties. Rev. Jesse Jackson comes to the university for a lecture and stays with Col. Taylor. Ron tries to win votes by printing posters that imply that Dwayne has Rev. Jackson's endorsement. Dwayne apologizes to Rev. Jackson and plans to drop out of the race. Rev. Jackson encourages Dwayne to keep fighting; even if he loses, he can present his message to the students. Jaleesa and Kim struggle to find a present for Freddie's 18th birthday, but she seems to beat them to the punch on every gift idea.

      b: 27 Apr 89 pc: 221 w: Mike Scott and Daryl G. Nickens d: Debbie Allen

      NOTE: Sinbad does not appear in this episode.
    22. "There's No Place Like Home"
      gs: Frank S. Jenkins [ Dr. Abbott ]

      rc: Mr. Gaines

      Dwayne and Ron plan to rent a beautiful apartment for the next school year. They can no longer afford the place after Ron's father cuts back on his allowance because of his slipping grades. They are forced to rent a dump that is managed by Velma Gaines. Dwayne and Ron throw a housewarming party and decide that their new apartment will work out. Walter looks forward to a summer of freedom, until Jaleesa announces that she has received a promotion and can visit more often than expected. They agree to spend time apart to "sow wild oats." Whitley plans to work at a museum all summer, but feels guilty because she would rather join her mother on a cruise. Dwayne encourages her to have fun, as there will be plenty of time to work and act responsibly in the future. Dwayne and Whitley begin to show an interest in each other.

      b: 4 May 89 pc: 222 w: Lynn Bunt and Lenore G. Bunt d: Debbie Allen

      NOTE: This is Mary Alice's last episode.

      The series finished the year #3 in the Nielsen ratings, trailing The Cosby Show and Roseanne.

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    A Different World (3rd Season Episode Guide)

    3rd Season 1989

    1. "Strangers on a Plane"
      gs: Stephanie E. Williams [ Barbara ], Hugh W. Allen [ Quincy Lee Tolleson ], LaLanya Masters-Abner [ Eva ]

      rc: Ernest

      Dwayne and Whitley run into each other on a flight back to school. Whitley finds that Dwayne has changed over the summer, as he is dressed in an expensive suit and seems to have matured during his successful internship at Kinishewa. Dwayne comforts Whitley when the plane experiences turbulence. Whitley kisses Dwayne in front of her entire dorm, prompting much teasing from her friends. Each insists that they are only friends. Whitley goes to Dwayne's apartment to see him, but is turned off when she finds him dancing like an idiot at a party. The residents of Gilbert Hall struggle to adjust to the fact that the dorm is now coed. Walter is the resident director, with Jaleesa as resident assistant.

      b: 21 Sep 89 pc: 301 w: Thad Mumford d: Chris Hibler

      NOTE: Lou Myers officially joins the cast as Vernon Gaines. Myers and Glynn Turman do not appear in this episode.
    2. "The Heat Is On"
      gs: Ron Mokwena [ Mbubunni ]

      rc: Ernest

      Whitley has yet to take a basic math course that is required for graduation. She reluctantly enrolls in Col. Taylor's class, and he tries to help her overcome her fear of the subject. Dwayne and Ron clash over finances. Dwayne believes that Ron spends money too freely, while Ron accuses him of being a cheapskate.

      b: 12 Oct 89 pc: 302 w: Susan Fales d: Debbie Allen
    3. "The Hat Makes the Man"
      gs: Hugh W. Allen [ Quincy Lee Tolleson ], Alison Taylor [ Girl ], Thom Keane [ Leone ], Viva Vinson [ Janetta ], Akosua Busia [ Girl in Dorm ]

      rc: Ernest

      Walter and Jaleesa celebrate the anniversary of their first date, but are distracted by conflicts over dorm discipline. Walter allows a shy male student to let his girlfriend stay overnight before she ships out with the Navy. When Jaleesa disagrees and recommends that Quincy be punished, Walter pulls rank on her. They argue during their anniversary dinner, and she winds up storming out of the restaurant. The girls accuse Walter of a double standard; they refuse to vacate Quincy's room until Walter either punishes him or agrees to let them have guys stay over. Whitley demands only the return of her high-powered hair dryer, which has been blamed for many power outages. Walter orders Quincy to appear before the dorm council, and establishes measures to prevent further instances of sexism. Dwayne and Freddie take procrastination to a new level while collaborating on a research paper.

      b: 19 Oct 89 pc: 303 w: Cheryl Gard d: Debbie Allen

      NOTE: Darryl M. Bell does not appear in this episode.
    4. "To Have and Have Not"
      gs: Rosalind Cash [ Dean Hughes ], James Avery [ The Pin Punisher ], Norman Nixon [ Norm ], Brandon Adams [ Dion ], Charon Aldredge [ Corrine ]

      rc: Ernest

      Walter convinces many of the students to volunteer at a community center. Whitley teaches ballet to the children and becomes friends with a young boy named Dion, who claims to be dirt poor. Whitley's wallet is stolen, and she is stunned to learn that Dion was the culprit. He exaggerated the extent of his poverty and took advantage of Whitley's kindness. Whitley does not want to return to the center, but Walter insists that the kids need a positive influence if they are to escape from the streets. Whitley continues with her teaching, and refuses to give up on Dion. Walter's duties keep him away from his bowling team, so Col. Taylor agrees to step in. When he turns out to be terrible, Mr. Gaines and the other team members try to find a way to oust him.

      b: 26 Oct 89 pc: 304 w: Kevin Kelton d: Debbie Allen

      NOTE: Darryl M. Bell does not appear in this episode. Norm Nixon is a former NBA star and the husband of producer/director Debbie Allen.
    5. "Forever Hold Your Peace"
      gs: Phylicia Rashad [ Clair Huxtable ], Joseph C. Phillips [ Martin Kendall ], Raven-Symone [ Olivia Kendall ]

      rc: Denise

      Dwayne drives Whitley to New York for her father's wedding. He drops in on the Huxtables, hoping to rekindle his relationship with Denise and convince her to return to Hillman. Denise sends him reeling with the news that she married a Naval lieutenant during a sojourn to Africa, and is the stepmother of a three-year-old girl. Whitley becomes depressed about her father's marriage. She believes that he will forget her as he starts a family with his new wife. Dwayne and Whitley compare notes about their personal crises. They get caught in a blizzard, and Whitley's car suffers a flat tire. She and Dwayne huddle in the back seat and continue to comfort each other. They begin kissing, but are jarred back to reality by the tow truck's arrival.

      b: 2 Nov 89 pc: 307 w: Susan Fales d: Debbie Allen

      NOTE: Sinbad, Glynn Turman and Lou Myers do not appear in this episode.
    6. "Delusions of Daddyhood"
      gs: Heavy D & the Boyz (Dwight "Heavy D" Myers, Eddie "Eddie F" Ferrell, Glen "G-Whiz" Parrish, Troy "Trouble T-Roy" Dickson) [ Themselves ], Theresa Randle [ Elizabeth James ], Isaac Gordon [ Isaac James ]

      rc: Ernest

      Ron takes a liking to his study partner, Elizabeth; and is surprised to learn that she has a 13-month-old son. He is unsure about getting involved, but quickly bonds with the child. Believing that the boy needs a positive male role model, Ron tries a little too hard to step in and become a father figure. Dwayne arranges a performance by his old friends Heavy D & the Boyz for a charity concert. Whitley, who had hoped to bring in an opera company, organizes an anti-rap protest. She makes a fool of herself by espousing her views to Heavy D, unaware of his identity. Heavy eventually wins Whitley over, and the gang joins him onstage to dance during the show.

      b: 9 Nov 89 pc: 309 w: Yvette Lee d: Debbie Allen

      NOTE: Heavy D & the Boyz perform "Somebody for Me."
    7. "Wedding Bells From Hell"
      gs: Albert Hall [ Chaplain ], Ann Weldon [ Velma Gaines ]

      Walter wins a free Hawaiian honeymoon from a car wash, so he asks Jaleesa to marry him. Although she is uncertain, she eventually says yes. They plan to wed in two weeks. Jaleesa fears they are rushing and wants to call the whole thing off, but Walter reassures her. During the ceremony, they simultaneously announce that they don't want to get married; Jaleesa believes their interests are too different, while Walter can't fathom a lifetime commitment. They promise to remain friends, even though they will no longer date. Whitley enlists Dwayne's help in planning the wedding. She changes the subject whenever he tries to confess his attraction to her. Dwayne finally pulls Whitley into a kiss, which nearly causes her to faint. He asks her out after the wedding, but she is not ready for a relationship.

      b: 16 Nov 89 pc: 310 w: Adriana Trigiani d: Debbie Allen
    8. "Great Expectations"
      gs: Richard Roundtree [ Clinton Reese ], Galyn Gorg [ Melissa Swazey ], Alison Taylor [ Girl ], Tanya Boyd [ Col. Taylor's Former Student ], Marjean Holden [ Nikki ]

      Kim and Freddie plan to spend homecoming weekend at Freaknic, a music festival in Washington, D.C. Kim's policeman father calls and announces that he is coming to town for homecoming; he forbids her to go to the concert. Kim decides to go anyway, and asks Whitley to distract her father. When Kim returns, Mr. Reese yells at her and threatens to make her transfer to a hometown school. She insists that she is a responsible 19-year-old who should be allowed to make her own decisions, but her father restricts her to the house for the rest of her vacations. Whitley tries to convince Kim that she is lucky to have someone who cares enough to yell at her, as Whitley seldom received attention from her parents as a child. Ron and Dwayne face a dilemma when each brings a girl back to the apartment.

      b: 30 Nov 89 pc: 305 w: Yvette Denise Lee d: Debbie Allen
    9. "Answered Prayers"
      gs: Richard Roundtree [ Clinton Reese ], Al Fann [ Diner Employee ], Ron Mokwena [ Mbubunni ], Peggy Mannix [ Nurse ]

      rc: Ernest

      Kim learns that her father has been shot in the line of duty. Whitley drives her to Ohio to see him, with Dwayne and Freddie along for moral support. Kim visits her father's hospital room and makes peace with him. After Mr. Reese begins to recover, Whitley, Dwayne and Freddie have to race back to campus for midterms. Freddie reveals that she had been unsure of the existence of God until she prayed at Kim's request; having her prayer answered was a life-changing experience. She questions her newfound faith after Mr. Reese experiences complications and is left paralyzed from the waist down.

      b: 7 Dec 89 pc: 306 w: Margie Peters d: Debbie Allen

      NOTE: Glynn Turman and Lou Myers do not appear in this episode.
    10. "For Whom the Jingle Bell Tolls"
      gs: Brandi Royale Petway [ Little Whitley ], Kenneth Washington [ Mercer Gilbert ]

      rc: Marion

      Whitley is in a foul mood during the holiday season, especially when her mother insists that they fly to the south of France instead of spending a quiet Christmas at home. She coldly rejects Freddie's offer to spend Christmas with her, and refuses to attend the gang's tree-trimming party. Whitley's mother appears to her in a dream and warns that she is headed for the same lonely, isolated existence as Marion. Whitley is visited by the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future (who bear an uncanny resemblance to Mr. Gaines, Walter and Jaleesa). She learns that Freddie will end up staying with Dwayne for the holidays, leading to a romance between the two. Whitley discovers that Dwayne and Freddie will marry, while she will spend her entire life alone. Whitley suddenly gets into the holiday spirit, decorates everything in sight, and asks Freddie to come along to France. However, Marion shows up at the dorm and tells her daughter that she wants to spend Christmas in Richmond. She settles on a compromise and takes the girls to a cabin in Maine.

      b: 21 Dec 89 pc: 312 w: Cheryl Gard d: Debbie Allen
    11. "Under One Roof"
      gs: Rosalind Cash [ Dean Hughes ], Lewis Dix Jr. [ Earl Rabney ]

      rc: Ernest

      Dean Hughes asks Whitley to spend the weekend at her house and co-host the annual freshman tea. Whitley considers this a great honor until Freddie is named the other co-host. Whitley hopes to convince Dean Hughes to send her to Europe as Hillman's student recruiter. The dean does not believe that Whitley possesses the necessary skill and discipline for this position. A hurt Whitley insults Freddie and tries to leave, but admits to the dean that she lacks direction. Dean Hughes cheers up the girls and manages to convince Whitley to relax a little. Ron allows a classmate to crash at the guys place, and the man keeps coming up with reasons to stay. He keeps Dwayne and Ron happy by cooking, cleaning and fixing the toilet. Walter tells them that Earl is a scam artist who flunked out of school. Before they can confront him, Mr. Gaines hires Earl as the building superintendant.

      b: 4 Jan 90 pc: 308 w: Kevin Kelton d: Debbie Allen

      NOTE: Glynn Turman does not appear in this episode.
    12. "Here's to Old Friends"
      gs: Denise Nicholas [ Carol Garrison ], Wren T. Brown [ Milt ], Al Fann [ Sgt. Herndon Carruthers ]

      Dwayne's old friend Milt comes for a visit. He believes that Hillman is holding Dwayne back, and encourages him to transfer to the University of Pennsylvania. Milt also recommends that Dwayne distance himself from "dead weight" like Ron. Dwayne considers his friend's words, until a talk with Whitley helps remind him of Ron's good qualities and the feeling of family that Hillman holds for its students. He defends the school's academic reputation to Milt. Col. Taylor and Mr. Gaines attend a reunion for U.S. servicemen. Col. Taylor tries to start a romance with a member of his old unit, only to discover that she is a complete mess.

      b: 11 Jan 90 pc: 311 w: Thad Mumford d: Neema Barnette

      NOTE: Cree Summer does not appear in this episode.
    13. "The Power of the Pen"
      gs: Eriq LaSalle [ Paul Mann ], John H. Francis [ William Shakespeare ], Alex Desert [ Livingston ], Abner Mariri [ Kobie ], Aklia Alise Chinn [ Dolores ]

      rc: Ernest

      Dwayne struggles with an assignment for poetry class, as the students must compose their own verses. William Shakespeare appears to him in a dream and stresses that his pursuit of a career in math does not mean that he cannot also appreciate poetry. He encourages Dwayne to write about something for which he feels passion. Whitley reads Dwayne's beautiful poem and believes that it is about her. She is angry and embarrassed when the rest of the class interprets the poem differently; it is actually about Dwayne's love of mathematics. Freddie juggles dates with environmentalist Livingston and Ron's handsome friend Ernest. Although neither relationship is exclusive, she feels guilty until she sees Livingston with another girl.

