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Show Details:
Start date: Mar 2000
End date: Oct 2000
Status: cancelled/ended
Network(s): NBC (US)
Run time: 30 min
Episodes: 18 eps, 9 unaired
Genre(s): comedy
Episode list & details from:  TVmaze •  TV.com
Episode # Prod Code Original
Air Date
Season 1
1.1- 1D-80123 Mar 00Grapefruits of Wrath
2.1- 2D-80330 Mar 00The Premium Also Rises
3.1- 3D-802 6 Apr 00Crackers and Punishment
4.1- 4D-80513 Apr 00Fence and Sensibility
5.1- 5D-80420 Apr 00Lord of the Ants
Season 2
6.2- 1D-809 2 Oct 00The Last Temptation of Chris
7.2- 2D-808 9 Oct 00Pride and Pregnancy
8.2- 3D-80716 Oct 00For Whom the School Bell Tolls
9.2- 4D-81123 Oct 00Remains of the Day Off
10.2- 5D-80623 Oct 00Rod's Head Revisited
11.2- 6D-81023 Oct 00Gone with the 'Ween
12.2- 7D-81223 Oct 00A Tale of Two Daddies
13.2- 8D-81323 Oct 00Of Mice and Math
14.2- 9D-81423 Oct 00A Confederacy of Daddies
15.2-10D-81523 Oct 00The Big Sleepover
16.2-11D-81623 Oct 00A Christmas Quarrel
17.2-12D-81723 Oct 00To Kill a Rocking Band
18.2-13D-81823 Oct 00Tender Is the Night Out
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