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Ace Lightning

(a Titles & Air Dates Guide)
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Show Details:
Start date: June 2004
End date: Sep 2004
Status: cancelled/ended
Network(s): BBC One (UK)
Run time: 60 min
Episodes: 39 eps
Genre(s): Animated, Children, Drama
Episode list & details from:  TVmaze •  TV.com
Episode # Prod Code Original
Air Date
Season 1
1.1- 1LAQB380N 2 Sep 02The Game Begins
2.1- 2LAQB381H 3 Sep 02The Trap Is Set
3.1- 3LAQB382B 4 Sep 02The Substitute
4.1- 4LAQB383W 5 Sep 02Face the Music
5.1- 5LAQB384P 6 Sep 02There's No Place Like Home
6.1- 6LAQB385J10 Sep 02Opposite Attraction
7.1- 7LAQB386D11 Sep 02Only Human
8.1- 8LAQB387X12 Sep 02Behind the Mask
9.1- 9LAQB388R13 Sep 02Once Upon a Hero
10.1-10LAQB389K17 Sep 02Knights Under Cover
11.1-11LAQB390E18 Sep 02Tunnel of Love
12.1-12LAQB391Y19 Sep 02Nobody's Hero
13.1-13LAQB392S19 Sep 02Ace's Wild
14.1-14LAQB393L16 Feb 03The Field Trip
15.1-15LAQB394F22 Feb 03Not Alone at Home
16.1-16LAQB395A23 Feb 03Unidentified Flying Superhero
17.1-17LAQB396T 1 Mar 03A Friend in Need
18.1-18LAQB397N 2 Mar 03The Last Laugh
19.1-19LAQB398H 8 Mar 03Download Disaster
20.1-20LAQB399B 9 Mar 03Daffy Duff
21.1-21LAQB400K15 Mar 03The Unlikely Hero
22.1-22LAQB401E16 Mar 03The Not So Great Outdoors
23.1-23LAQB402Y22 Mar 03The Biggest Fan
24.1-24LAQB403S23 Mar 03The Play's the Thing
25.1-25LAQB404L27 Mar 03The Rat Turns
26.1-26LAQB405F28 Mar 03Game Over
Season 2
27.2- 1LCNR198N 6 Apr 05Upgrades
28.2- 2LCNR199H 8 Apr 05The Game's On
29.2- 3LCNR200R13 Apr 05Uninvited Guest
30.2- 4LCNB924B15 Apr 05A Secret Life
31.2- 5LCNB925W20 Apr 05Welcome To The Nightmare
32.2- 6LCNB926P22 Apr 05The Search For Sparx
33.2- 7LCNB927J27 Apr 05Bound To Fail
34.2- 8LCNB928D29 Apr 04Formula For Disaster
35.2- 9LCNB929X 5 May 05Choices
36.2-10LCNB930R 6 May 05Rotgut Rides Again
37.2-11LCNB931K11 May 05Putting It Together
38.2-12LCNB932E13 May 05Kilobyte Bites Back
39.2-13LCNB933Y18 May 05The Master Plan
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