      b: 18 Jan 90 pc: 313 w: Dominic Hoffman and Jasmine Guy d: Debbie Allen

      NOTE: Glynn Turman does not appear in this episode. Ron reveals that he is 5 foot 6.
    14. "Pride and Prejudice"
      gs: Ann Hearn [ Manager ], Peggy Walton-Walker [ Amy ], Bridgid Coulter [ Woman ]

      rc: Ernest

      Whitley goes to a jewelry store to buy a birthday present for her father. Freddie tags along because she enjoys watching Whitley "power shop." The clerk ignores them and is reluctant to open the display case. She also suggests a cheap watch, as she doesn't think that Whitley can afford any of the high-end merchandise. Freddie believes that the clerk is a racist and decides to leave. Whitley argues that the clerk probably thought they were poor because of their manner of dress. (Whitley had not changed after her tennis game.) Whitley spends a fortune to prove herself, but her friends argue that this only gives the clerk a fat commission. Whitley returns everything and tells off the clerk, getting the woman in hot water with her manager. The ROTC holds a retreat to teach civilians about life in the Army. Walter makes a fool of himself and loses a bet to Col. Taylor. Dwayne ignores Ron's instructions during a flag capture game. He gets lost in the mountains and comes in contact with poison oak.

      b: 25 Jan 90 pc: 314 w: Yvette Lee d: John Whitesell
    15. "Success, Lies and Videotape"
      gs: Phylicia Rashad [ Clair Huxtable ], Ahmad Rashad [ Dr. Zander ], Calvin Brown Jr. [ Man ]

      Clair Huxtable visits the Hillman campus to videotape the students discussing their goals for the future. Although the taping is supposed to resemble a professional interview, Clair winds up playing the role of counselor. Freddie opts out of the interview in order to work on an archaeology assignment. She notices discrepancies between the Gilbert Hall laundry room and its original blueprints. She knocks down a wall and discovers a hidden room, which was part of the Underground Railroad that aided escaping slaves. Freddie is overwhelmed by her discovery and vows to make a difference with her life.

      b: 8 Feb 90 pc: 317 w: Adriana Trigiani d: Debbie Allen

      NOTE: Glynn Turman does not appear in this episode. Ahmad Rashad is a former football star for the University of Oregon and the NFL's Minnesota Vikings who became a popular sports announcer. He is married to Phylicia Rashad, and is Debbie Allen's brother-in-law.
    16. "A World Alike"
      gs: Abner Mariri [ Kobie ], Ron Mokwena [ Mbubunni ], THEMBA - Leboin Ang Morake, Robert Hairman, Damia Satterfield, Carlos Spivey, Tracy Watkins [ Themselves ]

      rc: Julian

      Whitley meets Julian, an attractive exchange student from Georgetown who is part of Hillman's anti-apartheid group. Kim receives a scholarship that will solve her financial problems and allow her to gain work experience in a lab, rather than flipping burgers at the Pit. Unfortunately, Freddie discovers that the company funding the scholarship is a subsidiary of a corporation with investments in South Africa. Julian proposes a boycott; he angers Whitley by recommending that Hillman cut all financial ties with the corporation, as this would cost Kim her scholarship. Due to her father's health problems, Kim would have to work two jobs to stay in school. A young man from South Africa argues against the termination of scholarships, because he feels that the success of African American students serves as a beacon of hope to black South Africans mired in poverty and oppression. Kim decides to turn down the scholarship anyway. Whitley accepts a date with Julian.

      b: 15 Feb 90 pc: 315 w: Susan Fales d: Debbie Allen

      NOTE: Glynn Turman does not appear in this episode.
    17. "That's the Trouble With You All"
      gs: Abner Mariri [ Kobie ], Torri Whitehead [ Megan Lewis ], Nancy Black [ Woman ]

      rc: Julian

      Whitley plays matchmaker for Dwayne and a beautiful coed in the hopes of convincing him to move on. However, she becomes extremely jealous and tries to sabotage the couple's date. Dwayne and Whitley try to establish some ground rules in an attempt to save their friendship. Walter angers Jaleesa by claiming that women cannot play poker. He bets that she cannot teach Freddie how to play, while Jaleesa challenges him to turn novice Kobie into an accomplished player. Neither apprentice picks up the game, but Jaleesa literally beats the pants off of Walter.

      b: 22 Feb 90 pc: 318 w: Thad Mumford d: Neema Barnette
    18. "A Campfire Story"
      gs: Tony Burton [ Cap Connors ], Vanessa Bell Calloway [ Lilly Connors ], Christopher Carter Hooks [ Alvin Dix ], Joe Costanza [ Waiter ], Juanita Jennings [ Desk Sergeant ], Jeanne Carr [ Bartender ], Charlie Wicker [ Cop ]

      rc: Ernest, Julian

      A lovesick Dwayne convinces Walter to let him tag along on a recruiting trip to North Carolina, where he is trying to sign a high school basketball prospect. Walter gets pulled over for speeding and is arrested because of his unpaid jaywalking tickets. Alvin Dix, the young man Walter is recruiting, has to bail him out of jail. Alvin shows little interest in Hillman because he wants to play for legendary coach Cap Connors. Walter, who played for Connors, tells Dwayne that the coach cares only about basketball and discourages players from getting a good education. Walter and Dwayne cause a melee at a restaurant when they mistake Connors' wife for a groupie, as the coach had used attractive women to recruit players in the past. Alvin eventually realizes that he and Connors have philosophical differences, so he decides to consider Hillman. Dwayne causes problems throughout the trip because he keeps seeing Whitley's face on every woman and deer. Jaleesa engages in another battle of the sexes after Col. Taylor insists that he can repair the dorm's broken heater simply because he is a man.

      b: 1 Mar 90 pc: 316 w: Kevin Kelton d: Debbie Allen

      NOTE: Darryl M. Bell and Lou Myers do not appear in this episode.
    19. "Hillman Isn't Through With You Yet"
      gs: Senait Ashenafi [ Rachel Johnson ], Alfonso Ribeiro [ Zach Duncan ], Sam Vlahos [ Mr. Santos ], Kevin Hunter [ Ricardo ], Marjean Holden [ Nicki ], Jane Singer [ Woman ]

      Whitley has trouble finding a job for after graduation, while Jaleesa mulls several offers. Ron's sister Rachel, who is staying with Whitley and Kim during a campus visit, suggests the career of art buyer. Whitley becomes very excited about this idea and uses her mother's connections to set up an interview. She does not get the job because she lacks financial experience. Whitley decides to stay at Hillman another year and take some business courses. Rachel grows tired of Ron's overprotective behavior. Dwayne hosts an incoming freshman, a lecherous math enthusiast who reminds everyone of a younger Dwayne.

      b: 8 Mar 90 pc: 319 w: Yvette Lee d: Debbie Allen

      NOTE: Glynn Turman and Lou Myers do not appear in this episode.
    20. "21 Candles"
      gs: Charlayne Woodard [ Medic ], Mary Testa [ Waitress ]

      rc: Ernest, Julian

      Whitley is distraught when everyone, including Julian, seems to have forgotten her 21st birthday. Kim has actually remembered, and is planning a girls-only surprise party. Dwayne and Ron decide to kidnap Whitley and throw her in a fountain for some reason. Kim fails to thwart their plans, but Ron falls while climbing the dorm wall and injures his leg. A depressed Whitley gets drunk on cheap wine and has a dinner date with her photograph of Denzel Washington. The girls arrive to take her out; they agree that she should have told Julian about her birthday instead of expecting him to find out on his own. Jaleesa pretends not to care when she sees Walter on a date with the medic who treated Ron. Whitley apologizes to Julian for testing him.

      b: 15 Mar 90 pc: 320 w: Adriana Trigiani d: Debbie Allen
    21. "Sweet Charity"
      gs: Rick Barry [ Himself ], Walt Hazzard [ Himself ], Reed McCants [ Chuck Lance ], Sandra Keyes [ Girl #1 ], Stephanie Pope [ Girl #2 ]

      Walter learns that Kim is working all night at a funeral parlor to cover her expenses. He enlists the help of Whitley and Freddie to come up with a plan to help her out. Whitley and Freddie buy gifts for Kim and get everyone to stuff the tip jar at the Pit. Kim realizes what they are doing and becomes very angry, as she doesn't want to be a charity case. Mr. Gaines finally convinces her to overcome her pride and accept a loan from his wife and him, which she can pay off after becoming a doctor. A director approaches Ron and Dwayne at the basketball courts and asks them to appear in a vitamin commercial. They agree because they are having trouble paying the bills. The guys believe that they will receive fame and adulation, until they discover that they must play two-on-two against a pair of retired NBA all-stars.

      b: 29 Mar 90 pc: 321 w: Margie Peters d: Neema Barnette

      NOTE: Dawnn Lewis and Glynn Turman do not appear in this episode.
    22. "Soldier Boy"
      gs: Obba Babatundé [ Frank Benning ], Kimble Jemison [ Cadet ], Bridgid Coulter [ Girl #1 ], Aydiee Vaughn [ Girl #2 ]

      rc: Ernest

      Col. Taylor is the guest of honor at a campus roast. Frank Benning, a man from his first platoon in Vietnam, comes in to serve as the surprise guest speaker. Col. Taylor feels very uncomfortable; he believes that he committed an error on the battlefield that cost Frank his leg. Frank tells a different version of events in his speech. He insists that Col. Taylor is a great leader whose bravery saved everyone's lives. Ron tries to organize the dinner while fretting about the impending selection of the ROTC's Cadet of the Year award. Dwayne bets Whitley that she cannot go a full day without flirting.

      b: 5 Apr 90 pc: 322 w: Leilani Downer d: Neema Barnette

      NOTE: The theme song of the banquet is "Ain't No Stopping Us Now," a 1979 disco hit by McFadden and Whitehead.
    23. "Getaway (1)"
      gs: Susan Fales [ Mandy ], Rickster [ Eric ], Steven Daniells-Silva [ Paul ], Alison Taylor [ Girl ]

      rc: Ernest, Julian

      Dwayne, Ron, Kim, Freddie and Ernest head to Devil's Island, South Carolina for spring break. Whitley joins them at the last minute after Julian has to cancel their vacation due to a job interview. Ernest has big plans for Freddie, but passes out drunk. Ron tries to put the moves on Kim. A pair of murderous drug dealers searches the gang's van for a missing duffel bag. Dwayne and Ron discover money and drugs in the bag and try to go the police. Freddie and Kim meet the drug dealers on the beach and flirt with them, unaware that they are criminals. Dwayne and Ron return to the house after missing the ferry. Dwayne overhears the men threatening to kill him and tries to make a break for it.

      b: 19 Apr 90 pc: 324 w: Cheryl Gard d: Debbie Allen

      NOTE: Glynn Turman and Lou Myers do not appear in this episode. Writer Susan Fales guest stars as Mandy, the niece of the man renting the house to the gang.
    24. "Getaway (2)"
      gs: Susan Fales [ Mandy ], Rickster [ Eric ], Steven Daniells-Silva [ Paul ], Cliff Emmich [ Desk Sergeant ]

      rc: Ernest, Julian

      Julian shows up to surprise Whitley, who wants nothing to do with him. Dwayne and Ron dress like women to get past the drug dealers and onto the ferry. They arrive at the police station to discover that they accidentally brought Julian's bag instead of the one with the drugs and cash. Paul and Eric search the house, failing to recognize Dwayne and Ron (who are still disguised as "Diana" and "Rhonda"). They promise to return that night. The gang fears that the police will not make it in time because a storm has cancelled all ferry service. Kim, Freddie, Ron and Mandy head out in search of help. Whitley decides to sleep with Julian, but he doesn't think the timing is right. Dwayne hears the dealers coming and bursts into Whitley and Julian's room. Whitley gets into an argument with Dwayne after telling him that she is a virgin. As she opens the door to get him to leave, she gestures with a candlestick holder and cracks Eric over the head. The trio struggles with the men until Walter and the police show up to save them. Ernest, finally over his hangover, comes into the living room and asks if he has missed anything.

      b: 26 Apr 90 pc: 325 w: Cheryl Gard d: Debbie Allen

      NOTE: Dawnn Lewis, Glynn Turman and Lou Myers do not appear in this episode.
    25. "Perhaps Love"
      gs: Gian-Carlo Scandiuzzi [ Waiter ], Edna Braxton [ Ron's Date ]

      rc: Julian, Adele

      Dwayne is selected for Phi Beta Kappa, and his mother comes to town to watch his induction ceremony. Julian tells Whitley that he wants to ask her something important during their next lunch date, leading her to believe that he plans to propose. He instead asks her to spend the summer with him in Washington, D.C.; he will get her a secretarial job with his company. When Whitley insists on attending summer school and taking an internship, Julian accuses her of being sheltered. Whitley goes to Dwayne's apartment in search of advice, and mistakes Mrs. Wayne for a maid. Dwayne tries to cheer Whitley during a dinner party organized by his mother; he admits that Whitley is spoiled, but believes that Julian should give her some credit for setting her sights on a career. Mrs. Wayne warns her son that Whitley is trouble. Whitley gives Dwayne a gift and thanks him for always being so supportive. Mrs. Wayne asks her to join them at Dwayne's induction ceremony.

      b: 3 May 90 pc: 323 w: Susan Fales d: Debbie Allen

      NOTE: The series finished the year #4 in the Nielsen ratings, behind Roseanne, The Cosby Show and Cheers.

