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Show Details:
Start date: Mar 1982
End date: Mar 1988
Status: cancelled/ended
Network(s): ABC (US) / syndicated (US)
Run time: 30 min
Episodes: 82 eps
Genre(s): Comedy
Episode list & details from:  TVmaze •  TV.com
Episode # Prod Code Original
Air Date
Season 1
1.1- 11U0125 Mar 82New Kid on the Block
2.1- 21U03 1 Apr 82Herassment
3.1- 31U02 8 Apr 82The China Sin-Drome
4.1- 41U0415 Apr 82Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Secretary
Season 2
5.2- 12C0128 Sep 82The Loverwear Party
6.2- 22C0212 Oct 82The Security Guard
7.2- 32C0419 Oct 82Real Men Don't Make Quiche
8.2- 42C0326 Oct 82Dick Doesn't Live Here Anymore
9.2- 52C07 9 Nov 82Home is Where the Hart Is
10.2- 62C0916 Nov 82Don't Take My Wife, Please (a.k.a.) An Affair to Forget
11.2- 72C0623 Nov 82The Party's Over (a.k.a.) Time to Panic
12.2- 82C1030 Nov 82Temporarily Disconnected
13.2- 92C05 7 Dec 82Hard Sell
14.2-102C1114 Dec 82Power Failure
15.2-112C13 4 Jan 83Did it Happen One Night?
16.2-122C1411 Jan 83Torn Between One Lover
17.2-132C1518 Jan 83Hex Marks the Spot
18.2-142C16 1 Feb 83Three for the Money
19.2-152C1815 Feb 83The Oldest Profession
20.2-162C2022 Feb 83When Violet Gets Blue
21.2-172C19 1 Mar 83Big Bucks
22.2-182C2115 Mar 83I Want to Dance
23.2-192C2322 Mar 83Movin' On
24.2-202C2212 Apr 83Eight Hours
25.2-212C12 3 May 83Off Broadway
26.2-222C1710 May 83The Phantom
Season 3
27.3- 11S0529 Sep 83'Till Tomorrow Do Us Part
28.3- 21S02 6 Oct 83The Frog Inside Prince Charming
29.3- 31S0113 Oct 83Mid-Wife Crisis
30.3- 41S0320 Oct 83Eleven-Year Itch
31.3- 51S0727 Oct 83Family Business
32.3- 61S0427 Oct 83Dag Day Afternoon
33.3- 71S0627 Oct 83Pillow Talk
Season 4
34.4- 14V0113 Sep 86Reach Out and Touch Someone
35.4- 24V0420 Sep 86You Don't Know Me
36.4- 34V0527 Sep 86A Date with Judy
37.4- 44V06 4 Oct 86Even Super Women Get the Blues
38.4- 54V0311 Oct 86Uh, About Last Night
39.4- 64V0818 Oct 86The Party
40.4- 74V1025 Oct 86An American Dream
41.4- 84V07 1 Nov 86The Acid Test
42.4- 94V09 8 Nov 86The Naked City
43.4-104V1115 Nov 86What's Up Curtis?
44.4-114V1222 Nov 86The Russians are Coming
45.4-124V02 6 Dec 86Ghostwriter
46.4-134V1513 Dec 86Blue Christmas
47.4-144V13 3 Jan 87Sharman Cunningham, Vice President
48.4-154V1410 Jan 87Judy's Dream
49.4-164V1717 Jan 87Bud Knows Best
50.4-174V1824 Jan 87Make Room for Corky
51.4-184V1631 Jan 87Move Over Millie Maple
52.4-194V20 7 Feb 87Bud's Mid-Life Crisis
53.4-204V2114 Feb 87She Gives Good Phone
54.4-214V2221 Feb 87You're Dating My Baby
55.4-224V2328 Feb 87The Interns
56.4-234V24 7 Mar 87From Here to Kingdom Come
57.4-244V2514 Mar 87Look But Don't Touch
58.4-254V2621 Mar 87The Big Game
59.4-264V1928 Mar 87Love and Death
Season 5
60.5- 14X2812 Sep 87Meet Mr. Felb
61.5- 24X3019 Sep 87Barkley's Beauties
62.5- 34X2726 Sep 87We're Gonna Be Rich
63.5- 44X29 3 Oct 87Love is Having to Say You're Sorry
64.5- 54X3210 Oct 87Doralee Buys the Farm
65.5- 64X3117 Oct 87Starting Over
66.5- 74X3324 Oct 87Mother Bernly
67.5- 84X3431 Oct 87One of the Girls
68.5- 94X35 7 Nov 87Morgan by Moonlight
69.5-104X3614 Nov 87The Poker Game
70.5-114X3721 Nov 87Marsha's Short Story
71.5-124X38 5 Dec 87It Happened One Night
72.5-134X3912 Dec 87My Fair Marsha
73.5-144X4019 Dec 87Barkley Strikes Out
74.5-154X43 9 Jan 88James in Love
75.5-164X4216 Jan 88The Witches of Barkley
76.5-174X4123 Jan 88Felb Slept Here
77.5-184X4430 Jan 88The Big Sleep
78.5-194X45 6 Feb 88The Custody Fight
79.5-204X4613 Feb 88Strictly Personal
80.5-214X4720 Feb 88Play Fatal Attraction for Me
81.5-224X4827 Feb 88Marsha's Lie
82.5-234X49 5 Mar 88Felb's Big Secret
83.5-244X5012 Mar 88Marsha Grows Up
84.5-254X5119 Mar 88Rockabye Bernly
85.5-264X5226 Mar 88Goodbye, Pops
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