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    A Different World (4th Season Episode Guide)

    4th Season 1990

    1. "Everything Must Change"
      gs: Toy Newkirk [ Bianca ], Pillow [ Herself ]

      rc: Terrence, Kinu

      Whitley thrills her friends by announcing that she has finally decided that Dwayne is the right man for her. Although she answered his love letters during the summer, she chose not to send her replies because she wanted to leave him begging for more. When she goes to Dwayne's apartment to share her feelings, she discovers that he met someone during his summer in Japan. He introduces her to girlfriend Kinu, a beautiful Japanese American who attends nearby Avery College. In addition to her emotional turmoil, Whitley does not have a place to live because she lost her apartment by failing to pay the security deposit. Jaleesa reluctantly allows her to temporarily stay at her apartment (across the hall from Dwayne's). Whitley vows that she will not screw up if she gets another chance with Dwayne. Col. Taylor's son Terrence enrolls at Hillman. His overzealous behavior around women earns him the nickname "Mini-Hormone."

      b: 20 Sep 90 pc: 401 w: Susan Fales d: Debbie Allen
    2. "How Bittersweet It Is"
      gs: Roger Guenveur Smith [ Professor Howard Randolph ], Toy Newkirk [ Bianca ], Abner Mariri [ Kobie ], Anthony Kemp [ D.J. ]

      rc: Terrence, Kinu, Matthew

      Whitley accepts a date with the persistent Ron in the hopes of making Dwayne jealous. She leaves a series of answering machine messages in which she repeats the time and location of the date, believing that Dwayne will show up. Ron ignores Dwayne's warning and insists that Whitley really likes him. After they have a good time at a club, Whitley feels guilty and admits that she was trying to get to Dwayne. Ron accepts her apology and says that he is happy to help, as he cannot stand Kinu. Ron pleads for a kiss at the end of the evening, and Whitley pecks him on the cheek. When Dwayne comes out of his apartment, she pulls Ron into a long liplock. Freddie hopes to get into a class taught by Professor Randolph, a respected authority on African American history. Professor Randolph asks students to write an essay explaining why they would like to enroll, but Freddie impresses him with a performance art piece. Freddie's cousin Matthew, who is white, comes over from Avery College to take the class. The professor reprimands a girl for her rude comment about Freddie's biracial heritage.

      b: 27 Sep 90 pc: 402 w: Yvette Denise Lee d: Debbie Allen

      NOTE: Sinbad does not appear in this episode.
    3. "Blues for Nobody's Child"
      gs: Roger Guenveur Smith [ Professor Howard Randolph ], T.J. Evans [ Alex Webb ], Brandon Adams [ Dion ], Toy Newkirk [ Bianca ], George C. Simms [ Ernie Miles ], Abner Mariri [ Kobie ], Lanyard Williams [ Man at Adoption Fair ]

      Freddie befriends Alex, an eight-year-old foster child who attends the community center. She is horrified after visiting an adoption fair and watching all of the potential parents ignore Alex in favor of infants and toddlers. Professor Randolph speaks out on the plight of foster children, but Freddie accuses him of hypocrisy when he says that he and his wife would only adopt a baby. A disheartened Alex runs away from the adoption center and finds Freddie at Ron and Dwayne's place. Whitley tries to bond with the boy to make herself look good in front of Dwayne. Walter finally shows up to retrieve Alex, after Whitley and Freddie try their best to hide him. Mr. Gaines, Walter and Col. Taylor all wish to apply for adoption, but are told that they need to take more time to think it over. Professor Randolph and his wife decide to begin the process of adopting Alex; although Freddie's comments were out of line, the professor realized that she was right.

      b: 4 Oct 90 pc: 404 w: Judi Ann Mason d: Debbie Allen
    4. "Whitley's Last Supper"
      gs: Ron O'Neal [ Mercer Gilbert ], Marius Mazmanian [ Andre ], Bradley Mott [ Lou ], Wayne King Jr. [ Mover ]

      rc: Kinu, Matthew

      Whitley's father comes to town and takes her to dinner. He announces that he is fed up with her exorbitant spending habits and takes away her credit cards. He will now only cover her tuition and basic living expenses. Whitley begs Jaleesa to let her continue living in her apartment, although she cannot quite cover her share of the rent and utilities. Whitley bemoans her plight and claims that everyone has abandoned her. Kinu catches Dwayne trying to console her. Freddie believes that Kim is studying too hard for the practice medical school boards. She tricks Kim into taking a break and coming to Ron's frat party. Kim plays a practical joke on Freddie; she pretends that she bombed the test because of exhaustion, then reveals that she actually scored 88 out of 90.

      b: 11 Oct 90 pc: 406 w: Jeanette Collins and Mimi Friedman d: Debbie Allen

      NOTE: Glynn Turman and Sinbad do not appear in this episode.
    5. "The Goodwill Games"
      gs: Slam [ Kinu's Partner ]

      rc: Kinu, Matthew

      Whitley decides to try out for the academic decathlon, as the winning team will receive $1500. Although Dwayne and Ron make fun of her, Whitley proves to be quite knowledgable and makes the team. She and Dwayne are disgusted to learn that they must be partners. During a late-night practice, they start wrestling and fooling around and end up kissing passionately. Whitley overhears Dwayne assuring a jealous Kinu that he has no interest in Whitley. Whitley files her nails during the game, leaving Dwayne to carry the team singlehandedly. Dwayne apologizes and convinces her to play, but they barely lose to Kinu's team. After Dwayne and Kinu leave to celebrate, Whitley declares, "You may have won the prize, but I will get the man." Kim turns down a date from Matthew, telling Freddie that he is strange and she isn't strong enough to deal with an interracial relationship. Freddie argues that Kim doesn't want a social life because it might interfere with her routine. Kim asks Matthew out for coffee.

      b: 18 Oct 90 pc: 407 w: Yvette Denise Lee d: Debbie Allen

      NOTE: Dawnn Lewis and Sinbad do not appear in this episode.
    6. "Tales From the Exam Zone"
      gs: Roger Guenveur Smith [ Professor Howard Randolph ], Jenifer Lewis [ Susan Clayton ], Leroy Edwards III [ Tony ]

      rc: Terrence, Kinu, Matthew

      Walter narrates a Twilight Zone-style look at the students' struggles during midterms. Whitley must complete a report for her somewhat sadistic accounting professor by the following day. She struggles to find a quiet place to work after Jaleesa and a date kick her out of the apartment. Dwayne, working as a teaching assistant for Col. Taylor, cannot keep Terrence from skipping class. Col. Taylor discovers the truth, leaving Dwayne with just 24 hours to get Terrence ready for the midterm or lose his grad school recommendations. Freddie begins hearing voices that shake her confidence before her midterm in Professor Randolph's class.

      b: 25 Oct 90 pc: 405 w: Alonzo B. Lamont d: Debbie Allen

      NOTE: Lou Myers does not appear in this episode. Jenifer Lewis later had a recurring role as Dean Davenport.
    7. "Good Help Is Hard to Fire"

      rc: Adele, Kinu, Matthew

      Dwayne falls apart in the aftermath of his kiss with Whitley. He cannot sleep due to recurring nightmares, and lets the apartment turn into a pig pen. Kinu becomes extremely bossy and territorial; she argues with Ron (who is tired of her constant presence at the apartment), then tries to bar Whitley from a party honoring Dwayne's and her six-month anniversary. Ron, hoping to drive Kinu over the edge, hires cash-poor Whitley as a housekeeper. Dwayne's mother arrives in the midst of the women's sniping because she had sensed that something was wrong with her "chipmunk." Mrs. Wayne doesn't like Kinu any more than she does Whitley, so Whitley tries to take advantage of the situation by buttering her up. Kinu finally snaps and takes it upon herself to fire Whitley. Dwayne admits to Kinu that he cannot shake his feelings for Whitley. They decide to break up.

      b: 8 Nov 90 pc: 408 w: Glenn Berenbeim d: Debbie Allen

      NOTE: Glynn Turman and Sinbad do not appear in this episode. The song played during the anniversary party is "Try Me," the first single off Jasmine Guy's self-titled debut album.
    8. "Love Thy Neighbor"
      gs: Lee Weaver [ Ray Nay ], Roger Guenveur Smith [ Professor Howard Randolph ], Michael Ralph [ Frank ]

      Dwayne helps Whitley with her marketing project, but turns her down when she offers to take him to dinner. Ron tells Dwayne that he is being stupid and warns that he will lose Whitley unless he lets go of the past. Dwayne surprises Whitley by showing up at her apartment with dinner (while she is cleaning the oven in sweats and a jheri curl cap). Dwayne asks her to explain some of her actions, such as refusing to answer his letters during the summer and kissing Ron right in front of him. He is still unsure if he should trust her. Whitley concedes that she was wrong to play games; she says that she has come to appreciate everything Dwayne has done for her, and just wants the chance to be with him. She admits that she is in love with him. They are beset by a constant series of interruptions, and must finally seek refuge on the fire escape. Dwayne tells Whitley that he loves her, and they celebrate their new relationship with a kiss. During history class, Ron derides the homeless and claims that anyone can get a job or government assistance if they make the effort. He is shocked to discover Ray Nay, the former owner of a legendary rib joint (2.12), living on the streets. Ray Nay explains that he spent all his savings on his mother's medical bills, then had no place to live after her death. He cannot get a job because of his advanced age, and is too ashamed to tell his daughter about his situation. Ron decides to contact the man's family and help him find work, but Ray Nay slips out of the apartment and disappears.

      b: 15 Nov 90 pc: 410 w: Yvette Denise Lee d: Rob Schiller

      NOTE: Glynn Turman, Lou Myers and Sinbad do not appear in this episode. This is one of many roles played by Michael Ralph, who later played Kim's lab partner and love interest, Spencer Boyer.
    9. "Time Keeps on Slippin'"
      gs: Roger Guenveur Smith [ Professor Howard Randolph ], Eartha Robinson [ Loretta ], Ron Mokwena [ Mbubunni ]

      rc: Terrence

      Whitley thrives academically after she begins dating Dwayne, while he gets the first C of his life because he spends all his time fawning over her instead of studying. He dreams that the C is the beginning of a downward spiral; and that he will end up a fat, lazy slob whom Whitley eventually dumps. Whitley wakes him up and offers him cookies, and Dwayne starts yelling and throws her out of the apartment. Crushed, she throws herself into her role as director of Ron and Freddie's video time capsule. Dwayne dreams that he devotes himself to science at the expense of everything else. He wins the Nobel Prize, but is devastated to find that Whitley married someone else. Dwayne apologizes to Whitley and explains his problem.

      b: 29 Nov 90 pc: 411 w: Glenn Berenbeim d: Michael Peters

      NOTE: Glynn Turman does not appear in this episode.

      During the video time capsule, Charnele Brown performs excerpts from Marvin Gaye's "What's Going On?"

    10. "The Apple Doesn't Fall"
      gs: Art Evans [ Mr. Johnson ], Scott Williamson [ Jim Howell ], Randy Kaplan [ Bill ]

      rc: Terrence

      Ron's father sends him a car to officially welcome him into the family car dealership. Ron cannot stand the business and wishes to become a professional drummer. Whitley warns Ron not to alienate his father, while Dwayne believes that he should pursue his dreams. Ron tries to share his decision with his father, but is too vague. Mr. Johnson shows up with a sports car for Ron and is shocked to learn his son's plans. Terrence disagrees with his father's decision to become the first black member of a country club. Col. Taylor reconsiders after discovering that the club must integrate in order to be eligible to host the PGA Championship. Although the head of membership insists that he has tried to break down the barriers for years, Col. Taylor doesn't feel the timing is right.

      b: 6 Dec 90 pc: 412 w: Gary H. Miller d: Art Dielhenn
    11. "I'm Dreaming of a Wayne Christmas"
      gs: Harold Sylvester [ Woodson Wayne ], Stanley Brock [ Santa Claus ], Josef Powell [ Shane Wayne ], Oren Waters [ Cousin John Wayne ], Julia Waters [ Backup Singer #1 ], Maxine Waters [ Backup Singer #2 ]

      rc: Adele

      Dwayne takes Whitley and Ron to his parents' house for Christmas. Whitley is desperate to impress Dwayne's mother. She sneaks out before dinner to buy an expensive present for Mrs. Wayne. After she misses the subway, a panhandler dressed as Santa Claus accosts her and steals the gift. Whitley stops the thief with some help from the police, but the gift is broken. Mrs. Wayne apologizes for giving Whitley a rough time and urges her not to try so hard. Ron's father punishes him for refusing to work at the dealership by cutting him out of the family's Hawaiian vacation. Ron seeks solace by stuffing his face with Mrs. Wayne's cooking.

      b: 13 Dec 90 pc: 409 w: Judi Ann Mason d: Debbie Allen

      NOTE: Sinbad, Glynn Turman and Lou Myers do not appear in this episode. Patti LaBelle performs "Nothing Could Be Better." The song can be found on her Christmas album, This Christmas.
    12. "War and Peace"
      gs: Blair Underwood [ Zelmer Collier ]

      Dwayne's good friend Zelmer comes to visit and stuns him by announcing that his Army Reserve unit has been called to the Persian Gulf. Ron promises to show Zelmer a good time over the weekend before he has to ship out on Monday. Dwayne is confused by Zelmer's cavalier attitude, and expresses disappointment at the fact that his friend won't open up to him. Ron annoys the girls by barring them from his send-off party for Zelmer. Whitley, Jaleesa and Kim crash the party and perform a musical number. Freddie, who is opposed to U.S. involvement in the Gulf, cannot bring herself to share her objections with Zelmer. Whitley tries to console a shaken Dwayne; he and Zelmer dreamed of changing the world with their minds, not fighting in a war. Dwayne now worries that the same thing could happen to him. Zelmer confesses his fears to Col. Taylor, who tries to help him remain strong.

      b: 10 Jan 91 pc: 414 w: Jasmine Guy and Dominic Hoffman d: Peter Werner

      NOTE: Jasmine Guy, Dawnn Lewis and Charnele Brown perform "The Boogie-Woogie Bugle Boy From Company B."
    13. "Ex-Communication (a.k.a. Fiancée What?)"
      gs: Debbie Allen [ Dr. Langhorne ], Yvette Holland [ Shelby Walters ], Michael Ralph [ Voice of Frank ], Jan Crawford [ Voice of Diane Kendall ]

      rc: Julian

      Whitley receives a phone call from Julian and agrees to have dinner with him. She is shocked to discover that he is engaged to a runway model turned translator who speaks six languages. The couple is to live in Paris. Whitley cannot come to grips with this news, and begins to pine for the life of luxury that she gave up when she dumped Julian. A frustrated Dwayne comes to believe that nothing he does will ever be good enough for her. Whitley goes to see a shrink, who recommends that she seek closure with Julian and do whatever she can to win back Dwayne. Dwayne refuses to accept Whitley's apology, even after she begs for forgiveness. He assures Ron that he isn't breaking up with her; he simply wants to watch a basketball game in peace. Jaleesa goes all out to secure the account of a potential client who is obsessed with sports.

      b: 31 Jan 91 pc: 416 w: Jeanette Collins and Mimi Friedman d: Debbie Allen

      NOTE: Glynn Turman and Sinbad do not appear in this episode.
    14. "Risk Around the Dollar"
      gs: Paul Benedict [ Mr. Ludlow ], Michael Ralph [ Tyrone ], Haven Mitchell [ Fire Marshal ]

      rc: Terrence

      Whitley has to cut into the tuition check from her father to cover her share of the rent. She looks for a job, but turns down every offer. She is especially repulsed by the possibility of working at a mortuary with Kim. Whitley helps Ron organize a party (with cover charge) at a local warehouse. The event is a huge success, but the fire marshal shuts it down and fines Ron and Whitley for exceeding capacity. Although Dwayne sells his computer to pay the tuition, Jaleesa warns Whitley that he may eventually get tired of bailing her out. Whitley hocks some jewelry, takes the mortuary job, and repurchases Dwayne's computer. Terrence returns from a weekend trip to Washington, D.C. and proclaims himself a Muslim. His father isn't sure that he has given his decision enough thought, and doubts that Terrence can maintain a commitment to the religion.

      b: 7 Feb 91 pc: 413 w: Jeanette Collins and Mimi Friedman d: Art Dielhenn
    15. "Love, Hillman-Style"
      gs: Ja'net DuBois [ Brenda Hanes ], Frantz Turner [ Marcus Anderson ], Halle Barry [ Jaclyn ], Michael Ralph [ Clint ], Wynonna Smith [ Lorna ], Keli Carter [ Patti ], Howard Dell [ Phil ]

      rc: Terrence, Matthew

      As her marketing project, Whitley organizes a "Men of Hillman" calendar. Dwayne is offended when she doesn't ask him to participate; she doesn't consider him brawny enough. She finally lets him pose for the calendar, but superimposes his face on someone else's body. Ron finds himself juggling three Valentine's dates, as one of his girlfriends gets the night off from work and another returns early from an out-of-town trip. When he comes clean with the girl he likes the most, she is not as understanding as he had hoped. Jaleesa and Col. Taylor spend Valentine's Day together, until his bad back cuts the evening short. Matthew hopes to ease Kim's discomfort about being seen with him in public. Mr. Gaines tries to placate his wife, who complains that he is not as amorous as he was at one time. Freddie raves about a secret admirer, and is disappointed to find that it is Terrence.

      b: 14 Feb 91 pc: 418 w: Glenn H. Miller d: Neema Barnette

      NOTE: Sinbad does not appear in this episode.
    16. "A Word in Edgewise"
      gs: Candy Ann Brown [ Professor Burton ], Brandon Adams [ Dion ], Raynelle Gipson [ Girl ], C.J. Jones, Mike Lamitola, Cathleen Riddley, Bobbie Beth Scoggins (from National Theatre of the Deaf) [ Themselves ]

      rc: Terrence, Matthew

      Matthew arranges for some friends from the National Theatre of the Deaf to perform for the children from the community center outreach program. Kim feels embarrassed by Matthew's free-spirited behavior, which she considers too silly. Matthew insists that his passion for acting is as great as Kim's devotion to medicine, and offers the opinion that art is just as important as science. Kim cares about Matthew, but is uncertain about their relationship. She observes Dwayne and Whitley's example and decides that they can learn to appreciate each other's differences. Everyone teases Whitley about her tendency to run off at the mouth. Dwayne bets that she cannot go a full day without speaking.

      b: 21 Feb 91 pc: 417 w: Glenn Berenbeim d: Debbie Allen

      NOTE: Glynn Turman does not appear in this episode.
    17. "Ms. Understanding"
      gs: Rosalind Cash [ Dean Hughes ], Aaron Seville [ Guy ]

      rc: Gina, Terrence, Matthew, Shazza

      Shazza Zulu, a student in his sixth year of undergraduate work, publishes a book discussing the sexist behavior of men at Hillman. The women take his words to heart; they get really worked up and decide to boycott all men. The men respond with a boycott of their own. Everyone gets upset with Dwayne and Whitley for refusing to take part, and Whitley's friends try to convince her that Dwayne is fooling around with the female students he tutors. After a food fight breaks out at the campus movie theater, Dean Hughes calls a summit to get the two sides to work out their differences. The students turn against Shazza, who insists that he is trying to promote harmony. He singles out Kim as someone who has turned against her race by dating a white man. She tells him off and storms out. Ron, who had earlier expressed a similar sentiment, apologizes to Kim and admits that he was jealous.

      b: 28 Feb 91 pc: 415 w: Yvette Denise Lee and Judi Ann Mason d: Debbie Allen

      NOTE: Glynn Turman does not appear in this episode.
    18. "The Cash Isn't Always Greener"
      gs: Vanessa Bell Calloway [ Danielle ], Clyde Kusatsu [ Kinishewa Rep ]

      rc: Gina, Terrence

      Dwayne receives an incredible job offer from Kinishewa. Although Whitley and Ron insist that he should jump at the offer, Dwayne is torn between the job and grad school. He finally accepts, only to change his mind after his words of wisdom dissuade Terrence from dropping out of school. He decides to attend grad school and keep teaching, as he believes the job will always be available if he needs it. Jaleesa's visiting sister, a homemaker who is bored with her life, marvels at her independence. She wishes to emulate her, and Jaleesa must convince her that she can go back to school without leaving her husband.

      b: 7 Mar 91 pc: 419 w: Yvette Denise Lee d: Neema Barnette

      NOTE: Sinbad does not appear in this episode.
    19. "How Great Thou Art"
      gs: Josephine Premice [ Erdine Abernathy ], Michael Ensign [ Auctioneer ], Tisha Campbell [ Josie Webb ]

      rc: Terrence, Matthew

      Whitley gets a job as an assistant art buyer for E.H. Wright Industries. She attends an auction in Washington, D.C. as an observer. When her boss steps out to take a phone call, Whitley disobeys her wishes by bidding on a painting from a promising young artist. Whitley fears that she will lose her job, but the painting turns out to be a great investment. Although her boss disagrees with her tactics, she applauds Whitley's intuition and enthusiasm. Freddie's new philosophical radio call-in show fails to attract interest because no one has any idea what she is talking about. She becomes a big hit after she assumes the persona of Jamaican-born "Mother Eartha" and distributes advice to her listeners.

      b: 14 Mar 91 pc: 420 w: Jeanette Collins and Mimi Friedman d: Neema Barnette

      NOTE: Glynn Turman, Lou Myers and Sinbad do not appear in this episode.
    20. "It's Showtime at Hillman"
      gs: Cleavant Derricks [ Larry ], Brandon Adams [ Dion ], Raynelle Gipson [ Female Dancer ], Jonathan Webb [ Braxton Brother #1 ], Edgar Goodineaux Jr. [ Braxton Brother #2 ], Raymond Maese [ Dancer #1 ], Ben Yusef Abdullah [ Dancer #2 ], Terrence Williams [ Dancer #3 ], Max Miller [ Dancer #4 ], Kiki Shepard [ Vanna Black ], Whose Image? [ House Band ]

      rc: Terrence, Kinu, Matthew

      The community outreach program loses funding after a corporate buyout, so Walter organizes a three-hour telethon to raise the $15,000 it needs to remain in operation. Jaleesa, Kim and Kinu sing, and Mr. Gaines tap dances (with musical accompaniment from Col. Taylor). Whitley's tribute to Josephine Baker falls apart when her male dance partners begin fighting over her. Dwayne begs for a chance to perform stand-up comedy, but suffers from stage fright. Although the telethon enjoys some initial success, the phones stop ringing during the final hour. The program only raises about $7000. Walter assures the children that he will find a way to come up with the rest of the money.

      b: 21 Mar 91 pc: 403 w: Joe Fisch d: Debbie Allen

      NOTE: This episode clearly should have aired in the fall, as it had Dwayne still dating Kinu. Thus, the community center must have eventually raised the necessary funds; it was still going strong in 4.16.

      Dawnn Lewis performs Paula Abdul's "Straight Up," while Charnele Brown sings "Inseparable" by Natalie Cole (a favorite among contestants on It's Showtime at the Apollo's Amateur Night). Alisa Gyse-Dickens gives a great rendition of another Natalie Cole song, "Mr. Melody." Whitley butchers Josephine Baker's "J'ai Deux Amours."

    21. "Sister to Sister, Sister"
      gs: Aaron Seville [ Little Brother Humpty ], Chantal Rivera Batiste [ Alpha Delta Rho Pledge #1 ], Wynonna Smith [ Lorna ], Aydiee Vaughn [ Alpha Delta Rho Pledge #2 ], Michael Ralph [ Clint ], Michael Ball [ Kappa Lambda Nu Pledge #1 ], Jimmy Hamilton [ Kappa Lambda Nu Pledge #2 ], Derek Knight [ Kappa Lambda Nu Pledge #3 ]

      rc: Gina, Terrence

      Whitley is placed in charge of pledges for her sorority. She lets the power go to her head, and is especially hard on Kim. Kim leads a revolt and gets all of the pledges to walk out on Whitley. News of Whitley's humiliation spreads across the campus, so she becomes furious and challenges Kim to a fight. They eventually settle their differences, and Kim and the other pledges are accepted to the sorority. Ron also handles the pledges for his fraternity. He devises a way to convince show-off Terrence to think more about the interests of his brothers.

      b: 28 Mar 91 pc: 422 w: Judi Ann Mason d: Glynn Turman and John Rago

      NOTE: Glynn Turman and Sinbad do not appear in this episode. Turman makes his directorial debut.
    22. "Monet Is the Root of All Evil"
      gs: K. Todd Freeman [ Novian Winters ], Von Washington [ Bruce Murphy ], Laverne Anderson [ Priscilla ]

      rc: Gina

      Whitley organizes an exhibit to display the artwork of Hillman students. Mr. Gaines shows her some sketches drawn by Novian Winters, a young man who pays for meals with art when he is short on cash. Impressed, she struggles to convince him to take part in the show. The gallery owner orders Whitley to remove Novian's painting because he considers it sacrilegious. Whitley fails to back Novian because she does not want to hurt the other artists by canceling the show. Jaleesa and Freddie accusing her of selling out Novian to further her own career. She moves the show to the Pit so that he can take part. Walter is outraged when his visiting niece gets too friendly with Ron.

      b: 4 Apr 91 pc: 423 w: Ilunga Adell d: John Rago
    23. "If I Should Die Before I Wake"
      gs: Whoopi Goldberg [ Dr. Jordan ], Tisha Campbell [ Josie Webb ]

      rc: Gina, Terrence, Matthew

      Whitley plans to sleep with Dwayne for the first time on his birthday. The public speaking professor assigns the students to write their own eulogies. A young woman named Josie stuns everyone with her speech, in which she reveals that she contracted AIDS through unprotected sex in high school. Gina and Terrence display their ignorance about the disease and are afraid to be around Josie. Kim and Mr. Gaines defend her and advise the duo to become more informed. Ron worries that he could fall victim to AIDS because of his history of casual sex. He and Dwayne decide to undergo HIV testing. Whitley, still shaken by the news of Josie's illness, decides that she just isn't ready for sex.

      b: 11 Apr 91 pc: 421 w: Susan Fales d: Debbie Allen

      NOTE: Glynn Turman and Sinbad do not appear in this episode.

      For her work in this episode, Whoopi Goldberg was nominated for an Emmy as Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy.

    24. "Never Can Say Goodbye"
      gs: Robert Guillaume [ Dean Winston ], Terrence Williams [ Boy #1 ], Max Miller [ Boy #2 ], Raynelle Gipson [ Girl ]

      rc: Terrence, Matthew

      Walter announces that he is leaving Hillman to take a job at a community center in Philadelphia. A roast is organized to give everyone a chance to say goodbye to him. Ron learns that he cannot graduate because he failed to take a European history course. Walter lobbies the dean on his behalf and convinces him to let Ron take the final. Although his friends help him cram for the test, Ron cannot learn enough in one night to pass the difficult exam. He wants to drop out of school, until Walter reminds him of his father's probable reaction. Kim receives a grant to study medicine in London over the summer. She and Matthew must head their separate ways, as he is going to spend the summer with an acting company in Seattle.

      b: 25 Apr 91 pc: 424 w: Orlando Jones d: Henry Chan

      NOTE: This is Sinbad's last episode, although he was still in the credits for the season finale. During the roast, clips are shown from episodes 2.14 and 2.12.
    25. "To Be Continued"
      gs: Robert Guillaume [ Dean Winston ], Art Evans [ Mr. Johnson ], Matthew Dickens [ Airport Employee ]

      Ron tries to keep his father from discovering that he did not graduate. He dons a cap and gown and takes part in the ceremony. When his father decides to stay an extra day, Ron finally tells him the truth. Mr. Johnson believes that Ron has been treated unfairly and tries (unsuccessfully) to plead his son's case to the dean. Whitley's boss offers her a transfer to the company's main office in New York. Although Whitley doesn't want to leave Dwayne and her friends, he believes that she must take advantage of this career opportunity. They decide to try a long-distance relationship, but Whitley overhears the depressed Dwayne tell Ron that it might be better to end things before they drift apart. She steps away from the window and does not hear him vow to not give up on the relationship. Before boarding her flight, Whitley tells Dwayne that they should break up. Dwayne chases after her and asks her to marry him.

      b: 2 May 91 pc: 425 w: Glenn Berenbeim d: Michael Peters

      NOTE: Glynn Turman does not appear in this episode.

      The show finished the year 4th in the Nielsen ratings, behind Cheers, 60 Minutes and Roseanne. This was the first time that Different World finished ahead of lead-in The Cosby Show, which was 5th.

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    A Different World (5th Season Episode Guide)

    5th Season 1991

    1. "We've Only Just Begun"
      gs: Nikki Crawford [ Girl ]

      rc: Lena, Gina, Terrence

      Dwayne and Whitley prepare for the coming school year at Hillman. He will teach classes, and she will serve as director of a new dormitory. She accepted his proposal and only kept the New York job for the summer. Dwayne asks Ron to pick up Whitley's engagement ring while he is stuck in a meeting. Ron somehow does not realize that the 2.5 carat ring the jeweler gives him is not the one that Dwayne purchased. Street-smart freshman Lena James tries to find housing after the computer fails to give her a room. She manipulates Whitley into letting her stay in her extra bedroom. Col. Taylor and Jaleesa shock everyone by revealing that they eloped. Terrence has trouble getting used to the idea of having a stepmother.

      b: 19 Sep 91 pc: 501 w: Susan Fales d: Debbie Allen
    2. "The Dwayne Mutiny"
      gs: Kimble Jamison [ Nerdy Student ], Jason Seglin [ Student ]

      rc: Lena, Terrence

      Dwayne gives his calculus class a graded quiz on the first day of the year, even though he hasn't taught them anything yet. He plans to give a test every day, and asks the students to sign contracts promising to work extra hours every week. Lena tears up her contract and leads a walk-out. Col. Taylor warns Dwayne that he will be fired unless he comes to a compromise with the students. Dwayne agrees to set more reasonable standards. He explains that he will hold high expectations because he wants the class to accomplish great things. Ron attends the funeral of a professor he didn't know in order to buy Washington Bullets season tickets from the widow. Dwayne infuriates Whitley by cutting into his share of their joint account for a ticket. Col. Taylor advises Jaleesa to set up her new temp agency at the house. Freddie asks for a job, but has trouble finding anything that meets her moral standards.

      b: 26 Sep 91 pc: 502 w: Gary H. Miller d: Debbie Allen
    3. "Home is Where the Fire Is"
      gs: Roxie Roker [ Dean Barksdale ], Michael Milhoan [ Fireman ]

      rc: Lena, Gina, Terrence

      A student's decision to drop out of school allows Lena to move into her own room, much to Whitley's relief. Whitley tries to dump all of the dorm duties onto resident assistant Kim. Kim discovers that Lena is cooking in her room. Before she can do anything about it, Kim has to go break up a fight. Lena sells her gumbo to the other students. She inadvertently starts a fire. The dean wants to suspend her, but Whitley and Kim come to her defense. Lena has to take a job at the Pit to pay for the fire damage to her room. Terrence moves back in with Jaleesa and Col. Taylor.

      b: 3 Oct 91 pc: 503 w: Yvette Denise Lee d: Debbie Allen

      NOTE: Roxie Roker, best known for her work on The Jeffersons, was the mother of Lenny Kravitz. Thus, she was Lisa Bonet's mother-in-law for a few years.
    4. "Almost Working Girl"
      gs: Roscoe Lee Browne [ Professor Barnabus Foster ], Beverly Todd [ Julia Reeves ], Michael Ralph [ Don ]

      rc: Lena, Terrence

      E.H. Wright needs a new secretary, so Whitley recommends Jaleesa's temp agency. Unfortunately, the company needs to fill the position immediately, and the only person available is Freddie. Freddie overhears the head of personnel say that she does not believe in affirmative action; she feels that she earned her job on merit, and wants others to do the same. Freddie lights into the woman and tells her that she has a duty to her race. Freddie gets fired, making both Jaleesa and Whitley look very bad. Jaleesa agrees with Freddie's stance and isn't sure she wants to do business with E.H. Wright. Col. Taylor angers his wife by pointing out that attacking one's boss because she holds a different point of view is not very smart. Freddie realizes that her behavior was inappropriate, and she and Jaleesa both apologize. Lena has difficulty understanding Shakespeare because of the language barrier. She delves into the spirit of the work and translates it into more modern terms.

      b: 10 Oct 91 pc: 505 w: Jeanette Collins and Mimi Friedman d: Debbie Allen
    5. "In the Eye of the Storm"
      gs: Kimble Jemison [ Nerdy Student ], Kevin Hicks [ Reggie ]

      rc: Lena, Gina, Terrence

      A hurricane approaches Hillman, forcing Dwayne and Whitley to cancel plans to spend their anniversary in Washington, D.C. Several dozen people seek refuge in the Pit after the storm washes out the roads and prevents them from being shipped to a shelter. Jaleesa begins to panic and winds up getting drunk. Kim grows tired of everyone asking her questions and expecting her to take charge of the situation. Col. Taylor continually refuses Terrence's offer to help with preparations. He later comes to realize that he has underestimated his son. Ron shows up at the radio station and tries to get Freddie to play his band's demo tape. They start sniping at each other, and argue for so long that they get trapped inside the studio. They eventually call a truce and try to comfort each other. Freddie apparently loses her virginity to Ron during the storm. They promise to keep this a secret, but everyone hears them talking about it on the radio.

      b: 17 Oct 91 pc: 506 w: Susan Fales, Gary H. Miller, Yvette Denise Lee d: Debbie Allen
    6. "Rule Number One"
      gs: Kimble Jemison [ Nerdy Student ], Brad Johnson [ Mr. Wess ]

      rc: Lena, Gina, Terrence

      Dwayne agrees to provide Lena with free tutoring to help her bring up her calculus grade. They bond over their mutual love of basketball and become friends. Whitley insists that Lena has a crush on Dwayne. Dwayne refuses to believe this until Lena leaves an answering machine message in which she raps about her romantic interest in him. Dwayne pushes her away, but fears that he acted insensitively. Whitley shows a surprising level of tolerance for Lena's behavior. She realizes that Lena is homesick and lonely, and offers to serve as her confidante. Ron enlists Kim's help in marketing a line of beauty products (supposedly) designed for African American women.

      b: 24 Oct 91 pc: 507 w: Yvette Denise Lee d: Debbie Allen

      NOTE: Dawnn Lewis and Glynn Turman do not appear in this episode. Instead of the usual montage of clips from the show, this episode ended with outtakes from the scene in which Dwayne was to toss a crumpled piece of paper into the waste basket.
    7. "Baby, I'm a Star"
      gs: Julius J. Carry III [ Larry Beaujolais ], Michael Ralph [ Clint ]

      rc: Lena, Gina, Terrence

      The club owner fires Ron's band, X-Pression, because the group is not bringing in any customers. Dwayne suggests that Ron hire a vocalist. Kim agrees to take the job, and her singing ability brings acclaim to the group. However, she quickly begins to overshadow the rest of the band, and lets the attention go to her head. She turns into a complete diva and alienates her friends. Ron tries to fire her, but Kim smugly points out that they will lose the gig without her. Ron and the band respond to Kim's antics by stopping in the middle of a song and walking out. Kim realizes that she is out of control. She apologizes and agrees to tone down her behavior. Col. Taylor fears that he is too old to keep up with Jaleesa. He buys a Harley and takes up dancing in an attempt to impress her, but ends up hurting himself. Jaleesa puts him at ease by revealing that she is pregnant.

      b: 31 Oct 91 pc: 508 w: Orlando Jones d: Debbie Allen

      NOTE: The song performed by Kim during her audition is "With You I'm Born Again," a 1979 hit for Billy Preston and Syreeta Wright.
    8. "Liza Who-Little"
      gs: Steve Sheridan [ Guy ]

      rc: Lena

      Whitley's aunt offers her a lucrative job as an art buyer for her hotel chain. However, she expects Whitley to look after her golddigging cousin Liza during a weekend visit to Hillman. Liza befriends Lena and turns to her for fashion advice. Liza pursues virtually every man on the campus before finally setting her sights on Ron. Kim becomes extremely jealous. Whitley and Kim hide in a closet and overhear Liza talking on the phone with her mother. She advises her mother not to give Whitley the job. Whitley no longer has a reason to put up with Liza's antics, so she aids Kim with a plan to pry Ron from her clutches. Kim bursts in during a dinner date and makes a scene as she pretends that she is the mother of Ron's four children. Her outburst successfully drives Liza away. Meanwhile, Whitley decides to stop speaking to Dwayne because she feels he spends too much time playing or attending sports with his friends. Dwayne warns her not to play games.

      b: 7 Nov 91 pc: 509 w: Dominic Hoffman d: Debbie Allen

      NOTE: Jasmine Guy has a dual role as Liza. Dawnn Lewis does not appear in this episode.
    9. "To Tell the Truth (1)"
      gs: Debbi Morgan [ Lisa Westin ]

      rc: Lena, Gina, Shazza

      Whitley panics about wedding preparations--particularly the upcoming engagement party, in which her parents are to see each other for the first time since their divorce. She complains about everything and acts very demanding toward Dwayne. Dwayne admits to Ron that he isn't sure if he is ready to get married. Dwayne accidentally spills a drink on Whitley during a faculty party, and she screams at him and runs out. He spends the rest of the evening talking with a charming science professor from Avery. Although Ron warns that he is throwing everything away, Dwayne goes out to dinner with the woman, claiming that they are only friends. Kim goes to the restaurant with some classmates and sees Dwayne and Lisa holding hands. Kim confronts Dwayne, but promises to keep the information a secret. Dwayne confesses the truth to Whitley. Freddie becomes romantically involved with Shazza, who she insists has changed since a summer pilgrimage to Africa. She tries to hide the relationship from Kim, who strongly dislikes him.

      b: 14 Nov 91 pc: 510 w: Yvette Denise Lee d: Debbie Allen
    10. "Do You Take This Woman? (2)"
      gs: Ron O'Neal [ Mercer Gilbert ], Harold Sylvester [ Woodson Wayne ]

      rc: Lena, Marion, Adele, Terrence, Shazza

      Before Dwayne and Whitley can deal with the repercussions of his revelation, her mother arrives for the engagement party. Dwayne's parents come to town, and Adele and Marion instantly depise each other. They clash over preparations for the party and wedding, and end up getting into a scuffle and throwing flowers all over the dorm lounge. Dwayne tells Whitley that he is feeling trapped; he fears that they are rushing into marriage. Dwayne has a talk with his father, who insists that it is common to have cold feet. Mrs. Gilbert and Mrs. Wayne establish an uneasy truce during the party. Each of the parents makes a touching toast to the couple and its future. Whitley announces that she is calling off the wedding and runs out. Dwayne follows her and pleads that he still loves her. He points out that his father said that everyone has doubts. "Doubts, Dwayne. Not dates," she replies. Whitley tells Dwayne that she wants to be with him for the rest of her life, and asks if he can say the same. He does not answer her. She gives the ring back to him and walks away.

      b: 21 Nov 91 pc: 504 w: Susan Fales d: Debbie Allen
    11. "Mammy Dearest"

      rc: Lena, Gina

      Dwayne seeks a friendship with Whitley, but she doesn't feel like hearing him out. She throws herself into organizing her dorm's official dedication ceremony. Kim and others object when she includes images of "mammies" (black nursemaids in the past, particularly during times of slavery) with the art exhibit. Whitley, Freddie and Mr. Gaines insist that it is important to remember these women's role in history. Kim wants no part of the display and announces that she will not participate in the ceremony. She tearfully confides in Mr. Gaines about a traumatic incident from her childhood. Whitley recommends that Lena learn more about her heritage by reading slave journals and other information at the Gilbert Library. Lena's research uncovers the fact that Whitley's family owned slaves. Whitley is shocked and overcome with guilt. Mr. Gaines advises her to let it go, as she cannot change the past. Kim, Freddie, Lena and Gina organize a performance art piece about the evolution of the African American woman.

      b: 5 Dec 91 pc: 511 w: Glenn Berenbeim d: Debbie Allen

      NOTE: Dawnn Lewis and Glynn Turman do not appear in this episode.
    12. "Twelve Steps of Christmas"
      gs: Debbie Allen [ Dr. Langhorne ], Bebe Drake-Massey [ Velma Gaines ]

      rc: Lena, Terrence

      Col. Taylor, Jaleesa and Terrence argue about preparations for their first Christmas as a family. Jaleesa asks Whitley to join them for Christmas dinner. Dwayne's plans to go skiing fall through when his date dumps him for constantly talking about Whitley. Col. Taylor invites him to dinner, unaware that Whitley was already coming. Whitley goes to see her shrink, and is surprised to find that the Taylors are the next appointment. Dr. Langhorne accepts a Christmas dinner invitation from the Taylors in order to avoid her pushy mother-in-law. She tries to mediate everyone's disputes, and gets Dwayne and Whitley to consider becoming friends again. Meanwhile, everyone scrambles to avoid getting stuck with a homemade fruitcake sent by Whitley's aunt.

      b: 19 Dec 91 pc: 512 w: Jeanette Collins and Mimi Friedman d: Bruce Kerner

      NOTE: Bebe Drake-Massey returns in the role of Velma Gaines. Ann Weldon had taken over the part for one third-season episode. The closing theme is replaced by Alvin and the Chipmunks' rendition of "Here Comes Santa Claus," which accompanies a montage of the fruitcake changing hands.
    13. "The Cat's in the Cradle"
      gs: The Boys - Bilal Abdul Samad, Hakeem Abdul Samad, Khiry Abdul Samad, Tajh Abdul Samad [ Mice 2 Men ], Michael Ralph [ Clint ], Tom Alan Robbins [ Record Executive ], Tamara Taylor [ Dwayne's Date ]

      rc: Lena, Shazza

      After graduating, Ron elects to work on his music full-time. Dwayne complains about his inability to pay his share of the bills. Ron insists that X-Pression will win a record contract through a talent competition. The group loses to a talented but smart-alecky adolescent singing group (which taunts them after the contest). The other band members grow frustrated at their lack of financial success and decide to quit. Dwayne picks that moment to throw Ron out of the apartment. Ron finally takes another job, so Dwayne agrees to cover for him for a few more months. Freddie neglects her friends, job and studies as she becomes completely obsessed with Shazza. Even Shazza begins to grow tired of her constant fawning. Whitley, Kim and Lena conduct a sort of intervention to discuss her behavior.

      b: 2 Jan 92 pc: 513 w: James E. West d: Henry Chan

      NOTE: Glynn Turman does not appear in this episode. The Boys perform "Crazy."
    14. "Just Another Four-Letter Word"
      gs: Ernie Sabella [ Campus Security ], Richard Murphy [ Rick ], Dean Cain [ Eddie ], Jake Carpenter [ J.C. ], Wayne Federman [ A&M Wolf ], G. Adam Gifford [ Ticket Scalper ]

      Dwayne becomes jealous of Whitley's new beau, particularly after she leads him to believe they are sleeping together. Ron promises to take Dwayne's mind off the situation by taking him to the big football game between Hillman and Virginia A&M. Ron then sells his ticket to a scalper and spends the game in his car. Three white students from A& M walk by, and one of them decides to start trouble. Ron bets them on the outcome of the game, declining to mention that their quarterback is out with the flu. With Hillman winning in a rout early the fourth quarter, the guys come out and pay Ron without an argument. Ron taunts them and says that their team needs to recruit more black players. One of the guys wants to let it go, but his friends begin to spray paint a racial slur on Ron's car. Ron starts to fight them, and Dwayne comes out and jumps into the fray. They are all held by campus security, who threatens to have them arrested unless they explain what happened. Ron and an A&M student give biased accounts; each leaves out information to make himself look completely blameless. Whitley, Kim and Freddie show up and unsuccessfully try to get Dwayne and Ron released. Dwayne tries to attack one of the guys for his racist and sexist comments about Whitley. Rick, the student who tried to make peace, finally comes forward and explains what happened. He feels embarrassed by their behavior. The officer orders the A&M guys to pay for Ron's repairs and perform community service. He points out that Dwayne and Ron also judge people by racial stereotypes (although it is to a lesser extent), and has everyone return for further punishment the following weekend. As they exit the stadium, they discover that someone has finished painting the slur on Ron's car.

      b: 16 Jan 92 pc: 514 w: Gary H. Miller d: Peter Werner

      NOTE: Glynn Turman does not appear in this episode.
    15. "Prisoner of Love"
      gs: Victor Love [ Lionel Walker ]

      rc: Lena, Gina

      A handsome man approaches Freddie and reveals that he is Jamal, her prison pen pal. He has just been released from prison after serving seven years for armed robbery. Freddie is very nervous, but agrees to keep his past a secret. Ron turns over his duties as janitor of Whitley's dorm to Jamal and lets him sleep on his couch. He pays him only $2.50 an hour while keeping the rest of the salary for himself. Jamal hits it off with Whitley, and they set up a date. He tells Whitley the truth about his past. Although she is a little apprehensive, she decides to help him make a fresh start, partially because she is looking for some excitement. Freddie blabs about Jamal's background, causing everyone else to freak out. Ron rummages through Jamal's bag. Dwayne initially criticizes him, then joins in after learning of Jamal's involvement with Whitley. They discover cash and expensive electronic equipment. Jamal identifies himself as Lionel Walker, a reporter conducting an exposé about society's treatment of ex-cons. Dwayne calls him to task for using Whitley; she hisses that it is none of his business. When Lionel tries to get another date, Whitley slams the door in his face.

      b: 23 Jan 92 pc: 515 w: Glenn Berenbeim d: Glynn Turman

      NOTE: Dawnn Lewis and Glynn Turman do not appear in this episode.
    16. "Bedroom at the Top"
      gs: Gerrit Graham [ Henry Krum ], Kiki Shepard [ Dr. Sutherland ], Tom Wright [ John Holtworth ], Luisa Leschin [ Ms. Lopez ]

      rc: Lena, Terrence

      One of Whitley's superiors continually makes unwanted sexual advances. When she turns down his dinner invitation, he suggests that he may not approve a purchase she had recommended. Whitley puts him in his place and decides not to file a complaint. Mr. Holtworth complains to his boss that Whitley has been sexually harassing him. Whitley cannot get a secretary to come forward, and a plan to catch Holtworth on videotape goes awry. Whitley mentions the peculiarity of Holtworth's frequent transfers, and suspects that her boss has heard rumors of the man's behavior. When pressed, Whitley's boss agrees to launch an investigation. Holtworth is found guilty and receives a warning. Terrence makes Col. Taylor uneasy by announcing his decision to major in dance. Col. Taylor attends a class, where he realizes that dance is much more difficult (and exhausting) than he had thought. He acknowledges that Terrence is a very good dancer. Ron takes a job as commercial spokesman for a phone sex hotline.

      b: 30 Jan 92 pc: 516 w: Susan Fales d: John Rago
    17. "May the Best Man Win (1)"
      gs: Gordon Preston [ Stephen Albright ]

      rc: Lena, Gina, Terrence, Byron

      Whitley organizes a campus fundraiser and tries to wrangle donations from prominent business people. She hits it off with Byron Douglas III, a successful alumnus who owns a restaurant chain. He is impressed by her powers of persuasion, and asks her to assist with his campaign for state senate. Whitley and Dwayne quarrel after she belittles him in front of Byron. Mr. Gaines learns that he is about to lose the lease on the Pit because a corporation outbid him. Byron, a former Pit employee, uses his campaign rally to elicit support for Mr. Gaines. The corporation's representatives decide to seize the opportunity for positive publicity by underwriting Mr. Gaines' lease and letting him keep running the place. Whitley and Byron share a kiss.

      b: 13 Feb 92 pc: 517 w: Jeanette Collins and Mimi Friedman d: David Blackwell
    18. "Kiss You Back (2)"
      gs: Trina McGee-Davis [ Gennifer ], Nikki Swasey [ Brooke ], Taron Patton [ Woman ]

      rc: Lena, Gina, Byron

      Whitley turns down the opportunity to spend a weekend in Washington, D.C. with Byron. She is distressed by the fact that Dwayne does not seem jealous of her relationship with Byron. Kim suggests that Whitley clear the air with Dwayne so that she can move on. He turns down an invitation to come over and talk. He later shows up anyway, and they argue about the way their relationship ended. They eventually soften after Dwayne admits that he'll always think of Whitley as his girl. Whitley tries to return all gifts and mementos that remind her of Dwayne, as she cannot handle the pain. Dwayne kisses her passionately and spends the night. As Dwayne eats breakfast in Whitley's robe the next morning, Byron knocks on the door. Kim agrees to a date with Ron. He can only afford to take her to a small diner, where they encounter three of his ex-girlfriends in ten minutes. Kim declares that Ron cannot give up his womanizing ways overnight, and walks out.

      b: 20 Feb 92 pc: 518 w: Yvette Denise Lee d: Debbie Allen

      NOTE: Dawnn Lewis and Glynn Turman do not appear in this episode.
    19. "Conflict of Interest (3)"
      gs: Allen Payne [ Lance Rodman ]

      rc: Lena, Charmaine, Shazza, Byron

      Whitley convinces Dwayne to hide while she talks to Byron. Dwayne tells Ron about his night with Whitley and admits that he still loves her. Although Whitley seems willing to take him back, Dwayne chickens out and says, "It was just one night." Byron senses that something is going on and confronts Dwayne, who spills the beans. Whitley comes clean with Byron and insists that she no longer loves Dwayne. Byron forgives her, and they decide to start a relationship. Ron promises to prove himself to Kim. A talkative prospective freshman and her cocky boyfriend tour the Hillman campus. Lance tries to get himself moved off of the waiting list, and upsets Charmaine with his roving eye. Freddie and Shazza annoy everyone with their new policy of total, brutal honesty.

      b: 27 Feb 92 pc: 519 w: Glenn Berenbeim d: John Rago

      NOTE: Dawnn Lewis does not appear in this episode. Charmaine and Lance were recurring characters on The Cosby Show as friends of Clair Huxtable's cousin, Pam Tucker. After that series ended its run in the spring of `92, Charmaine became a regular character on A Different World.
    20. "Sellmates"
      gs: Jana Marie Hupp [ Lennox Baylor ], Peter Jason [ Mr. Schmect ], Fitzhugh Houston [ Grieving Customer ]

      Ron struggles with his new job at a car dealership. A female con artist gets him fired. She apologizes, and they hatch a scheme to get the boss to let them develop an ad campaign. Although things do not quite go as planned, Ron proposes a business partnership. Kim worries that she will not get into medical school after her least-desired choice rejects her. However, she soon has several offers to weigh--including one from Hillman.

      b: 12 Mar 92 pc: 520 w: Gary H. Miller d: Henry Chan

      NOTE: Dawnn Lewis and Glynn Turman do not appear in this episode.
    21. "Do the Write Thing"
      gs: Roscoe Lee Browne [ Professor Barnabus Foster ], Ron Canada [ Grover James ], Anne Gee Byrd [ Maude Mitchell ], Leonard Lightfoot [ Ted Selman ]

      rc: Lena, Gina, Terrence, Byron

      Lena cannot keep her grades high enough to maintain her engineering scholarship. She writes an essay about her father for an English assignment. Professor Foster is so impressed that he enters her work in a contest. She wins the award and receives a journalism scholarship. Lena is mortified when her father shows up for the awards ceremony. He is not the Vietnam vet and former Black Panther she described in her essay, but rather a hustler who is constantly in debt. Mr. James approves of Lena's actions, as he feels that she was just doing what was necessary to survive. Lena fears that she is just like her father, but he states that she can choose her own path. She confesses to Professor Foster, who was already aware of her duplicity. He says that she is a good writer and helps her get an English scholarship. Whitley alienates one of Byron's potential benefactors by wearing a fur coat. She brushes up on the issues in the hopes of becoming an asset to Byron's campaign.

      b: 2 Apr 92 pc: 522 w: James E. West d: Otis Sallid

      NOTE: Charnele Brown and Lou Myers do not appear in this episode.
    22. "Love Taps"
      gs: Edafe Blackmon [ Dion ], Nigel Gibbs [ Officer ], Victoria Cameron [ Girl ]

      rc: Lena, Gina, Terrence

      Gina's rapper boyfriend Dion (a.k.a. I'm Down) prepares to give a concert for his peers. He hires Ron as his promoter. Freddie reveals that she saw a man beating his girlfriend, but could not make out their faces in the darkness. She does not realize that the couple involved was Dion and Gina. He apologizes to Gina, but quickly flies off the handle and hits her again. Lena sees Gina's black eye and figures out what is going on. She decides that she cannot keep this a secret. Dion experiences a tremendous backlash from fellow students who are disgusted by his behavior. Ron quits his job and tries to fight Dion, who ignores Dwayne's recommendation that he seek counseling. Whitley urges Gina to get out of the relationship. Terrence calls the police on Dion and expresses disappointment in his one-time idol. Gina agrees to press charges.

      b: 23 Apr 92 pc: 521 w: Reggie Rock Blythewood s: Kadeem Hardison, Ron Moseley, Reggie Rock Blythewood d: Kadeem Hardison

      NOTE: Dawnn Lewis and Glynn Turman do not appear in this episode.
    23. "Special Delivery"
      gs: Larry Linville [ Sen. Hutchinson ], Cyndi James Gossett [ Amber Waves ], Lisa Marie Russell [ Tricia ], Linda Hoy [ News Anchor ]

      rc: Lena, Terrence, Byron

      In the final days before the election, the incumbent accuses Byron of fooling around with a stripper. He refuses to respond to the allegations, and challenges Sen. Hutchinson to a debate. Whitley and Ron talk to the stripper, who insists that she was in a hotel room with Byron. Byron is angry with Whitley for prying; he explains that his staff hired a birthday strip-o-gram for him. After Byron easily wins the debate, Sen. Hutchinson tries to start a scandal involving Whitley. Byron refuses to expose the senator's affair with his campaign manager, and tells Whitley that they can win honorably. Byron wins the election and asks Whitley to marry him. She eventually says yes, leaving Dwayne crestfallen. Jaleesa goes into labor and cannot get a hold of her husband. After Kim faints, Freddie and Ron have to handle the situation until the ambulance arrives. Jaleesa gives birth to a baby girl at home, and Freddie captures it on video.

      b: 7 May 92 pc: 523 w: Dara Marks d: Kadeem Hardison
    24. "Save the Best for Last (1)"
      gs: Barbara Montgomery [ Imogene Douglas ], Michael Warren [ Rev. Soams ], Roxanne Beckford [ Courtney ], Orlando Jones [ Troy Douglas ]

      rc: Lena, Gina, Byron

      The day before her wedding, Whitley frets about details until Byron is able to bring her back to reality. Kim volunteers to return to campus and retrieve a special pair of earrings that Whitley had left behind. She pays Ron a visit, and frets over the realization that the wedding is probably going to take place. Ron suggests that she intervene, but Kim is hesitant. Ron surprises Kim by giving her a stethoscope, and they share a kiss. The girls enjoy a wild bachelorette party, while a depressed Dwayne walks out on Byron's bachelor party. Late that night, Kim suggests that Whitley may not be completely over Dwayne. Whitley angrily denies this. Dwayne shows up on Whitley's doorstep and asks for the chance to talk with her. They take a walk in the garden, and Dwayne apologizes for the mistakes he has made. She concedes that she placed too much pressure on him, but Dwayne insists that he simply wasn't strong enough for a commitment at the time. He recalls a time when he was a geeky freshman who couldn't get a date, and marvels at the fact that he wound up with Whitley. She thanks him for believing in her and helping her to become her own person. They tell each other, "You taught me how to love." Dwayne wonders how two people who meant so much to each other could have broken up; but stops Whitley from answering. He picks a flower for her and says, "I always knew you'd make a beautiful bride." He hops out of the garden and drives away, leaving Whitley in tears and completely confused.

      b: 14 May 92 pc: 524 w: Yvette Denise Lee d: Debbie Allen
    25. "Save the Best for Last (2)"
      gs: Barbara Montgomery [ Imogene Douglas ], Michael Warren [ Rev. Soams ], Ron O'Neal [ Mercer Gilbert ], Roxanne Beckford [ Courtney ], Orlando Jones [ Troy Douglas ], Bebe Drake-Massey [ Velma Gaines ], Galyn Gorg [ Monica Gilbert ], Yolanda West [ Soloist ]

      rc: Lena, Gina, Terrence, Shazza, Byron, Marion

      As she awakens on her wedding day, Whitley is so flustered by her conversation with Dwayne that she can barely remember where she is or the name of her future husband. Her mother chastises her for talking about Dwayne and emphasizes that Byron will give her a much better life. Dwayne decides that he cannot bring himself to attend the wedding. Whitley becomes extremely nervous as she awaits the beginning of the ceremony. Kim starts to give her some advice, but thinks better of it. Dwayne shows up in the middle of the ceremony, and Ron tries to convince him to break up the wedding. During her wedding vows, Whitley freezes up as she sees Dwayne's face everywhere. When she refuses to respond for over a minute, Dwayne realizes that she is far from certain about marrying Byron. He suddenly jumps up and charges down the aisle, pleading with her to marry him. Whitley accepts Dwayne's proposal and runs into his arms. Byron and his family are disgusted, but leave peacefully. The minister marries Dwayne and Whitley. Marion faints. Dwayne carries Whitley down the aisle, with their ecstatic friends bounding after them.

      b: 14 May 92 pc: 525 w: Yvette Denise Lee d: Debbie Allen

      NOTE: This is the final episode for Dawnn Lewis, who joined the cast of the new ABC sitcom Hangin' With Mr. Cooper. Galyn Gorg replaces Troy Beyer as Whitley's stepmother Monica.

      The closing credits feature a "wedding album" montage of Dwayne and Whitley's relationship, with still shots from 1.20, 2.4, 3.5, 4.9, 5.1, 5.9, 5.10 and 5.18.

      The series finished the season 17th in the Nielsen ratings, beating out The Cosby Show in its final season.

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    A Different World (6th Season Episode Guide)

    6th Season 1992

    1. "Honeymoon in L.A. (1)"
      gs: Sister Souljah [ Ianta ], Gilbert Gottfried [ Sergeant ], Michael Caldwell [ Cop ], Bryan Clark [ Shopper #1 ], Carey Eidel [ Store Manager ], Graham Timbes [ Shopper #2 ], Debbie Allen [ Herself ]

      rc: Dorian, Terrell, Dean Davenport

      Dwayne and Whitley recall their honeymoon in Los Angeles. Whitley insisted on going shopping in Beverly Hills while Dwayne drove to Inglewood to pick up basketball tickets. During her excursion, not-guilty verdicts were announced for the police officers who beat Rodney King. The shopping center closed after the riots broke out, leaving Whitley stranded. After hearing the verdicts, Dwayne got out of his rental car and began kicking the tires. A cop drove by and decided to arrest him, much to the chagrin of his partner. The students and staff of Hillman discuss the case. Lena sees it as just another example of the injustice toward her race, while others criticize the prosecution for overconfidence. Freddie arrives, and stuns everyone by sporting straight hair and a business suit. She is enrolling in law school and helping med student Kim run the dorm. Lena calls her a sell-out, but Freddie argues that she is trying to make a difference from within the system. She feels that Lena's militant attitude will only land her in trouble. Charmaine, the talkative student who toured the campus the previous spring, enrolls at Hillman and rooms with Lena and Gina. A goofy freshman makes a fool of himself as he tries to hit on Lena, while she drools over a new basketball star.

      b: 24 Sep 92 pc: 601 w: Susan Fales d: Debbie Allen

      NOTE: Jada Pinkett and Ajai Sanders become official cast members and Karen Malina White joins the cast as Charmaine Brown. The series moves to 8 PM in The Cosby Show's old time slot.

      Debbie Allen appears briefly during the opening shots of Dwayne and Whitley's honeymoon. She is seen scrubbing her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

    2. "Honeymoon in L.A. (2)"
      gs: Gilbert Gottfried [ Sergeant ], Randall Sheridan [ South Central Looter #1 ], Jeanine Jackson [ Melissa Brulay ], Kenneth Mars [ Ridley ], Janet Barrus [ Beverly Hills Looter #1 ], Judy Nazemetz [ Beverly Hills Looter #2 ], Kathleen Wirt [ Beverly Hills Looter #3 ], Michael Caldwell [ Cop ], James Ma [ Shopkeeper ], Vince Howard [ Peacemaker ], Lee Michaels [ South Central Looter #2 ], Wesley Jonathan [ South Central Looter #3 ], Roseanne Arnold [ Looting Wife ], Tom Arnold [ Looting Husband ]

      rc: Shazza, Dorian, Terrell, Dean Davenport

      Dwayne and Whitley continue to describe their chaotic honeymoon to friends. Dwayne was not arrested because the police officers were called back to the station for emergency detail. Whitley confronted some rich white women, who hypocritically looted a department store as they talked loudly about blacks being criminals. While trying to get directions, Dwayne ran into a group of young people looting their neighborhood grocery store. The shopkeeper pleaded that he disagreed with the verdicts, and Dwayne and another man tried to calm the rioters. A man ignored them and smashed the windows, while others stole Dwayne's car. Whitley struck up a conversation with a homeless man, who saw the riots as a way for people who felt invisible to make themselves heard. Dwayne rode up on a bicycle and was reunited with Whitley. Col. Taylor disagrees with the suggestion that the riots will make a difference, as people had made similar comments after the Watts riots of the 1960s. Lena scoffs at the idea of effecting a change through voting and says that white people are to blame for everything. She backpedals after learning that some of her friends have white relatives; Freddie recommends that she think more carefully about her comments. Ron approaches Freddie and tells her that he admires her for pursuing a law career. Freddie laughs that he is only being nice to her because of her new look, then starts yelling at him. Ron jumps her, and they make out behind a pillar. Kim gives Ron the "good news" that he can sleep on the couch in Freddie's and her dorm room.

      b: 1 Oct 92 pc: 602 w: Glenn Berenbeim d: Debbie Allen
    3. "Interior Desecration(a.k.a. Sofa, So Good)"
      gs: Josephine Premice [ Desiree Porter ]

      rc: Shazza, Dorian, Terrell, Dean Davenport

      Whitley and Dwayne argue about which furniture should be kept for their new house. Freddie and Ron admit that they cannot stop thinking about each other, and nearly kiss again. Freddie, fearing that they will not be able to control themselves, recommends that he find somewhere else to stay. Ron feels uncomfortable about seeing Shazza with Freddie and decides to go. Kim snaps at Freddie; she believes that she forced Ron to leave because she hates him. Ron temporarily stays on the Waynes' couch, then rents a basement apartment from the eccentric landlord. As compensation for having to live with Ron, Dwayne agrees to let Whitley keep whatever she wants. Lena does not want to participate in Height Hall's coed stepping routine because she wishes to focus on her writing. Charmaine and Gina suggest incorporating her poetry into the routine. She agrees after learning that Dorian has joined the team.

      b: 8 Oct 92 pc: 603 w: Jeanette Collins and Mimi Friedman d: Debbie Allen

      NOTE: Glynn Turman does not appear in this episode.
    4. "Somebody Say Ho!"

      rc: Shazza, Dorian, Terrell, Dean Davenport

      Charmaine annoys the other students with her pushy attitude in Dwayne's statistics class. Someone tapes a sign to her back that reads "digit ho." She assumes that Terrell is responsible, and he refuses to apologize. She calls him a hood, and they nearly get into a fight. Charmaine feels that Terrell humiliated her by publicly calling her a whore. She files a formal complaint. Although she finds his behavior deplorable, Freddie offers to represent Terrell in student court. She defends his right to free expression, points out that he was joking, and gets Charmaine to admit that she had also insulted students. Freddie finally realizes that Gina was actually the one who taped the sign on Charmaine's back. Terrell explains why he didn't deny the charges. He didn't think anyone would believe him because they had already assumed that he was a thug. Charmaine and Terrell make peace, and Gina is placed on academic probation.

      b: 15 Oct 92 pc: 604 w: Reggie Rock Blythewood d: Debbie Allen

      NOTE: Glynn Turman does not appear on this episode.
    5. "Really Gross Anatomy"
      gs: Robert Guillaume [ Professor Murphy ], Clinton Jackson [ Steve Rocklin ], Billy Kane [ Murphy ]

      rc: Shazza, Dorian, Terrell, Spencer

      Ron becomes jealous when Freddie leaves for a weekend camping trip with Shazza. He decides to prepare a candlelight dinner for Kim. Kim has problems dissecting her first cadaver in anatomy class. She throws up on the professor. She is too depressed to eat Ron's dinner, but decides to sleep with him. Kim's partner, Spencer, helps restore her confidence. The professor marvels at her work. Spencer comes over to celebrate, interrupting Kim's romantic evening with Ron. Dwayne sees Whitley's weekend business trip as a chance to enjoy his freedom. However, he soon becomes desperate for companionship. Charmaine annoys Lena after getting a job at the Pit.

      b: 22 Oct 92 pc: 605 w: Scott Sanders d: Jasmine Guy

      NOTE: Ajai Sanders does not appear in this episode.
    6. "Don't Count Your Chickens Before They're Axed"
      gs: Tom Wright [ John Holtworth ]

      rc: Shazza

      Charmaine observes Whitley in the office as a sociology project. Whitley is dismayed to learn that her company has put a hold on all purchases until a merger is completed. Determined to hold onto one of the paintings, she convinces Dwayne to invest in it with her. The merger falls through, and Whitley (along with her entire department) is laid off. Dwayne promises to find a way to keep them afloat until she gets a new job. He takes Whitley to dinner to console her. They return to discover that they have been cleaned out by burglars. Kim and Freddie invite Ron and Shazza for dinner in the hopes that they can all make peace. Ron and Freddie cannot stand to see one another with other mates. They alternately flirt and act jealous, and everyone gets into a huge argument. Kim realizes that she and Ron have no chemistry, so they decide to break up. Ron stops short of telling her about his feelings for Freddie.

      b: 29 Oct 92 pc: 606 w: Gina Prince d: Debbie Allen

      NOTE: Jada Pinkett and Ajai Sanders do not appear in this episode.
    7. "The Little Mister"
      gs: Lacy Darryl Phillips [ Singer #1 ], Matthew Dickens [ Guy #1 ], Marishka Phillips [ Singer #2 ], William Rivera [ Guy #2 ]

      rc: Kinu, Dorian, Terrell, Dean Davenport

      During their Halloween party, a drunken Dwayne responds sarcastically when Whitley and friends discuss women's rights and the "Year of the Woman." He falls asleep on the couch after the party, and dreams that all of the candidates in the upcoming presidential election are women (including incumbent Georgia Mush and eccentric Texas billionaire Rose Godot, who can't decide whether or not she is in the race). Whitley is the philandering Jill Blinton, who frustrates husband Hilliard (Dwayne) with her lying and infidelity. Hilliard agonizes over the fact that no one--including his own wife--has any respect for his opinions. Dwayne wakes up and apologizes to Whitley for his sexist comments.

      b: 29 Oct 92 pc: 607 w: Glenn Berenbeim d: Debbie Allen

      NOTE: Because much of this episode takes place in Dwayne's dream, Jasmine Guy is allowed to show off her singing talent. Whitley was shown to be a good singer early in the series, but usually sang horribly for comic effect in later seasons.
    8. "Baby, It's Cold Outside"
      gs: Montel Williams [ Himself ], Kelly Kincaid [ Bartender ]

      rc: Dorian, Terrell, Spencer

      Whitley catches Ron sneaking Freddie out of his apartment at six o'clock in the morning. Dwayne and Whitley cannot find any time together because he is working three jobs in an effort to support her. Dwayne expresses his frustration to Kim. Kim tries to convince Whitley to talk things out with Dwayne, but she hangs up on her. Whitley calls Montel Williams' talk show and confesses that she and Dwayne have not been having sex. She does not realize that Gina is addicted to the show and has organized a dorm-wide viewing party in the lounge. All of the girls come over to Whitley's house and offer advice. Lena, Gina and Charmaine suggest a girls' night out to take her mind off things. Whitley, Kim and Freddie go to a club alone because the others are under the drinking age. Freddie confesses to Kim about her attraction to Ron. Kim already knew what was going on, but thanks her for her honesty. Kim dances with Spencer, her lab partner. Whitley goes home to find Dwayne waiting for her, and they work things out.

      b: 5 Nov 92 pc: 610 w: Jasmine Guy d: Glynn Turman

      NOTE: Glynn Turman does not appear in this episode.
    9. "Faith, Hope and Charity (1)"
      gs: Josephine Premice [ Desiree Porter ], Nestor Carbonell [ Malik Velasquez ]

      rc: Marion, Adele, Shazza, Dorian, Terrell

      Whitley's mother surprises Whitley and Dwayne by coming to visit for Thanksgiving. Whitley is too ashamed to admit that she is unemployed and that the couple was recently robbed. Marion stuns Whitley by introducing her fiancé, Malik, a much younger man who sells oils and poetry for a living. Although Dwayne believes that Whitley should let her mother live her own life, she fears that Malik is a golddigger. She asks Kim to come over and flirt with Malik in the hopes of driving the couple apart. Just when it seems that things can't get any worse, Dwayne's mother (who has not spoken to him since he married Whitley) shows up on the Waynes' doorstep. Freddie tries to avoid Ron and re-commit to her relationship with Shazza. She even dons her old "earthy" look for a rally on behalf of Haitian refugees, but a law school assignment conflicts with the protest.

      b: 12 Nov 92 pc: 608 w: Susan Fales d: Debbie Allen

      NOTE: Glynn Turman does not appear in this episode.
    10. "Faith, Hope and Charity (2)"
      gs: Nestor Carbonell [ Malik Velasquez ], Carol Ann Susi [ Desk Sergeant ]

      rc: Marion, Adele, Shazza, Terrell

      Marion and Adele clash over preparations for Thanksgiving dinner and throw food all over the kitchen. Marion takes Malik to task for paying too much attention to Kim. However, he is not her fianc…, but rather an actor whom she hired to break up Dwayne and Whitley. Malik backs out of the deal and joins the rally for the Haitians. Adele and Marion are mistaken for protesters and hauled into jail. When they wonder why they haven't been bailed out, Freddie breaks the news that Dwayne and Whitley are broke. Adele and Marion seem to bond over their disdain for their children's marriage. After returning to the house, Adele admits to Dwayne that she is mostly upset because she didn't get to see his wedding. Whitley assures her mother that she is happy, and everyone makes up. Shazza tells Freddie that he is aware of her dalliances with Ron. She admits that she can't decide which man she wants, so they end the relationship.

      b: 12 Nov 92 pc: 609 w: Susan Fales d: Debbie Allen

      NOTE: Glynn Turman, Lou Myers, Jada Pinkett, Ajai Sanders and Karen Malina White do not appear in this episode.
    11. "Original Teacher"
      gs: Chris Kelly [ Billy Thomas ], Chris Smith [ Michael Wilson ], Ronald William Lawrence [ Loco ], Pete Koch [ Cop ]

      rc: Dean Davenport

      Freddie organizes a mentorship program for teenagers detained at juvenile hall. They can receive parole by completing a week-long project. Dwayne is assigned two young gang members, who continually fight after learning that they are from rival sets. Much of the tension stems from the fact that members of one boy's gang killed the other's cousin. Dwayne tries to get the boys to turn away from violence and set some goals, but they don't think they have anything to live for. He tries to talk to their parents, with disastrous results. Billy's proud but violent father does not appreciate Dwayne's interference; he shoves him around and threatens him. Dwayne again emphasizes the fact that the boys can have futures; he tells them that they should not place limits on themselves because of the environment around them. Dwayne eventually gets through to them, as they perform a rap song that preaches for an end to violence. Billy's father listens to his son's performance and seems somewhat impressed.

      b: 19 Nov 92 pc: 611 w: Reggie Rock Blythewood d: Debbie Allen

      NOTE: Kelly and Smith were the teen rap group Kris Kross, best known for the 1992 #1 single "Jump." The song performed in this episode, "It's a Shame," comes from their debut album Totally Krossed Out. This version probably sounds much different from the one on the album, because they had gone through puberty in the meantime.

      The series, struggling in its new 8:00 time slot, moved back to 8:30 after this airing.

    12. "Occupational Hazards"
      gs: Alaina Reed Hall [ Claims Officer #5 ]

      rc: Dorian, Terrell

      While Dwayne is out of town, Whitley buys a $700 business suit for a job interview. She fails to get the job, and accidentally stains the suit, which she had planned to return the next day. Freddie recommends that Whitley file for unemployment. Whitley irritates a claims officer with her self-important attitude and ignorance about the workings of the unemployment office. Whitley grows tired of being given the run-around and decides to get the money on her own. She sells several appliances and takes a phone sales job. The girls discuss Terry McMillan's Waiting to Exhale in their women's literature group. Dorian impresses Lena when he crashes the group meeting with Terrell. Charmaine constantly brags about her relationship with Lance and mocks her friends for not having boyfriends. However, Lena comforts Charmaine after Lance chickens out of a visit and breaks up with her over the phone. Ron and Freddie struggle to find time alone together.

      b: 3 Dec 92 pc: 612 w: Jeanette Collins and Mimi Friedman d: Kadeem Hardison

      NOTE: Charnele Brown and Glynn Turman do not appear in this episode. Loretta Devine, an original cast member as Stevie Rallen, had a starring role in the film version of "Waiting to Exhale."
    13. "White Christmas"
      gs: Anita Morris [ Joni Brooks ], Marcia Wallace [ Waitress ], Tamara Clatterbuck [ Grace ], Annie Korzen [ Customer ]

      rc: Shazza, Dorian, Terrell

      Freddie's free-spirited mother visits, and annoys her daughter by spending all of her time counseling Freddie's friends. She exposes the bitterness that Kim is harboring over Freddie's relationship with Ron. Joni's appearance leaves Freddie confused about her life and stirs old feelings in Shazza. Ron spies Shazza kissing Freddie outside the Pit. Whitley takes a job at the International Cottage of Flapjacks to earn money for Dwayne's Christmas present. She finds herself completely overwhelmed, and gets no help from the owner's lazy daughter. Freddie confronts her mother at ICOF and demands advice. Joni explains that she lets her daughter make her own choices because she does not want to follow in the footsteps of Freddie's grandmother, who condemned Joni for having an interracial relationship. Ron appears and asks Freddie to make up her mind. She runs into his arms, as Whitley loudly launches into "Joy to the World." Whitley gets fired on her first day, but Dwayne consoles her with a puppy.

      b: 17 Dec 92 pc: 613 w: Glenn Berenbeim d: Debbie Allen

      NOTE: Glynn Turman does not appear in this episode.

      The closing credits feature an extra scene, in which Dwayne tries to convince Whitley that the puppy wants them to have a baby so that he can have a playmate.

    14. "To Whit, With Love"
      gs: Marla Gibbs [ Principal Shaw ], Marquise Wilson [ Ron Jackson Jr. ], Ahmad Stoner [ Olufemi Dakar ], Chante Frierson [ Iesha ], Terrence Williams [ Byron ], Jerome Jones [ Crayton Adams ], Marques Houston [ Eli Black ], Erica Reed [ Althea Hicks ], Thomas Hobson [ Boy #1 ], Jonell Green [ Dashawn Curtis ], Jerry Gaona [ Boy #2 ], Fernando Santos [ Boy #3 ]

      rc: Dorian, Terrell

      Whitley takes a job substitute teaching for an unruly remedial class at a run-down elementary school. The students are completely out of control the first day, then suddenly behave themselves perfectly. Whitley discovers that they all purposely failed their tests. She considers giving up, but instead challenges the students to prove their intelligence. At the principal's suggestion, she uses her own background to cover the material left out of the outdated textbooks. Dorian finally asks Lena on a date. He stuns her by revealing that he does not believe in pre-marital sex. She decides that she is still interested in having a relationship with him.

      b: 7 Jan 93 pc: 614 w: Gina Price d: Debbie Allen

      NOTE: Charnele Brown, Cree Summer, Lou Myers and Glynn Turman do not appear in this episode.
    15. "Happy Birthday to Moi"
      gs: Josephine Premice [ Desiree Porter ], Tyrone Batista [ Student ], Jeri Gray [ Tutor ]

      rc: Dorian, Terrell, Spencer

      Dwayne discovers that Whitley has goaded Kim into letting her assist in the planning of her own surprise birthday party. Dwayne takes Whitley to a cheap dinner and tells her that he scrapped the party. She feels that she deserves a nice birthday after her rough year, while he insists that she should have trusted him to plan the party on his own. Dwayne sends Whitley into the kitchen, then sneaks all of their friends into the living room to surprise her. Charmaine and Terrell struggle badly in French class. They refuse to accept help from prize pupil Gina, and all other tutors dismiss them as a lost cause. Terrified at the prospect of having their perfect grade point averages ruined, they hide a baby monitor in Gina's bag in an attempt to learn the contents of the oral midterm. Charmaine and Terrell get caught and automatically fail the midterm, leaving Charmaine humiliated.

      b: 14 Jan 93 pc: 615 w: Thomas Perry Dance d: Debbie Allen

      NOTE: Cree Summer does not appear in this episode. The name of the Taylors' daughter, Imani, is finally revealed.
    16. "Mind Your Own Business"
      gs: Terry Ellis [ Faith ], Cindy Herron [ Hope ], Maxine Jones [ Charity ], Dawn Robinson [ Henrietta ], Bebe Drake-Massey [ Velma Gaines ], Aries Spears [ Ty ], Tyrone Batista [ Guy ]

      rc: Dorian, Terrell

      Ron convinces Mr. Gaines to purchase a club with him. Ron has maxed out his credit cards to cover the down payment, but believes he can make back all the money on opening night. The band he had booked backs out at the last minute. Mr. Gaines calls upon his grandnieces, four awkward young women from the country who have never sung outside of the church choir. Ron cannot bring himself to tell Mr. Gaines that they would make a terrible headlining act. Whitley and Ron storm out in frustration after trying to choreograph the girls. Lena, Gina, and Charmaine manage to convince the girls to loosen up and add some flash to their act. Although still clumsy, the foursome manages to deliver a fine performance.

      b: 21 Jan 93 pc: 616 w: Jeanette Collins and Mimi Friedman d: Debbie Allen

      NOTE: Charnele Brown and Glynn Turman do not appear in this episode. (It is surprising that someone didn't at least mention the possibility of Kim singing on opening night, even if this were then followed by an excuse explaining that she was unavailable.) For the third time, Gina performs "When the Saints Go Marching In" in an unsuccessful audition. She also tried out for Ron's band in 5.7, and for the dorm opening ceremonies in 5.11.

      En Vogue performs "Free Your Mind," from the multiplatinum album Funky Divas.

      The series was pulled after this airing, with a promise that it would return after February sweeps. It never aired in its regular Thursday time slot again.

    17. "When One Door Closes...(1)"
      gs: Jonell Green [ Dashawn Curtis ]

      rc: Spencer

      Whitley has trouble getting through to a pupil that she is tutoring. Dwayne brainstorms about a video game that would get kids more interested in grammar. Ron suggests a game that combines grammar with the elements of baseball. Dwayne designs a computer program based entirely on this idea and pitches it to Kinishewa. Ron is furious when Dwayne refuses to share the credit (and money) with him. Dwayne accuses Ron of being a moocher always trying to profit from his accomplishments. Ron fires back that Dwayne resents his success as a club owner; and suspects that he feels inadequate after having to turn to Ron for money. Whitley suffers from chronic illness, and Kim forces her to confront the fact that she might be pregnant. A panicked Whitley refuses to accept the truth until she has taken a half-dozen home pregnancy tests. Kim assures Whitley that she will be a terrific mother, but Whitley doesn't know how she and Dwayne will come up with the money to care for a child. Dwayne reveals that Kinishewa has offered him a full-time job that will pay $80,000 a year. He is thrilled when Whitley announces her pregnancy. Dwayne explains that his new job comes with a catch: they must move to Tokyo. Kim finally accepts a marriage proposal from Spencer.

      b: 8 May 93 pc: 624 w: Karen Kennedy d: David Blackwell

      NOTE: Lou Myers, Glynn Turman, Jada Pinkett, Ajai Sanders and Karen Malina White do not appear in this episode.
    18. "When One Door Closes...(2)"
      gs: Josephine Premice [ Desiree Porter ], Harold Sylvester [ Woodson Wayne ], Bebe Drake-Massey [ Velma Gaines ], Ron Robinson [ Guy ]

      rc: Marion, Adele, Dorian, Terrell, Spencer

      Marion and Adele arrive to help Dwayne and Whitley pack for the move to Tokyo. After learning of Whitley's pregnancy, they try to dissuade the couple from leaving. Whitley grows tired of listening to Dwayne argue with the women; she storms out. She finds solace with Ron, who has gotten into a major fight with Freddie over his plans to sue Dwayne. Dwayne convinces Whitley that they need to move on and make a life away from Hillman. Marion and Adele overcome their anxiety about being separated from their grandchild by getting very drunk. Dwayne and Whitley's friends throw them a going-away party at the Pit. Freddie comes over to Ron's apartment to share the news that she made law review. They make up, but she cannot convince him to come to the party. Everyone shares favorite stories about the Waynes and wishes them luck. Whitley and Dwayne return the favor by thanking their friends for all their love and support. Dwayne has very kind words for Ron, who hears about the speech from Freddie. He catches up to Dwayne moments before the couple is to leave for the airport. They apologize, and Dwayne offers to split the game's royalties. Ron suggests that he invest the money in the baby's future instead. Dwayne asks Ron to be the child's godfather. Dwayne and Whitley say goodbye, and Ron tearfully watches them depart.

      b: 8 May 93 pc: 625 w: Susan Fales d: Debbie Allen

      NOTE: Episodes 136 and 137 aired as an hour-long series finale on a Saturday night. Given the fact that the two episodes had different writers and directors, the producers probably did not intend for them to be shown together.

      The seven episodes between "Mind Your Own Business" and the finale were to air after the conclusion of the 1992-93 season, and the Library of Congress records for these shows include air dates in May, June and early July. While NBC may have tentatively scheduled the episodes for these dates, only one actually aired (and not on the date in the records).

    19. "Great X-Pectations"

      rc: Dorian, Terrell, Spencer, Dean Davenport

      Students are assigned to write a dialogue detailing what might have been said during the only meeting between Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X. Terrell and Charmaine show up late for a study session with their friends. They reveal that a pickup truck full of guys harassed Charmaine, then tried to run them off the road after they retaliated. Charmaine files a police report, while Terrell becomes obsessed with proving his manhood. Dean Davenport discovers that Terrell has brought a gun to class with him. She announces that she is expelling him. Dwayne asks her to reconsider because Terrell is such a fine student, but takes him to task for his behavior. Terrell shows up to class so that he and Dorian can complete their assignment. He plays the role of Dr. King and speaks of the need to seek change through education rather than violence. The dean is impressed and decides to let him stay in school, provided that he keeps his grades up and completes a community service assignment. Meanwhile, Spencer repeatedly asks Kim to marry him.

      b: 9 Jul 93 pc: 620 w: Jeanette Collins and Mimi Friedman d: Glynn Turman

      NOTE: Darryl M. Bell, Cree Summer and Glynn Turman do not appear in this episode. This episode was probably supposed to air in February in honor of Black History Month.
    20. "Lean on Me"
      rc: Kinu, Dorian, Terrell, Spencer

      Col. Taylor recommends that Dwayne apply for a summer job with Kinishewa. Dwayne follows Col. Taylor's suggestion by inviting the company vice president over for dinner (for an interview in a less formal setting). Dwayne and Whitley are stunned when the man's assistant, Kinu, arrives in his place. Although Kinu seems friendly and gracious, Whitley warns Dwayne that she is out for revenge. Dwayne comes to agree with Whitley after Kinu informs him that another applicant received the job. Kinu angrily points out that she is also married, and outlines the qualifications of the man who was hired. Dwayne realizes that he was not the best candidate for the job, and has a very hard time dealing with the disappointment. Whitley assures him that she still believes in him.

      b: UNAIRED pc: 618 w: Gina Prince d: Henry Chan

      NOTE: Cree Summer, Lou Myers and Jada Pinkett do not appear in this episode.
    21. "Dancing Machines"
      gs: Aries Spears [ Ty ], Jonell Green [ Dashawn Curtis ], John Marshall Jones [ Otis Curtis ]

      rc: Dorian, Terrell, Spencer

      The single father of one of Whitley's students convinces her to watch his daughter over the weekend, as he must go away on a business trip. Whitley tries to convince the girl to act more "ladylike," while she would rather play basketball with Dwayne. Dashawn annoys Whitley by rewiring the appliances as a practical joke. Dwayne and Spencer discover that Dashawn is a mathematical genius; her poor performance in school stems from boredom. When Freddie cannot get anyone to show an interest in Amnesty International, Ron offers to host a dance-a-thon to raise money for the cause. However, he angers Freddie by hogging the proceeds and charging the contestants for donated drinks. Dorian and Lena and Terrell and Charmaine become extremely competitive, and wind up as the final two couples. Dorian taunts Terrell about his victory, but feels guilty after Freddie gives a speech about human rights violations. He donates the entire $1000 prize to charity (without consulting Lena).

      b: UNAIRED pc: 619 w: Scott Sanders d: Bruce Kerner

      NOTE: Glynn Turman does not appear in this episode.

      The closing credits feature an extra scene, in which Darnell attempts to teach his father how to ride a bicycle.

    22. "Cabin in the Sky"
      gs: T.K. Carter [ Darnell Gaines ], Bebe Drake-Massey [ Velma Gaines ]

      rc: Dorian, Terrell

      Dwayne and Whitley decide to rent a cabin in the mountains for a second honeymoon. They cannot afford the trip on their own, and Mr. and Mrs. Gaines are the only couple willing to join them. Mr. Gaines ends up getting them free use of a friend's run-down old cabin. At his wife's urging, he leaves their son Darnell in charge of the Pit. He screws everything up, behaves rudely to customers, and tries to fire Lena and Charmaine. Mr. and Mrs. Gaines get into an argument about his attitude toward their son and refuse to sleep in the same room. Dwayne and Whitley try to sneak outside, only to get sprayed by a skunk. Darnell promises his father that he is going to get himself together.

      b: UNAIRED pc: 617 w: Reggie Rock Blythewood d: Henry Chan

      NOTE: Cree Summer and Glynn Turman do not appear in this episode.
    23. "Homey, Don't Ya Know Me?"
      gs: Tupac Shakur [ Piccolo ], Monica Calhoun [ Yolanda ], Shaun Baker [ Champ ]

      rc: Dorian, Terrell, Spencer

      Lena's friends from Baltimore come to visit for the weekend. Lena is disconcerted to discover that Piccolo, her very attractive ex-boyfriend, has tagged along. Piccolo intends to prove that he has changed and win her back. He mocks her for dating Dorian, who tries to be mature about the situation. When Piccolo gets into an argument with Lena while dancing at the club, Dorian steps in to fight him. Lena's friend Yolanda accuses her of selling out by choosing college and her new friends over life in Baltimore. Dwayne tries to help Lena by relating his past experiences. Although Piccolo insists that he has turned away from the street scene, Lena feels he is the same selfish, unreliable person he has always been. She cares about him, but will not allow him to interfere in her life.

      b: UNAIRED pc: 621 w: Ron Moseley s: Kadeem Hardison and Ron Moseley d: Kadeem Hardison

      NOTE: Darryl M. Bell, Cree Summer and Glynn Turman do not appear in this episode. Many TV listings indicated that this episode would air 16 Jul 93, but it was pulled for a rerun of Wings.

      Jada Pinkett and Tupac Shakur attended high school together at Baltimore's School for the Arts.

    24. "College Kid"
      gs: Billy Dee Williams [ Langston Paige ], Leslie Uggams [ Dr. Eileen Redding ], Edafe (Okurume) Blackmon [ Dion ], J. Lamont Pope [ Guy #1 ], Reginald Ballard [ Guy #2 ]

      rc: Dorian, Terrell

      Lena, Gina, Charmaine, Dorian and Terrell decide to rent a house together. While seeing the temperamental landlord about a plumbing problem, Gina, Charmaine and Terrell discover that he is Langston "Sweet Knuckles" Paige, a former major league baseball star. He is unsure about what to do with his life, so they encourage him to enroll in college. Langston accompanies Terrell to class to check out the Hillman campus. He finds that the professor is an old flame. Gina's abusive ex-boyfriend Dion violates his probation by contacting her. He finally shows up in person in an attempt to win her back. She repeatedly turns him down, and learns that Dion hasn't really changed at all. Langston steps in and manages to convince Dion to leave Gina alone.

      b: UNAIRED pc: 623 w: Reggie Rock Blythewood and Gina Prince d: Debbie Allen

      NOTE: Jasmine Guy, Kadeem Hardison, Darryl M. Bell, Cree Summer, Charnele Brown, Lou Myers and Glynn Turman do not appear in this episode.
    25. "A Rock, a River, a Lena"
      gs: Lena Horne [ Herself ], Ahmad Stoner [ Olufemi Dakar ], Terrence Williams [ Byron ], Chante Frierson [ Iesha ], Jonell Green [ Dashawn Curtis ], Jerome Jones [ Crayton Adams ], Marques Houston [ Eli Black ], Fernando Santos [ Boy #1 ], Erica Reed [ Althea Hicks ], Thomas Hobson [ Boy #2 ], Jerry Gaona [ Boy #3 ], Oren Waters [ Dancer #1 ], Maxine Waters-Willard [ Dancer #2 ], Julia Waters-Tillman [ Dancer #3 ]

      rc: Dorian, Terrell, Spencer, Dean Davenport

      Legendary singer/actress Lena Horne visits the Hillman campus to dedicate a scholarship named for her grandmother. Whitley becomes very excited and has her students put together a musical tribute to Ms. Horne. She insists on a formal ceremony and refuses to allow Mr. Gaines to cater the event. Kim is mortified that Whitley could be so respectful of Ms. Horne, yet treat Mr. Gaines as though he is too old to contribute anything to society. When Ms. Horne admits that she doesn't like the upper-crust food, Kim takes her to the Pit for a home-cooked Southern meal. She has a good time dancing with Spencer, Kim and Mr. Gaines. Mr. Gaines recalls meeting Ms. Horne during World War II, and Kim is surprised to learn that this actually happened. During the ceremony, Ms. Horne calls Mr. Gaines to the stage and introduces him as an old friend. Whitley sees the error of her ways.

      b: UNAIRED pc: 622 w: Glenn Berenbeim d: David Blackwell

      NOTE: Glynn Turman does not appear in this episode. An earlier episode was named for Lena Horne's 1943 film "Cabin in the Sky."

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    The episodes that were unaired during the original network run of the series have subsequently been run in syndication on the TBS network.

    During the show's run, Kadeem Hardison, Darryl M. Bell, Jasmine Guy and Dominic Hoffman also appeared together in Spike Lee's 1988 film "School Daze."

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